Top 5 Sativa Strains For 2018

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Top 5 Sativa Strains

2017 has seen the introduction of many great strains to the market. While it can be hard to choose, we have put together a list of our favourite sativa strains to grow in 2018.

2017 is shaping up to an excellent year for cannabis genetics. Nearly every seed bank out there has something new and interesting on offer, with the vast majority of these new strains taking genetic quality to new heights. This is no truer than for the sativa lover, with the new line-up of sativa strains looking pretty impressive. To help chose some of the best to try, we have put together a list of our 5 favourite sativa strains for 2018.

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Sativa cannabis strains are known for their large size, big yields, and cerebral focused highs. Usually found growing wild where the summers are long, sativas have evolved to take advantage of the extended hours of sunlight – taking longer to produce a harvest than their indica cousins, but also producing much bigger crops. As they have more time to bask in the sun, they continue to grow and stretch out as they flower, resulting in airy, elongated bud, and long, elegant branches.

Sativas are well suited to both indoor and outdoor growth; however, as they can grow quite large, indoor grow rooms will need space and proper planning. The effects produced by sativas tends to be characterised as a “high” rather than a “stoned” outcome. This can range from feeling generally happy to feelings of euphoria, energising motivation, or drastic improvement to mood. Sativa strains can have a relaxing body effect as well, but not generally to the same extent as an indica.



Amnesia Haze (Zamnesia Seeds)

Winner of multiple cannabis cups, Amnesia Haze has become one of the most popular sativas, continuously rocking the world of every true sativa-connoisseur. Its amazing genetics harken all the way back to South Asian and Jamaican landraces. Because of its rich history, Amnesia Haze has been commercialised by coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

The flower blooms a rich, vibrant green colour with earthy, red undertones. Amnesia Haze fills the nose and tastebuds with a fruity, citrus bite that grows into a grounding earthiness. A sweet flavour comes in at the tail-end, making this strain a delightful treat with each and every inhale.

The potency and duration of Amnesia Haze make this strain a sativa lover’s first choice. When it comes to the high, this plant is well-known for its psychedelic nature. It can be smoked every morning because it is uplifting, euphoric, and energising. Many patients have documented that Amnesia Haze is fantastic for alleviating stress and depression, as well as pain.

Unlike some sativas, Amnesia Haze is not particularly anxiety-inducing, but beginner tokers should still take their time with this variety.


Green Crack (Humboldt Seeds)

Having made a name for itself under the Californian sun, Green Crack is now becoming well-known in Europe. When it comes to describing the perfect sativa, Green Crack’s electric green colour shocks the consumer before high THC levels and enduring potency overwhelm the senses. As of late, the name “Crack” has begun to sustain a negative connotation in the cannabis community, so some people have switched to calling this strain “Cush.”

In the past few years, Green Crack has branched out into two genetics: one sativa-dominant, the other indica. The sativa-dominant derives from the Skunk #1 family. From the first inhale, Green Crack fills the mouth and nostrils with a deep and sweet, earthy aroma, which is reminiscent of drinking coffee on a camping trip.

To make the experience extra-special, each smoke ends with a citrus undertone that induces a feeling of effervescence that brings joy for hours.

Green Crack produces energy and mental focus after the initial brain buzz. Smokers consistently report that its effects dominate fatigue, stress, and depression. It can bring on a little anxiety and paranoia, so take it easy if you’re not a regular sativa user. Use this strain when running errands for the day, or when looking for an extra boost of creativity.


Ghost Train Haze (Rare Dankness)

Known as one of the classic Haze strains, Ghost Train Haze has an intense high and long-lasting effects that makes sativa devotees shout its name from the mountaintops.

Each hit smashes into the toker like a runaway train with a powerful cerebral high. Interestingly enough, unlike other sativa strains, Ghost Train Haze has a tight density to its bud structure, and its light, bright green colouring is covered in white trichomes.

Many smokers state that Ghost Train Haze consistently creates an uplifting psychoactive experience. It also gives the user enough energy to take on any task. Like many sativas, Ghost Train Haze has a lively flavour. It fills the mouth first with a hard citrus taste, then leans toward something more earthy and piney.

Fans note that Ghost Train Haze battles depression and helps individuals with eating difficulties. Even though this strain is a mood-lifter and brings clarity, it is recommended to take it easy for those with anxiety. So, make a list and get it done because Ghost Train Haze will give smokers not only the energy, but also the enjoyment to go about your day with confidence.


Strawberry Cough (Dutch Passion)

A 2013 Cannabis Cup winner for best flower, this strain has an average THC concentration between 11-12%. This particular plant was developed by chance by a former High Times editor. The buds have a dense structure like an indica, but tend to grow in a longer shape instead of something resembling popcorn. The amber trichomes and red pistils give Strawberry Cough a darker, earthy colour.

This sweet sativa creates a strawberry explosion in the nose and mouth. Many smokers have broken the flavour down even further by describing Strawberry Cough as having a skunky, berry richness. It unexpectedly has a peppery undertone that can make smokers cough.

This strain is potent and brings an uplifting, cerebral high. The buzz hits the smoker immediately. Every euphoric moment helps alleviate anxiety and stress by making the user extra chatty in social situations. It also helps boost energy and creativity.

Strawberry Cough is a good strain for individuals who want to start their sativa journey. It is light on anxiety and paranoia, so being in public is not an issue. But keep in mind that it should be taken in small doses due to its potency and duration.


Shining Silver Haze (Royal Queen Seeds)

A solid addition to the Haze family, Shining Silver Haze brings the classic 60’s strain to a more contemporary potency. Traced back to tropical locations like Mexico and Colombia, it was the 1st Place Overall winner from 1997-1999 at the High Times Cannabis Cup. It boasts impressive THC levels and is adored by sativa connoisseurs all around the world.

Shining Silver Haze flower glows with yellow-green nugs and golden trichomes. It has a citrus flavour that becomes equally matched with a spicy taste the longer it is smoked. Thanks to its long-lasting potency, many people use Shining Silver Haze to stimulate appetite and elevate mood. SSH has been noted to have a lengthy duration of a couple of hours.

Shining Silver Haze brings on an uplifting buzz, giving the user the energy to take on any daily task. Many agree that this plant is the best strain to combat stress. Get a boost in vivacity and mood, without worrying about paranoia or anxiety. This strain is perfect for heading out to the party and being social or creative.


Sativa strains can be a cannabis smoker’s best friend. Not only do they help users check-off every box on their to-do list, they also help energise and get the creative juices going. People with anxiety should smoke sativa strains in small doses, but many agree that sativas take away stress and pain like no other. Try these top 5 sativa strains and find out how they can help lift your life.

Chris Kimpel

Written by: Chris Kimpel
Old school cannabis user in the United States, Chris works within the medical marijuana industry. Chris diligently strives to be a part of the conversation towards cannabis education and legalization.

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