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    It was a good and weird high
    Never took anything stronger than Mary Jane. At the beginning I started to feel relaxed then I felt really horny , I then needed to empty all my bowels it was quite good because I was constipated. After I felt extremely relaxed all night long. I started with one pill it gave me a slight high around 2pm after 1 hour took a second one to feel a first experience that was good in some way. I will try the truffles to see if it got a different high


    Genial! Merci zamnesia pour cette découverte!
    Salutation, étant indécis fasse a tous ses avis concernant Space-e j'ai voulut avoir mon propre avis et je ne suis pas du tout déçu ayant expérimente toute sorte de psychoactif je trouve se mélange étonnant, un effets de bien-être intense toute en restant lucide je suis bluffer et agréablement surpris un grand merci pour cette découverte :)


    Thanks, no
    Yes, there was a light high later, but before that, 1 pill made me to vomit after taking it.


    Product deed bij mij niets
    Geen enkel effect..


    C'est plutôt pas mal ouais
    J'ai pris une pilule en début d’après-midi avec un ami, au bout de 45mins/1h toujours rien... Je commençais a être déçu mais ne perdant pas espoirs je décide d'en prendre une deuxième, et la c'étais impressionnant. Je recommande a 100% !


    WOW! 10/10
    I took 2 and had an amazing experience. I felt great. It made me feel very loving... to the point i was messaging random people telling them to have a blessed day. I highly recommend these but do not take more than 2 as they are strong.


    for me its awful
    I took 2, one each time. Both times I got some kind of 'car sickness' really unconfortable. Not enough to vomit, but really crappy. The effects last some hours, in wich I wasn't able to do too much things like going outside. I guess that if you're not easily sick in boats you may enjoy the warm effects of this pill without the bad side. I don't know what to do with the rest of the pills since even the "nice" effects seemed articifial to me so not sure of giving them to a friend...


    Génial, je recommande.
    J'ai dû prendre deux capsules, une seule ne fonctionne pas avec moi apparemment. C'est comme de l'ecsta douce. On se sent plein d'énergie et de bonne humeur, puis une grande détente durant pendant des heures suit. J'ai pris les capsules vers 19h30 et les effets se sont terminés un peu après 1h du mat. J'ai eu les pupilles hyper dilatées, obligée de garder les yeux assez ouverts mais c'était drôle. Génial pour chill en jouant à la console ou regarder series et films. Je me suis sentie comme si rien ne pouvait m'embêter,sachant que je suis sujette à des crises d'angoisse.


    Really interesting
    The product itself really does what it promises! Please keep in mind that l-tryptophan first breaks down in the liver into 5-htp which then goes into the brain and produces serotonin (which gives a warm loving feeling). So it can take up to 2 hours before you actually start feeling the effects, certainly if you ate something in the range of 2 hours before taking the pills. Don't take to much of it... I took 3 of them and ended up tripping big time and feeling extremely well. But when the effects worn off and i wanted to go to bed all my muscles worked really bed and i didn't breath automatically anymore. When i tried to fall asleep i felt as if i was going to faint. The effects took 8 hours and the negative after effects took over 11 hours. When they were over i felt perfectly fine. The stuff is great, just don't take it close before going to bed and don't take more than 2 pills.


    Euphoric and moderately trippy
    A friend and I went out on a rave and took one capsule each at around 1 a.m. We had eaten a light meal earlier that day to avoid feeling sick or throwing up. We noticed the effects pretty quickly, but they weren't very intense and we could slowly get used to the club setting, which was nice. At first it felt like a light weed buzz, a tingling, heavy limbs, nothing too crazy. As we indulged in a trance-like dance the effects became more noticeable. Dancing, walking, talking, breathing - everything started to feel... different. Not unlike the typical MDMA come-up anxiety, but somehow more pleasant. At 2:30 a.m. we decided to take another capsule. We had moved to a side floor, because the main act was too exhausting to dance to and we didn't like the atmosphere anymore. The side floor DJ however... man did he tear that club down. It was glorious. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find out who he was. Anyway, back to the trip report. About 3 hours of sweaty, hypnotic and almost meditative dancing later we sat down on a couch in the chill area. People kept approaching us, asking if we had some pills or tabs, so I guess we looked pretty zoned out already. As we sat there the effects became more trippy, so we just stayed on the couch talking and laughing until we left. It's interesting, you can kind of steer the experience in either a psychedelic or energetic/clear-headed direction, depending on what you want from it. But I believe that this was due to our relatively low dose of just 200mg Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. If we had taken two Trip-E capsules instead, (which would have totaled 550mg HBW) the setting could easily have given me a panic attack. And be prepared for a psychedelic roller coaster ride if you decide to smoke weed while on any of these capsules, especially in high doses. It can be pure bliss under the right circumstances. I have experienced MDMA-like euphoria on LSA, but it's much more challenging to achieve, extremely difficult to maintain and, unlike MDMA, there's no guarantee you will feel it at all. On the downside, LSA can also give you a nightmarishly bad trip that you'll never forget, trust me. Space-E is ideal for a fun, moderately trippy experience with friends when you still want to be somewhat in control. If you want a more profound psychedelic experience, go for the Trip-Es. I thoroughly recommend both of them, just know what you're getting yourself into and respect the substance. The name isn't the only thing that's reminiscent of LSD ;) Oh and never combine it with alcohol or SSRIs! It may not kill you, but it's definitely gonna give you a shit experience and that in turn will give the substance (in my opinion) an undeserved bad reputation.

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