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Salvia Extract 80X

 4/5 (69)

    strong, even for Brujo.
    Amazing stuff. Very deep very potent. Grabs you by the soul. Trying to put trousers and shoes on was very "interesting" as the disassociation and disphoria were huge. Imagine putting the wrong shoe on, feels wrong, right? Try other shoe, feels wrong, are both my feet left? My trousers had infinite sides, each of which had infinite surfaces ad infinitum. It was like trying to don the mandelbrot set. Recursive everything. A note of caution. Some people will only take one hit, most don't want to ever again. Please be careful with these high x extracts kiddlings. Show her some respect or at some point she will bite you. she will leave deep scars. What I mean is this is not recreational, and can be life changing for better or sometimes worse. She is not candy, and most definitely not weed. There endeth the lesson. To those not achieving the "desirable" effects. Try this. 1. Use blowtorch, blue flame lighter.** 2. Begin inhaling as you light the bowl, don't stop inhaling till all is ash** 3. Don't remove flame from bowl til all is ash (very important)** 4. Hold your breath til breathing becomes your only thought, aside from your heart pounding in your ears** Better to use a bubbler pipe so smoking direct and getting smoke from beginning to end. "Hit" type bongs are not so good. Good luck, sincerely, good luck ;-)


    Bon produit et pas déçu
    Je valide, je m'attendais à plus fort mais franchement sa les déjà bien assez, perception de légèreté dans tous le corps avec une euphorie soudaine et express et en + je m'attendais à moins de produits niveaux visuel mais il yen a déjà bien assez pour faire au moins une 10aines de trips qui durent quelques minutes, au top


    Molto Potente - Very Powerful
    The Trip is very deep, it is not suitable for beginners I saw the afterlife and went back, magnificent. Viaggio molto profondo, non adatta ai principianti. Ho visto l'aldilà e sono tornato indietro, magnifico.


    Fantastica anche se...
    Avevo già provato la 30X, mi era piaciuta e ho voluto provare l'80x. Ho fumato 0.25 e devo dire che l'effetto è stato ottimo, ma inferiore allo 0.5 di 30x fumato qualche giorno prima. Sono nuovo alla salvia (non alle droghe che utilizzo da quasi 30 anni) e probabilmente devo ancora capire bene come dosarla e assumerla. Probabilmente ho sbagliato qualcosa con l'80x perché non ha senso che uno 0.5 di 30x abbia un effetto decisamente superiore rispetto a uno 0.25 di 80x. L'unica cosa certa che ho notato e che voglio dire soprattutto a coloro che dicono di non aver sentito nulla, è che il fumo va tenuto il più a lungo possibile nei polmoni (almeno 5 secondi) prima di buttarlo fuori. Avevo fumato una canna di salvia come se fosse una normale sigaretta e non avevo sentito praticamente nulla. Poi ho fumato un'altra canna identica nella quantità e qualità della salvia tenendo il fumo nei polmoni x 5-6 secondi ad ogni boccata. Vi giuro che non sono riuscito a finirla. Ne ho fumata poco più di metà e sono stato catapultato in un'altra dimensione. Questa salvia è eccezionale credetemi. Dovete solo trovare la giusta dose e fumarla nel modo corretto. Riproverò la 80x e nel frattempo ho ordinato la 40x. Vi farò sapere.


    I'm a green alien
    This salvia made me realize i am an alien who has stuck their essence into this videogame console that connected them into my three dimentional brain so that they can play this weird ass game we call life. Potency can vary, so a lot of caution is required! One time i hit my pipe and it was more potent than i expected so i started panicking cause i thought the salvia beings were about to destroy my essence. When i woke up after what had seemed to me like i had been gone for months but in reality it was just 5', i found myself on the floor. Apparently i tried to escape the beings and it translated into movement. It was very scary. So be careful people, you can potentially hurt yourselves, physically and mentally! Always have a tripsitter and give this plant a great deal of respect!


    Salvia pazzesca
    Mi ha coto di sororesa molto potente da non sottovalutare


    Was sober and smoked the whole pack in a spliff
    Mixed the whole thing with some haze and smoked it in one go by myself in a roll. Only got a little high, equivallent to 0.3g of good weed, nothing psychadelic, im not satisfied. Would not recommend to an experianced psychonaut.


    Ce produit et compliqué c la première foi que je consomme cette substance et jais pas compris sa na rien n’as voir avec de la saliva. comme il disent c un accélérateur de particules .c pas des connerie mais sa m’as fait assez peur j’avais l’impression qu’une personne voulait me prendre un énorme picotement de partou mais aucune alu attention sa arrache mais sa a rien n’as voire voir avec d’la salvia


    Need only a pinch
    So strong it can be vaped or nearly. I use a globe electric vape and just a pinch, it combust, but this is working.


    N'achetez surtout pas cette salvia, c'est censé être de la x80, c'est juste du marketing. J'ai coulé 2 douilles très chargées, je n'ai eu aucun effets!

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