The Best Cannabis Seeds For Outdoor Cultivation

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The Best Cannabis Seeds For Outdoor Cultivation

With the outdoor season right around the corner, it’s strain picking time again. We put together a guide with the most suited strains for outdoors cultivation.

Essentially, most seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors, however, some are more preferable than others. Ideally, you want to choose a strain that is already acclimatized to your geographical region. Obviously, if you are growing a tropical strain in a cold climate you can't expect best results. Also, if you are living in an area with short summers, don't go for an endless Sativa strain.

Picking the right stain for your climate zone

Europe is divided in three climate zones: the Northern part is cool, the central parts are temperate and the South is hot.

Strains for the cool Northern climate
In the far North, look for strains that flower in a short period of time. If your summers are extremely short, but with lots of sunlight, like in Sweden, go for an autoflowering variety. Autoflowering varieties will switch from vegetative growth to flowering regardless of the light after 2-4 weeks and will be ready for harvest in as little as 60 days after planting. For autoflowering strains, look into Royal Dwarf, Northern Force Automatic, and Critical+ Automatic. Regular plants that will do fine in colder climates are Early SkunkFreeze Cheese and Himalaya Gold.

Autoflowering strains for cool climates

Royal Dwarf
A true dwarf plant perfectly suited for beginners. Only 50-90cm short, but yields up to 80 grams. Requires only 8-9 weeks from germinated seed to harvest and boasts a THC level of up to15%. It yields rock hard buds full of resin and is super easy to grow. It has a very strong smell, very pleasant taste, and very strong high.

Northern Force Automatic
Northern Lights crossed with Power Bud makes for a force hard to ignore. With 90-120cm one of the taller autoflowering plants. Delivers up to 200 grams of extremely resinous buds after 9-10 weeks. Easy to grow and pleasant cerebral high accompanied by a relaxing effect. It’s similar in taste to Northern Lights.

Critical+ Automatic
This strain is known for its high productivity and now she is available as an easy to grow autoflowering strain, perfectly suited for novices. High yields of dense and resin-covered buds with an intense sweet and fruity flavor clearly inherited from the Critical+. Excellent weed for pain treatment.

Regular strains for cool climates

Early Skunk
Crossing of Skunk #1 and Early Pearl with good mold resistance. Finishes flowering earlier that the original Skunk #1 without taking any of the original pungent smooth sweetness of the buds away. Produces good yields of thick buds. A vigorous plant that is well suited for beginners. Ready for harvest in October.

Freeze Cheese
This is the kid of Friesland. It is an indica dominant strain crossed with Big Buddha Cheese. Easy to grow and good resistance to both mold and cold. Fresh lemon and pine smell mixed with cheese. Finishes maturing process in early October and delivers resin laden dense buds. Tastes like hash with a sharp citrus touch. It's 80% indica with corresponding high.

Himalaya Gold
Strong tall plant with genetics from Nepal and North India. Develops long branches and extremely dense buds. Yields in excess of 1kg are not rare. Moderate THC level of roughly 13%, but endows very pleasant mild high and is medicinally effective in pain therapy. Resists well to cold. Reaches full maturity at the end of September.

Strains for the temperate climate

With plenty of natural sunlight and long summers to let the plants soak it up, a wide variety of strains can be grown here. Countries in this region include Germany, France, the UK, Switzerland, Austria, etc. Indicas finish their cycle faster than Sativas, so you are sure to get excellent results with solid Indica strains. But even pure Sativa strains that take a little longer are possible if the plant is kept indoors for a few weeks after germination, extending the season by a few weeks. Plants well suited for the temperate climate are such strains as Critical Kush, Bubba Kush, White Widow, White Rhino, Chemdawg and AK-47.

Critical Kush
This strain is an incredibly potent crossing of Critical Mass and OG Kush. It grows into a bushy plant of around 1m height and is ready for harvesting by the end of September. It delivers high yields and a THC level of up to 25%. It induces a strong stone, making it a great choice for both relaxing in the evening and medical purposes.

Bubba Kush
As an almost pure indica variety with a short stature and broad leaves, it provides very desirable effects for patients with sleep issues or the need for intense physical relaxation. Sweet tasting buds with a THC level of 16%. Delivers its highly resinous fruits in early October. Tasty and naturally hypnotic when consumed in high quantity.

White Widow
The primal mother of the White family and a true THC monster. She reaches a height of 150cm and has the potential to deliver up to 450 grams of large and dense buds per plant. The buds have a sweet and sour aroma with a pinch of blueberry. Medicinally valuable in case of insomnia, muscle pain, joint pain and lumbar pain.

White Rhino
Can grow up to a behemoth of a bush. Has the potential to yield well in excess of 1kg per plant. Extreme resin production - perfect contender if you produce your own hash or BHO. The buds are laden with 20% THC and release a sweet and fruity taste when smoked. Relaxes the body, boosts the creativity and makes talkative.

Mesmerizing intense pine and fuel aroma. Develops buds with a gazillion of white and dark-orange pistils. Predominantly Sativa plant that will chime the bells in your head. Novices should be careful and savor her with caution. Boasts a THC level of 20% and is said to be the mother of all Diesel strains.

A legendary strain with a long list of awards. A weapon of mass seduction - many have fallen for her after just one hit. Easy and fast growing strain that guarantees a good yield of very dense buds covered in resin. Exudes a very strong smell during the flowering period. Dominated by Sativa influences.

Strains for the hot climate

With blazing heat and long summers, countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece are ideal to grow towering Sativas. With summer extending well into October, there's no rush for the Sativas and traditionally dry conditions won't easily lead to mold. Highly recommended strains for such a climate are Sour Diesel, Acapulco Gold, Amnesia Haze, Silver Haze and Lemon Thai Kush.

Sour Diesel
This predominantly Sativa strain is full of Diesel power. Sour Diesel is many growers’ and blowers’ favorite bud. The large, glistening buds are very aromatic, coated with resin and filled to the brim with power. The smoke has pungent, somewhat chemical, herbal and sour taste. Triggers an extremely long-lasting inebriation.

Acapulco Gold
The best Central American genetics have been combined to create this legendary weed. Reaches only around 130cm in height but delivers high yields of an extremely potent product. Great candidate for Low Stress Training (LST). Boasts a THC level of 23% and produces a relaxing high, but can also act to reduce pain and as a sleeping aid.

Amnesia Haze
The name is program. This weed has the potential to blank-out your conscious mind. An individual plant can yield anything between 100 and 200 grams. The high THC level of 20-22% is a guarantee for a very intense cerebral effect. Amnesia Haze can grow up to a very tall plant, so choose the planting site wisely.

Silver Haze
A classic Haze. A tall plant with long, extremely resinous and sticky buds resulting from its sativa dominant lineage. The massive amount of glistening resin glands on the buds led to its name. Finishes flowering in late October or early November. The high is strong, but clear. Perfect weed for daytime smoking.

Lemon Thai Kush
A great contender for commercial cultivation. A big Sativa dominant plant with high yields of a very potent product. The remarkably high THC level of 21% is a guarantee for an intense, heavy sensation. The sticky, resinous flower clusters are ready for harvesting in mid October. Tasty pine and cedar flavor, toppled with black pepper and lemon.