Salvia Extract 5x


This 5x salvia extract is a good strength to try as a first experience. Even though it’s the lowest strength extract we stock, the effects can still be a force to be reckoned with.

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Reviews (92)

    Sehr nice
    Mein Freund und ich haben jeweils an zwei Tagen das Extrakt in der Bong konsumiert. Ich dachte die ganze Zeit mein Freund sei Franzose mit einem brauen Lederhut. Allerdings war mir dauerhaft klar, dass das natürlich nicht stimmt. Zudem konnte ich mit dem Lachen nicht aufhören und hatte ein Body High. Man muss sich drauf konzentrieren nicht zu sabbern. Mein Freund dachte er düst mit Dner's Couch über ne Autobahn. Gerne nochmal. Prost.


    Mind blowing


    plus léger que je le pensais mais à ne pas prendre a la rigolade
    j'étais avec 2 amis, on a fait 3 tours chacun pour 1.12g (merci pour le rab :D) la monté est vraiment violente, on se sent projeté en arrière (j'ai du mal à imaginer qu'on peut se defenestrer avec mais admettons), difficultés à réflechir et presque impossible de parler pour ma part, c'est comme si tous les mots du dictionnaires restait sur le bout de la langue et mise a part des sons aléatoires en me bavant dessus, c'est une experience qui me fut particulière, la salvia peut etre très anxiogène si on pense perdre le controle. A tester avec du x5 pour commencer par curiosité c'est bien, je n'ose pas imaginer ce que fait un x20, x40, x80... pas du tout récréatif et avoir de préférence un trip sitter, mais même eux peuvent devenir anxiogène, c'est comparable a rien d'autre. après avoir regardé et lu plusieurs trips reports sur internet, ne vous fiez pas a ca, la première latte un peu timide m'a juste donné l'impression d'etre bourré et que le monde voulait se refermer sur lui comme un cube, la deuxième plus violente m'a déclenché un fou rire de 30 secondes avant de me prendre pour un pirate avec mon équipage dans le salon de mon pote en ayant l'impression de parler avec un accent anglais (mais en vrai c'était incompréhensible et jme bavais dessus) et la machine à laver comme "terre vierge que je dois conquérir" (experience très drole) et la troisième m'a laissé pensé qu'un manteau et une paire de bottes posés sur le sol c'était non seulement un cadavre au sol mais que c'était moi avant de me faire littéralement hurlé dessus par mon enceinte qui communiquait avec moi par télépathie en voyant les sons se former comme un tissu qui l'a reliait spirituellement a moi (c'était pas effrayant mais très perturbant, comme un rêve bizarre qu'on a fait la veille) experience peu visuelle dans mon cas mais très très mentale


    Gute Qualität
    Wie erwartet! Danke Zamnesia


    5x is perfect
    Cosmic effect hit 2 bowls and hit me but not overpowering really pleasant would recommend just in a good setting as its still powerfull iy one of them one where you just have to try it for yourself!


    Rating the product, not the experience
    I think this is a decent product zamnesia is selling, but I wouldn't recommend salvia at all. To me, it feels like taking some kind of poison, not like something you'd use as a drug. The effects are also very brief, so I don't really see the point.


    Freaky, wacky, intense...really cool
    First time smoking salvia, I filled up a bong and ripped it. All of a sudden I felt presence of something telling me and showing me stuff and scenarios like life is "set-up"..Evrything we do is already set up. Lots of body high, I smoked it again and I felt as if I could surrender to something and it became enjoyable, I felt like this presence wanted everyone to try this. My friend experienced something completely else, he felt as if the sofa was one of those insect eating plants and was trying to "eat" him / or "hug" him. But seriously hahah this shit is completely "wacky" hahah and I liked it. Very powerful feeling. I cant even imagine how strong the other extracts are..looking forward to try them

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    It depends on the person
    Well, what a trip that was... for my friend mostly. She ended up in the fucking hedge, believe it on not, while I was laughing my ass off, not understanding why she would go there. My advice is to do it with someone else, because I imagine it can be quite scary to do it all alone. As for the effects, we didn't even smoke it all. Three big drags each directly from the bong. I did not hold the smoke for long as I was a bit scared what to expect, but my friend did. Well... She did also end up on the hedge, so... For me, it was mostly physical: I got the impression my legs and arms were like chewing-gum, and I just laughed and lost control of time. My friend just became someone else entirely and was sooo freaky I can't even describe! When she got back to her mind a few minutes lates (I couldn't even tell if it lasted 5 or 20 minutes), and after her little tour of the hedge, she started laughing uncontrollably and kept repeating "I don't want to do that ever again, I'm so scare, I don't want to do that, please, no, I'm so scared"... Was a bit confusing as she was on the ground laughing hysterically and telling me all that creepy things, while sweating like a pig. I can't really judge as I also envisaged the bloody fir tree next to me. Don't know why... It seemed so soft. But somewhere deep down, something told me: if you don't wanna get hurt, don't even think about stroking that bark. Seriously... God that was such an experience. The thing is it gets to you to the point where you totally lose control and I must say we didn't smoke the rest of it because as much as we wanted to try again, we were a bit scared of the unpredictable effects. So go easy on it, and don't forget to not take it too seriously (you could go mystic af with that shit, and believe it or not, that's not something you really wanna experience).


    Good starting point
    Takes you where you wanna get without too much discomfort

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Salvia Extract 5x
Salvia Extract 5x
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