Jetpackkratom GOLD Liquid Extract


Jetpackkratom's Gold Liquid Extract makes it easier, and more convenient to consume a precise dose of this mystical herb with every use. No guesswork is involved, like there is with dried leaves, because each batch is fully tested to ensure every milliliter contains exactly 80mg of mitragynine. That's comparable to 8g of powdered leaves.

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Jetpackkratom - Kratom GOLD Liquid Extract: Pure, concentrated, easy to dose

Kratom is a multi-purpose herb that allows different experiences based on how much you consume. Use a little and you'll quickly feel energized, motivated and ready to get to work. Bump up the dosage for full body relaxation and a great night's rest.

Because potency varies greatly in dried or powdered kratom leaves, it's hard to get the dose just right. That's where Jetpackkratom steps in with their Kratom Gold Liquid Extract. It's been purified and concentrated, so you can control its effects on your mind and body by simply measuring the dose with the included pipette or syringe. There's no guesswork involved.


You can take the extract in two ways. Simply place the drops under your tongue and allow to absorb. Wait at least 30 seconds before you swallow. If it happens that you dislike the taste, add your dose to a liquid beverage, like coffee or juice.

The actual dose will depend on your individual reaction to Kratom Gold Liquid Extract. Jetpackkratom recommends that you start off with a 0.5ml dose, then gradually increase it, once you've seen how the product affects you.

If this is your first time using kratom, don't increase the dose right away. It may take a few tries for your brain to recognise the active ingredients and react. Until this happens, you may feel nothing or you may only feel mild effects. It's important to titrate slowly, so that you don't take too much by accident and have an uncomfortable reaction.

Effects are usually noticeable within 5–10 minutes, and can last for up to 8 hours.


The only ingredients are ultra-purified water, polyethylene glycol and mitragynine extract, the active ingredient in kratom. The mitragynine concentration level is 80mg/1ml of liquid.

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Reviews (20)

    Wirkt schnell und gut. Lässt sich super dosieren. Je nach Bedarf lassen sich durch die Dosierung verschiedene Wirkungen erzeugen.


    Stimulating mood bost
    This kratom provides a quite stimulating mood boost, just 3-4 drops sublingually are enough. Can border on restlessness when taking too much. Maybe not the best if you looking for calming relaxation. The extract is easier to take than raw kratom, still a bit nasty. The price is OK, a lot more expensive than raw kratom but also more convenient, you can easily take it with you etc...


    This is strong enough
    Strong enough for everyone to feel the effects. Some alkaloids may be lost in the process of extracting, but it is easy to register the effects. I mostly use it as vaping liquid in some VG and PG.


    Produit testé
    Pratique à consommer et beaucoup plus fort que les feuilles ou la poudre ...


    Impeccable pour doser parfaitement le kratom...Avec jus de citron et miel dans un verre... Détend tout en boostant, parfait pour se sentir "en forme". Je conseille+++


    Una bella esperienza
    Ho trovato valido questo prodotto e ne acquistero sicuramente ancora. Grazie Amnesia, bella esperienza.


    pas terrible terrible
    vraiment dessus par se produit il et vraiment très chère pour une qualité pas terrible terrible .faut prendre au moins 10 goutte pour un effet relaxant et la fiole et presque fini . je conseille de prendre une poudre de kratom de bonne qualité et vautre porte feuille vous dira merci .


    I am new with Kratom but I have to say that this products actually work! I loved it, I am going to purchase again. It is quite potent for me as I am never used before but it is easy to adjust quantity. The Zamnesia staff is incredible: the best!!


    Cheap packaging
    Bottle was open, contents spilled everywhere. This product is expensive, but the packaging is cheap. Not good.


    Ugly taste but has a strong effect for a legal one (Took 20 drops wait 60min)

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  • Video: How To Use: Kratom
    How To Use: Kratom

    Kratom has long been used as a traditional herbal remedy. So we thought it would be a good idea to put together a short, sweet and informative video detailing everything you need to know about this complex herb – including origin, effects and how to use it.

Jetpackkratom GOLD Liquid Extract
Jetpackkratom GOLD Liquid Extract
Jetpackkratom GOLD Liquid Extract
Jetpackkratom GOLD Liquid Extract