Candida (CD-1) (Medical Marijuana Genetics) feminized


Candida (CD-1) by Medical Marijuana Genetics provides the currently highest CBD and lowest THC content (<1%!) of any cannabis strain available. This highly therapeutic strain is named in memory of the mother of one of the founders of Medical Marijuana Genetics and means "bright light" in Latin. It can help with the treatment of many conditions.

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Medical Marijuana Genetics - Candida (CD-1): High CBD and Low THC Premium Medicine

Medical Marijuana Genetics combined an ACDC with Harlequin genetics to bring us this fabulous, highly effective medicinal CBD cannabis strain. This indica/sativa hybrid measures as high as 20% of CBD with only a minimum amount of THC, making for a perfect medicinal plant to grow.

You can grow Candida (CD-1) in almost any environment and she’ll do equally well when grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. Candida (CD-1) shines with vigorous growth and a decently short flowering time of 9 weeks. With yields of up-to 400g/m² she won’t break records but will still provide a good amount of premium medicine at harvest time.

The plant has been observed to grow two phenotypes, one of them a sativa and the other an indica with the sativa variant having the highest CBD content. The Indica variant will yield more, with bigger and more dense buds but she’ll also have a significant amount of CBD. In general, the plant won’t require too much care, but some of her phenotypes, especially those that come close to 20% of CBD can be a little tricky to grow. Just be aware of this and know to give those phenotypes a little extra attention. In particular the sativa variant can at times be vulnerable due to her larger internodal distance.

Candida (CD-1) by Medical Marijuana Genetics is the medicinal cannabis strain with the highest CBD and lowest THC content of any strain currently available. Laboratory results show the strain measuring from 10.9% up to an impressive 20.6% of CBD with only trace amounts of THC that will never exceed 1%. The little amount of THC allows for medication without the psychoactive effect of high THC cannabis strains. The indica phenotype is ideal for all-around therapeutic use to smoke while the sativa phenotype is especially-well suited if you want to make extracts and cannabis oils.

Candida (CD-1) by Medical Marijuana Genetics impresses with a staggering CBD content for superb medicinal potential. She can be the right plant if you want premium medicine that can deliver.

Brand Medical Marijuana Genetics
Genetics Indica/Sativa
Parents ACDC x Harlequin
Flowering Time 9 weeks
THC 0.3%-0.9%
CBD 10.6%-20.6%
CBD:THC 20 : 1
Yield (Indoor) 400 gr/m²
Available as Feminized seeds
Reviews (11)

    n scheissdreck!!!!
    5 Samen bestellt, nicht einer gekeimt...nach knapp 6 Jahren Erfahrung die härteste Enttäuschung überhaupt... 1 Stern weil 0 leider nicht wählbar ist


    Rewarding but difficult to start
    I bought those seeds twice before, with zero success keeping the seedlings alive after germination. Seems this particular Strain is super susceptible to anything that gets it off course. Keeping the environment clean as hell, adding a little more light than usual and at 26c/80%rh did the trick. Once out of nursery, they developed fine, great Strain , just as promised.


    CBD der Spitzenklasse !!
    • Keimrate 100% • Blütezeit war 64 Tage (Indoor) • Candida CD-1 ist eine sehr zickige & anspruchsvolle Lady beim Growen !! • Geschmack ist süßlich und zitronig • tolles Gras gegen jegliche Schmerzen ! ~ THX Zamnesia ~


    sehr empfindlich auf Florganics Dünger
    hat bei mir den flo dünger sehr schlecht funktioniert, hat eventuell am Dünger gelegen.


    Approach of a newbee
    Ordered three seeds, got four, one didn't sprout, one did and died, the other two grew to be the vital little wannabes they are now. This may not sound like a good balance, but considering that these are my very first cannabis plants and, as it's said, not the easiest to grow, I'm pretty satisfied. The chikas can handle a little heat (ca. 30°C) and drought (19%) very well. However, they demand a lot of fresh air and light (200W CFL at 6500K). After 3 weeks growing on a substrate called Kokohum (now infused with some Powder Feeding Grow and Plagron Power Roots), they are about 10 cm tall and somewhat on the lime side of green. Stabilizing the stem already seems necessary, as they grow disproportionately large leaves. I'm looking forward to the moment they will need a net!


    Helles Licht
    Sehr schöne und kräftige Sativa. Am Anfang ist der Keimwuchs ein bisschen langsam, aber dann explodiert sie förmlich trotz topping, läßt sich mit scrogging aber gut kontrollieren. Benötigt relativ viel Dünger. Sehr kompakte buds unter LED voll mit Trichomen. Sicher etwas für die Zukunft, wenn man eine verlässliche Sorte für medizinische Anwendungen benötigt, vor allem wenn man bedenkt dass ähnliche hohe CBD-Sorten wie Charlotte's Web gar nicht zu kriegen sind, oder Avidekel (Tikun Olam) schwer zu kriegen ist und dann sehr teuer ist.


    nicht gerade die vitalste Sorte
    Die Keimlinge kriechen förmlich vor sich hin, ehe sie ordentlich anfangen zu wachsen. Nicht einfach zu kultivieren. Stecklinge bewurzeln nur schwer. Sicher ein wichtiges genetisches Material in Sachen hohe CBD-Werte, aber die Sorte könnte noch verbessert werden.


    Verry good
    100% germination, perfect product information and recieved in one day. Cant get any better


    best product

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Candida (CD-1) (Medical Marijuana Genetics) feminized
Candida (CD-1) (Medical Marijuana Genetics) feminized
Candida (CD-1) (Medical Marijuana Genetics) feminized
Candida (CD-1) (Medical Marijuana Genetics) feminized
Candida (CD-1) (Medical Marijuana Genetics) feminized
Candida (CD-1) (Medical Marijuana Genetics) feminized
Candida (CD-1) (Medical Marijuana Genetics) feminized
Candida (CD-1) (Medical Marijuana Genetics) feminized
Candida (CD-1) (Medical Marijuana Genetics) feminized
Candida (CD-1) (Medical Marijuana Genetics) feminized