Magic Mushroom Hygrometer / Thermometer


Ideal humidity and ideal temperature make ideal psilocybe mushrooms. Always be in control of your grow environments with this easy to use combination tool.

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A thermometer and a hygrometer are essential tools for ensuring ideal conditions for the home mushroom grower. Having both of these tools combined into one easy-to-use unit halves the fuss and doubles the efficiency. The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible recommends a constant humidity of 90% and a temperature range of 21–27°C. Having a single unit that monitors both parameters makes the perfect fungus environment easy to maintain.

This accurate unit is ideal for all mushroom growing systems. Grow kits, bags, and any size container can be checked with the push of a button. The long cables and easy-to-attach probes mean never having to disturb your grow. The readout can be mounted outside the grow space to ensure a stable environment at all times. The battery is included, so the unit is ready to go upon delivery. Shroom-on brothers and sisters!


The complete unit is a readout panel with two suction cup mountable probes, each connected by long cables.

  • Affix each probe in the centre of the grow bag or from the lid of the container. Picture where the mature height of the shrooms will be and extend the cables so the probes hang right there. Too high or too low can give inaccurate readings.
  • Place the readout display wherever you want as the long cables allow for convenient positioning.
  • Optimal humidity: 90%
  • Optimal temps: 21–27°C
Reviews (40)

    Fonctionne très bien ,câble de bonne dimension avec ventouse . prix attractif ,indispensable pour une culture précise et de qualité. Je recommande ce produit!


    Buon igonometro
    Non ho fatto test di precisione ma mi sembra veritiera la lettura dei valori o per lo meno per la necessità che ho. Ottimo sia per piante che funghi


    Not fit for mushroom cultivation
    In the living room they work. But in the fruiting chamber at high humidity they read 99% when its actually 90%. I tried 2 of them. Both same issue. Customer service is great btw!


    Très bon mais l'hygromètre est défaillant
    Impressionné par son as prix qui fait que cet objet, prennent la température correctement, le taux d'humidité est moins fiable à cause de quelques défaillances faisant qu'il affiche un taux d'humidité de 99% à l'intérieur d'un sac de culture mais les câbles pour les "sondes" sont très longs, équipés de ventouses pour pouvoir les accrochés et le boiter permettant l'affichage des mesures peut être posé sur une surface plane ou sur un mur en métal car l est également aimanté. La pile est incluse et chargée, INCROYABLE ! Ca ne prend pas de place et il y a une option pour savoir la température minimale et maximale, ces données supplémentaires rassurent lorsque qu'on cultive des champignons/plantes. L'hygromètre est à améliorer sinon le reste est parfait !


    Todo bien
    Funciona perfectamente y su diseño es perfecto para mantener las distancias.


    Fonctionne très bien.
    Il fonctionne très bien, la qualité de fabrication est tout à fait correcte. Ça peut vous éviter bien des ennuis ! Merci Zamnesia


    Fait le job !
    Bon équipement, la température marche nickel ainsi que le capteur d'humidité. RAS !


    pas très precis
    mise a part la temperature sinon l hygromètre pas très precis


    Perfect, does the job
    Perfect, does the job and very easy to use, very precise too


    Humidity reading always at 99%. Temperature readings are very good.
    When first unpacked and turned on it gave good readings in and out. Then I used it in the monotub without having sprayed water and it gave a reasonable reading. I took it out and began to mist the sides of the tub, one spray on each side of the 4 (4 sprays). I let the mist settle for a few seconds then used the section cups to have the sensors dangling slightly above the centre of the box. Once I set this up and closed the tub the meter for humidity began to rise slowly until it reached 99% and it's stayed there and not come back down. The sides are not that humid and surely the tub isn't at 99% or even 90%, probably 80-85% if I'd estimate. Will need to see how this goes, I agree with other commenters that the humidity reading needs improving in a closed setting. The temperature reading is very accurate however.

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Magic Mushroom Hygrometer / Thermometer
Magic Mushroom Hygrometer / Thermometer