Hygrometer / Thermometer


If you're growing indoors, you need to be in control of the environment to ensure your specimens flourish. With this simple, inexpensive 2-in-1 hygrometer-thermometer, tracking the humidity and temperature in your grow room couldn't be easier. Add one to your grower's toolbox today.

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Keeping close tabs on the environment of your indoor garden is central to growing healthy plants or fungi. Whether you're awaiting a bountiful harvest of herbs or mushrooms, trying your hand at growing your own fruits or vegetables, or simply looking to take better care of your houseplants, a hygrometer-thermometer should be high up on your list of must-have grow tools.

Temperature and humidity are key factors to monitor when growing any plant, and even the hardiest houseplant can be affected by sudden changes in humidity or temperature. Houseplants, for example, generally grow best at daytime temperatures of 20–25°C (70–80°F) and 60–70% humidity, though some tropical plants prefer notably warmer, more humid conditions. Similarly, mushrooms need very stable conditions, with temperatures of 21–24°C (70–75°F) and 90–95% humidity.

With this inexpensive 2-in-1 tool, getting an overview of the conditions in your home, tent, grow room, or greenhouse couldn't be simpler. With the push of a button, you'll get a crystal-clear reading of the temperature and humidity of your environment so you can go ahead and correct any issues if need be. Get yours today and take the guesswork out of indoor growing!

How to Use an Indoor Hygrometer-Thermometer

Each unit comes with two mountable probes. To use your hygrometer-thermometer:

  1. Connect the probes to the screen display.
  2. Fix the probes somewhere in your grow space (under or above the canopy of your plants, for example).
  3. Place the screen somewhere where you can easily read it.
  4. Press the In/Out button to turn on the unit and, within seconds, get an accurate reading of the temperature and humidity in your grow space.

Note: In larger spaces such as grow rooms, consider taking multiple measurements at multiple places inside the room to catch any differences in conditions.

Magic Mushroom Hygrometer / Thermometer

Magic Mushroom Hygrometer / Thermometer

Reviews (338)
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    what to say, it does what it promise. If you are a beginner, as i am, this instrument is fundamental to acheive a good arvest.

    R. S.

    Fonctionne bien
    Top pour le prix

    Y. C.

    Fait le boulot.

    A. W.

    Funktioniert nicht
    gar nichts wird angezeigt

    E. Y.

    so soll es sein :)
    es macht was es soll ,)

    W. K.

    Ein brauchbares Hygrometer
    Bin zufrieden. Zeigt zuverlässig die Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit an.

    T. B.

    Humidity is way off, up to 10 percent
    Good as an indication, temperature is precise only 0.1 degrees variation but humidity is way off, stating 99% when my hygrostat mesures below 90% (tested with 4 of these) Dont trust it blindy but use it as an indication, learn to see when your growkit needs misting, most digital hygrometers are not very precise above 70 or 80%, keep this in mind.

    S. V.

    simple et adapté
    le mien était défectueux mais zamnésia m'a offert une carte cadeau + fdp gratuits pour ma prochaine commande 'ils remboursent aussi directement sur votre CB si vous préférez) j’avais cherché dans le commerce un remplaçant mais difficile de trouver aussi adapté a nos besoin que celui ci j'en ai donc recommandé un autre

    R. L.

    très très bien pour vérifier l’atmosphère avec une bonne précision, super pratique

    P. B.

    Ich finde es perfekt
    Ist bestimmt nicht das Präziseste aber für seine Verwendung reicht es vollkommen aus.

    A. W.
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Hygrometer / Thermometer
Hygrometer / Thermometer
Hygrometer / Thermometer
Hygrometer / Thermometer