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Critical (Zamnesia Seeds) feminized

 4.5/5 (125)

    Snel en gemakkelijk
    Uitstekende strain als gratis zaadje gekregen van zamnesia, van kiemen tot bloeien geen enkel probleem gehad. Mooie grote plant grote cola's mijn beste plant in het outdoor seizoen 2018! Gekiemd in half mei1 maal getopt en in bloei gezet 2e week van juli, nu al zie ik de vruchten van mijn weinige arbeid! Ga ik zeker nog eens in men tuin zetten, bedankt zamnesia


    sehr gut, sehr schnell , sehr potent.
    hab Sie einfach mal getestet, sehr gut, gleich nochmal bestellt.


    Easy, fast and super smooth
    Got a critical as bonus seed. Very fast flowering, ready after 7 weeks. Smoke is very smooth. It has a very sweet taste without the peppery or chemical taste I usually expect from a kush/skunk mix. Also not very loud smell which is good. I am more of an sativa guy seeking brainstorm but this is good for sleeping and to finish off a bad day. It has low stretch and I whished to have vegged it a little longer to get more yield, but node distance was good.


    Alles ontkiemd nu af wachten! Zeer tevreden




    Nice Strain....looks good so far....all germinated in 3 days....lets see what will come


    eccellente critical cresce sana e forte
    la mia pianta preferita per sapore e profumi, senza contare la corta fase di fioritura , Thank you very much for this awesome gift Zamnesia


    ottenuta in regalo
    è stata una piacevole sorpresa


    Je grow 4 strains en même temps, celle ci domine largement les autres en hauteur et en rendement, léger arôme citronné et pin , rappelle la og kush, j' en ai recommandé 15 pour la peine ...


    i got 1 seed for free, thanks again! :) compared to a random seed that i found in a bag the Critical grows very slowly. After 2 weeks it's still on it's first leaves and only 1,5 cm out of the soil while my other plant is on it's 2nd leave pair and like 5cm out. i started both the same day under the same conditions. let's hope for the best

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