Jetpackkratom GOLD Liquid Extract


Jetpackkratom's Gold Liquid Extract makes it easier, and more convenient to consume a precise dose of this mystical herb with every use. No guesswork is involved, like there is with dried leaves, because each batch is fully tested to ensure every milliliter contains exactly 80mg of mitragynine. That's comparable to 8g of powdered leaves.

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Jetpackkratom - Kratom GOLD Liquid Extract: Pure, concentrated, easy to dose

Kratom is a multi-purpose herb that allows different experiences based on how much you consume. Use a little and you'll quickly feel energized, motivated and ready to get to work. Bump up the dosage for full body relaxation and a great night's rest.

Because potency varies greatly in dried or powdered kratom leaves, it's hard to get the dose just right. That's where Jetpackkratom steps in with their Kratom Gold Liquid Extract. It's been purified and concentrated, so you can control its effects on your mind and body by simply measuring the dose with the included pipette or syringe. There's no guesswork involved.


You can take the extract in two ways. Simply place the drops under your tongue and allow to absorb. Wait at least 30 seconds before you swallow. If it happens that you dislike the taste, add your dose to a liquid beverage, like coffee or juice.

The actual dose will depend on your individual reaction to Kratom Gold Liquid Extract. Jetpackkratom recommends that you start off with a 0.5ml dose, then gradually increase it, once you've seen how the product affects you.

If this is your first time using kratom, don't increase the dose right away. It may take a few tries for your brain to recognise the active ingredients and react. Until this happens, you may feel nothing or you may only feel mild effects. It's important to titrate slowly, so that you don't take too much by accident and have an uncomfortable reaction.

Effects are usually noticeable within 5–10 minutes, and can last for up to 8 hours.


The only ingredients are ultra-purified water, polyethylene glycol and mitragynine extract, the active ingredient in kratom. The mitragynine concentration level is 80mg/1ml of liquid.

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Reviews (38)

    Effet parfait
    J'avais essayé le kratom il y a quelques années : on faisait bouillir du cola (pour l'acidité et le gout, sinon c'est avec du citron) avec les feuilles pendant 15 minutes. Là, avec cet extrait (gold), le transport, la consommation et le dosage sont grandement simplifiés. Avec une dizaine de gouttes l'effet est (pour moi) : dans le "coton", motivé, envie de parler, de sourire. Avec 30 et plus, c'est l'effet assommant, stone. Et ça m'empêche de dormir, il faut que l'effet passe pour que le sommeil arrive.


    Buon prodotto
    buon prodotto


    Essayé et adopté. Cinq gouttes sur une cuillère de miel suffisent pour la soirée (allez, 10 max). Le flacon dure longtemps. Tous les copains qui ont essayé ont été conquis. Belle découverte.


    Bij 10 druppels verdovend effect.


    does what it's supposed to do, effects very noticable, nice


    Bestes bisher
    Auf leeren Magen merkt man's


    Algo que debe ser tomado en serio
    Cumple lo que promete, no se trata de ningún placebo. Las primeras veces apenas noté el efecto, hay que darle unos días de margen al cuerpo para que lo asimile. Creo que vale la pena insistir. Si tuviera que resumir sus efectos, diría que da placer y bienestar físico y mental durante aprox. dos horas, usando entre 7 y 10 gotas. El kratom es un opiáceo legal, y no creo que sea inocuo. Ojo con las interacciones con medicamentos y otras sustancias. Ojo con la toxicidad y los efectos secundarios. Ojo con la adicción física y psicológica. Recomiendo leer sobre el tema y tener criterio y precaución al usarlo.


    bonne détente
    Bon produit, 1.5 à 2 ml me permettent un vrai moment de relaxation. il faudrait juste savoir combien de goutes correspondent à 1ml.


    Le système dosage permet un contrôle parfait et quand on s'est bien "testé" et que l'on sait comment on réagit au produit selon son dosage, on peut atteindre un effet énergisant puissant jusqu'à un niveau de méditation très puissant.


    Aangename sensatie
    Na het poeder de druppels, makkelijk te doseren en geen gedoe meer met weegschaaltjes en het peder op te laten lossen. Een paar druppels in de thee en uren een aangenaam gevoel.

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  • Video: How To Use: Kratom
    How To Use: Kratom

    Kratom has long been used as a traditional herbal remedy. So we thought it would be a good idea to put together a short, sweet and informative video detailing everything you need to know about this complex herb – including origin, effects and how to use it.

Jetpackkratom GOLD Liquid Extract
Jetpackkratom GOLD Liquid Extract
Jetpackkratom GOLD Liquid Extract
Jetpackkratom GOLD Liquid Extract