Salvia Extract 20x


Half way between the pure herb and ‘ultimate strength’ 40x extract, this 20x Salvia extract will certainly blow away the cobwebs of your mind.

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Reviews (135)

    Salvia X20
    Très bon produit :)


    Che botta ragazzi
    Allucinante,dopo solo 2 tiri mi sentivo senza forze e non riuscivo piú a muovere nessun muscolo,questa è roba buona senza dubbio. Se vi piace lo sballo questa fa per voi. Ora vado di 80x


    Maybe level 2
    I have tried to vaporize it but as I have never smoked before I think I didn't do it correctly. So I didn't feel anything. Then I decided to just chew it. I dont even know how much I took as I dont have precise scale, but I guess it was between 0.3 - 0.4 g. It took about 1-1.5 hrs till I started to feel anything. I got chills first and I started to feel relaxed and had similar feeling like with weed (even felt a bit funny). So as per scale I have read about salvia it was I guess level 2 and it stayed with me about 2-3 hrs. I had a good sleep though and woke up very refreshed.( I have problem with sleeping so it was very welcoming.) Next time I will take a bigger amount.


    Salvia 20x UK
    J'ai fumé 1/2g dans une pipe: je n'ai rien senti. L'autre demi je l'ai maché pendant 5 à 10mn (trop peu, sans doute et pas très bon) et ça ne m'a rien fait non plus ou presque. Je pense, connaissant ma résistance et mon habitude des produits, qu'il me faut une dose beaucoup plus forte. Attention aux non initiés!!


    Très satisfait par la Salvia, elle secoue bien, pensez a bien garder la fumer et a chauffé la douille de votre pipe ou votre bang au maximum. Attention ce n'est pas une drogue récréative mais bien une experience psychédélique. Ne pas prendre a la légère.


    Very nice
    I smoked it with tobacco in rizzla. Trips lasted a few minutes to begin with but the more I smoked the longer the trips were and more intense. Very nice experience. Sometimes I felt that Salvia itself was guiding me on the trips. At first I felt like I was being pulled around as if I was on a roller coaster and then felt I was going through tunnels and at some stages I was in this ‘space of light everythingness’. My monkey mind would quickly bring me back to ‘reality’ though and I had this really annoying fly in the room which kept distracting me on my trips. It was really annoying. I felt I still had ‘control’ with salvia extract 20x. Salvia 20x was really nice and I was pretty much ok the next day to go about my usual things!


    Salvia bon trip :)))
    J'ai fumé la Salvia sans trop à quoi m'attendre et je ne suis vraiment pas déçue ; un truc de ouff !! Cà m'a permis de voyager dans un autre monde. Juste pour les débutants commencer par de petites doses et petit à petit mettre la dose qui vous convient pour goûter à un bon trip :)


    Bonne expérience , très efficace
    Franchement violant , une douille et tu part complètement a ne pas prendre a la lègere. Je l'ai bien pris , mais mon amis novice dans les drogue a eu bien peur. Mais avec du recule tous le monde a bien aimé l'expérience sans vouloir y retourné.


    20x Extract lasts many uses, amazing effects and great fun


    Extremely strong stuff
    I took a 0.3g from a gravity bong and blacked out immidiately. Made me feel like I am an apartment complex, with very strong visual hallucinations. I was completely disconnected from reality for about 20 minutes. It was an amazing experience, but very scary, so I doubt I will be trying it again.

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Salvia Extract 20x
Salvia Extract 20x