Kaboom (TGA Subcool) regular

Kaboom by TGA Subcool is a cross created by blending two famed varieties; the holy grail of Lemon Haze, Jack's Cleaner and a male Vortex. The result is a very tall plant capable of producing insane yields. The duration of the flowering time is typically long, but the wait of 60-75 days is rewarded with highly potent weed with a very pleasant aroma and flavor.

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TGA Subcool - Kaboom: Based on the holy grail of Lemon Haze

Kaboom is a masterpiece of a Sativa. It is based on the holy grail of Lemon Haze, the legendary Jack's Cleaner. TGA Subcool crossed it with a male Vortex and ended up with a plant that grows very tall and produces copious amounts of very potent weed with a very pleasant smell and taste. Being driven by a strong Sativa dominance (85%), the plants require 60-75 days to reach full maturity, but the long wait is worth every minute.

Kaboom exhibits an extreme stretching during the flowering period (As a rule of thumb, expect a 3x stretch), so it is recommended to top and send her into a 12/12 lighting schedule early. The result is a plant with elongated buds that just won't quit. And as if the size of the buds wasn't enough, Kaboom shows an explosive resin production, resulting in a look as if the buds were glazed. The aroma is not less appealing, the buds exude an aroma of overripe fruits, mixed with skunk and hash.

The complex taste of the properly cured weed is second to none; the palate is marinated in a melange of Haze, hash, skunk, citrus, tart, berries and pineapple. Be warned though, the extreme potency of the weed is not everyone's cup of meat! Smoke it with caution, because the high can cause a paranoid fit if you are not used to the almost trippy, very intense and speedy effects. But once you got used to it, you will enjoy the boost of creativity, motivation and inspiration. A nice side-effect is the gentle pain relief going alongside the cerebral effects.

Brand The Dank Seeds
Genetics 85% Sativa / 15% Indica
Parents 1985 SSSC NL 5 x Pluton x Purple Haze x NL 5 x Jack Herer x Apollo 13 x Space Queen
Flowering Time 60-75 days
Yield (Indoor) High
Yield (Outdoor) High
Height (Indoor) Tall
Height (Outdoor) Tall
Available as Regular Seeds
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances
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Kaboom (TGA Subcool) regular
Kaboom (TGA Subcool) regular
Kaboom (TGA Subcool) regular
Kaboom (TGA Subcool) regular
Kaboom (TGA Subcool) regular
Kaboom (TGA Subcool) regular