Ripped Bubba (TGA Subcool) regular

Ripped Bubba is a predominantly Indica, but produces insane amounts of resin, giving the buds a glazed look. She is the child of Bubba Kush Pre-98, a very potent Indica dominant variety, and Jack The Ripper, a mostly Sativa strain with incredibly high THC and THCV content. The high of Ripped Bubba is motivating and boosts the creative while still calming on the body.

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TGA Subcool - Ripped Bubba: Produces insane amounts of resin

The way Ripped Bubba grows it is plain to see she is dominated by Indica (60%) influences, but the plants exhibit an insane resin production like a Sativa, giving the buds a glazed look. Ripped Bubba was bred by crossing Bubba Kush Pre-98 and Jack The Ripper, both legends in their own right.

Bubba Kush Pre-98 is a very potent Indica dominant variety, great for treating anxiety, depression and pain, whereas Jack The Ripper is a Sativa dominant strain with great qualities to alleviate anxiety, stress and pain. Do you notice any parities in the effects of Ripped Bubba's parents? But no, that does not mean the medical effects are exponentiated or doubled. Actually, the high of Ripped Bubba causes a boost of motivation and creativity, but also acts calming and relaxing on the body. But be careful, it is a creeper, it slowly sneaks through your body and soul. The taste of the smoke is very pleasant, it is a composition with many components in different combinations. As there are ... cherry, Kush, hash, black berries, candy and lemon. If by luck, there is a Cherry Candy phenotype among your plants, JACKPOT - at least regarding the flavor.

For the best performance Ripped Bubba should be topped early and grown into a bushy plant - but you should have a close eye on the phenotype when it comes to the vegetative period. The one looking like Bubba Kush stretch only 2x during their flowering period and therefor should be kept in vegetative phase for 10-12 weeks, before sending them into flowering to increase the over all size and harvest. The Jack The Ripper phenotype stretches 4x, so you need to plan ahead and limit the vegetative period to only 6-8 weeks, unless ceiling height is not an issue. Due to the variations it is hard to predict the duration of the flowering time, but expect anything between 8 and 9 weeks.

Brand The Dank Seeds
Genetics 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Parents Bubba Kush Pre '98 x Jacks Cleaner x Space Queen
Flowering Time 55-60 days
Yield (Indoor) Medium
Yield (Outdoor) Medium
Height (Indoor) Short
Height (Outdoor) Short
Available as Regular Seeds
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Ripped Bubba (TGA Subcool) regular
Ripped Bubba (TGA Subcool) regular
Ripped Bubba (TGA Subcool) regular
Ripped Bubba (TGA Subcool) regular
Ripped Bubba (TGA Subcool) regular
Ripped Bubba (TGA Subcool) regular
Ripped Bubba (TGA Subcool) regular
Ripped Bubba (TGA Subcool) regular