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Apollo's Appetizer is a truly divine energy booster. The combination of powerful stimulants energises your body and keeps your mind focussed and alert. A great energy booster for studying, work, or if you simply feel like partying all night long!

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Zamnesia - Apollo's Appetizer: Godly Energy Booster

Apollo is one of the most important gods in Greek mythology. The son of Zeus isn’t just the God of the Sun and the Light, he is also responsible for music, art, hunting, and knowledge—and those are just some of his divine duties. With his full-time job as the “God of Many Things”, one really has to wonder how he is getting it all done while looking sharp and super-athletic at the same time!

We wouldn’t be surprised if Apollo himself would take a liking to our Apollo’s Appetizer energy boosting caps. They are super-strong and the perfect pick-me-up if you need a boost for studying or work. Heading out to the clubs later? This will keep you going all night long!

Apollo’s Appetizer contains a blend of powerful stimulants, including caffeine anhydrous and bitter orange, a natural herbal stimulant. Just take a capsule and say bye-bye to drowsiness and hello to a godly boost of energy that would make the Greek deities proud. But Apollo’s Appetizer doesn’t just keep your mind awake and alert. In addition to the aforementioned ingredients, Apollo’s Appetizer also contains L-tyrosine, which is an amino acid that improves memory, as well as several beneficial vitamins.


Take 1–2 capsules with a glass of water 45 minutes prior to the desired effect.


1 capsule contains: Caffeine anhydrous 200mg, Citrus Aurantium 50mg, L-Tyrosine 250mg, Vitamin B12 cyanocobalamin powder 0.10mg, Vitamin B3 32mg, Vitamin B6 6mg.

Each bag of Apollo’s Appetizer contains 4 energiser caps.

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Reviews (36)

    Better than i expected
    From what id read before trying it i was scared it wouldnt have any effect on me because im very used to the effect of coffee. I tried it last weekend in a party and i wasnt able to sleep until the next day taking just one pill. For those of you that want to keep on partying without taking sinthetic drugs i recommend it a lot, im very glad ive found this natural solution, i didnt have any side effects apart from not being able to sleep but in some way is what i was looking for.


    pas mal
    POur ceux qui sont sensible ça fera de l'effet.


    Maintienne un peu éveillé mais sans plus , je vous déconseille fortement de mélanger avec les space-e !


    Comme son nom l'indique
    Tu deviens vraiment un dieu ! Invincible , une seule capsule suffit largement a pars si tu veux explosé , moi sa m'a fait de l'effet j'ai la vingtaine je pèse 60kg et sa fait vraiment quelque chose , j'ai changé grâce a sa merci zam'zam


    Tiens bien éveillé. Dans les périodes de surmenage où faire la fête parfait


    Pour faire la fête
    J'ai pris une gélules à chaque fois je peux vous jurer que j'ai pas fermé l'œil de la nuit attention vraiment puissante Je vous recommande vraiment


    Very disappointing
    It's like if you're drinking a soda.... (in the relation to energy) Only 4 for 10€ For me it's a scam sorry Maybe it works on some people but not on me... (and i'm a little person !)


    Vraiment Bien
    Pour se réveiller ou pour une grosse journée, ce produits est excellent! 1 gélule suffit à tenir éveiller et avec les complément et vitamines on se sent reboosté !


    Literally better than cocaine, no joke.
    So i am a real obsessive coffee chugger, 1 pill is not gonna do much if you drink coffee like i do, BUT 2 PILLS MAN, THIS SH*T IS GONNA BLOW U OFF! trust someone who have tried cocaine, this is like a 0.05 of cocaine that lasts longer but without anxiety and comedown. i took 2 pills 1 hour before a math test, it was the first time that i got a positive grade in math, i was writing down EVERYTHING. It was like having my exercise book next to me while i was taking this test! i would DEFINITELY recommend this to every student who has difficulties at school instead of shitty amphetamines or adderall. Legal > illegal. Natural > synthethic. Peace!


    Je ne bois jamais de café, je n'ai jamais touché aux stupéfiants, je mesure 1m51 et ne pèse pas plus de 40kg... Tout ce qu'il faut pour que ce produit fonctionne, et pourtant... J'ai pris 2 gellules pour être en pleine forme sur scène pour danser lors de 2 spectacles à suivre et je n'ai pas vu de différence par rapport à d'habitude. Je ne me suis pas sentie d'une puissante énergie plus que d'habitude et j'ai réussi à dormir ensuite.

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Apollo's Appetizer
Apollo's Appetizer