Welcome Aboard Zamnesia Airlines

Zamnesia Airlines

Ladies and gentlemen, this is captain Zammi speaking. Welcome aboard Flight ZAM420 to Zamnesia Paradise. 

To smoothen boarding, I would like to ask you to have your boarding pass ready and to please direct your attention to the Terms and Conditions afterwards. We’re now inviting passengers to begin boarding at our checkout page. So, get your scratch card ready, enter the voucher code at checkout, and redeem your paradisiacal gift.

The weather looks good, and with the tailwind on our side, we are expecting to land in Paradise approximately fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. Smoking blunts is allowed for the duration of the flight. Please fasten your seat belt, fold your table, and straighten the back of your chair. Thank you for choosing Zamnesia Airlines. On behalf of the crew, welcome aboard and enjoy the flight.

Seating Plan

Due to overwhelming demand, we're reorganising the seating plan to optimise our flight schedule. Introducing Zamnesia Airlines Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class tickets. Seats are determined based on the value of your order. The higher the order value, the more exclusive your gift. So the more you order, the better the prize. Our seating plan is organised as follows:

Class Order value*
Zamnesia Airlines Economy Class: Order value < €40,-
Zamnesia Airlines Premium Economy:  Order value = €40 - €80
Zamnesia Airlines Business Class: Order value = €80 - €120
Zamnesia Airlines First Class:  Order value > €120

* Excluding shipping costs


Zamnesia Airlines


Terms & Conditions

The scratch card entitles you to a free product that you can redeem with your next order. Use the voucher codes at the checkout page to redeem your gift. The codes are redeemable until the expiration date on the scratch card. Every week the prizes will be swapped. Gifts cannot be substituted for any other item, cash or credit. All seed-related gifts are supplied by the Zamnesia Seeds seed bank unless otherwise mentioned. The voucher codes from this promotion cannot be used in combination with other vouchers. Differences in minimum order value may be applicable to the different classes of the scratch cards.

This promotion only lasts until we run out of stock. The boarding pass code is unique and will only work once on the linked account. We are unable to ship your prize if your order value does not meet the required amount specified for your country. If you win a prize that we do not ship to your location, please contact us.

Zamnesia may change, add, suspend, cancel, remove, or otherwise modify the promotion at any time without prior notice.