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Passionflower (80 grams)

 4/5 (46)

    Good for ceremonies and tea
    As always perfect


    Has to be your cup of tea
    It has a very herby smell and flavor. Nice during trips, but most people will probably have to develop a taste for it


    A boire et à fumer
    En tant que substitut au tabac, j'ai beaucoup apprécié le goût tres doux et peu irritant de la fumer de passiflore. Les effets anxiolitiques et légèrement somnifère sont présent via ce mode de consommation et permette dans mon cas de pallier au stress dû au manque de nicotine. Ces effets sont cependant beaucoup plus notables en infusion. En tisane le goût me rappelle celui du tilleul (en moins bon je trouve) et une infusion le soir me garantit une nuit paisible et réparatrice.


    Assez sympa, avant de dormir en infusion est très agréable, aide au sommeil et au repos, avec une cuillère de miel pour le gout c'est niquel !


    i like it!
    i like the size of the shredded leaves, not too nice and small, so it wont get off the teaballs.. very good taste, and even better with a spoonfull of honey!


    Good strength, alright flavour
    The passionflower is a very good relaxing drink especially before bed.


    parfait bon gout
    Leger ,bon en tizan et fumable


    Not really worth.
    The aroma is like countryside and herbs. The taste is about ok, but not really plesant, although with honey is just fine. The effects are less than expected. even a large spoon for one cup gives about as much as regular chamomile tea. But there is a slightly noticeable feeling of calmness, and a bit different kind of peace, but not much. Will try to make a stronger one. and it depends from person to person, but my friend too did notice only very little effect. Not recomending, unless you already liked it.


    Nice for infusion
    Not really nice for vaporization, but it's really nice for an infusion for a good night.


    My 80g order consisted of a 'Herbs of the Gods' package of passionflower in which all parts of the plant were present (except maybe the roots). Loads of twig parts and even seedpods. Now, that's no good for vaping or smoking, of course, so be aware! You could still make a decent tee, I suppose, but I'll take the pure fibers of the bloom from my own plants from now on, thank you! (But great tip in your article, Zamnesia!)

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