The Space-e from Happy Caps is a more relaxed party pill that creates a chilled but ecstatic feeling. A dreamy, happy high with a good shot of energy to launch you in to that spacey state, perfect for a night out or at home with friends.

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The most important components of Space-e are Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, l-tryptophan, caffeine, l-tyrosine, geranamine and theobromine. The quantities of these substances are perfectly balanced for maximum results. Many people report a mild tingling energy with a dreamy, spacey side-effect.

A pack of Space-E contains 4 capsules.


1 capsule of Space-e is enough for most people, though some die-hards choose to take 2 capsules. Do no take more than 2 capsules in 24 hours. The first effects will be noticeable 30-45 minutes after taking it.


  • Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (75 mg)
  • l-tryptophan (50 mg)
  • caffeine (40 mg)
  • l-tyrosine (30 mg)
  • theobromine (15 mg)
  • E959
  • magnesium stearate
  • calcium dioxide
  • hydroxypropylmetylcellulose (vegetarian capsule)
Space-E data sheet
Number of caps 4
Reviews (166)

    No hacen nada
    Ni una, ni dos, ningún efecto.


    sehr unzufrieden
    ich hab mir 100 gekauft weil ich dachte die halten 2 bis 3 Jahre. Die verfallen schon im Bovember also in 3 Monaten. Ich habe 2 genommen und spür so gut wie gar nichts


    tummy hurts still. the feeling after was weird but ok


    Mauvaise expérience
    J'ai pris 2 cachetons pour tester en soirée. Voyant que ça n'avait pas d'effet depuis un long moment, je part me coucher et là, anxiété et depression. Un sentiment de vulnérabilité intense que je ne veux pas revivre, j'ai donc jeté les deux autres.


    Shit is Crazy
    Well i tried 1-2 of them with a good amount of wheed and it did not add anything so i stopped using them. After a day or so i saw that i got a whole package of 4 left so i decided to use them all. I was completely home allone and i just ordered some food and set the mood for the evening. I decided to take 4 of them at the same time, its important to know that i got some experience with LSA and stuff in that regard, so before taking them you need to not eat for a while to get a good effect out of them, my trick to not feeling too nausea, i ate like 2-3 bites of the food but not more and not less than that right before taking all 4 of them. Then because of my experience i knew that i needed to wait like atleast 1h for them too kick in, so i put up a timer and within that time i made sure the vibe is good i put on a good series nothing to scary to prevent a bad trip and eventually the timer was over. Thats where i decided to eat my food and to enhance the effect of the caps i took my vaporizer and took a decent amount of wheed, all good so far, and like 20-30min after that the 4caps started to kick in and it was absolutely strong, i was kind of locked in one place and couldnt reall move my whole body was feeling strange but in a good way and i was starting to lose control of what the series was about i was just amazed by the lights coming from my tv and i just layed there and watched more. The feeling was almost so strong that it was psychedelic i saw stuff that was surely not coming from the series, really interesting and awesome at the same time, the effect started to go away but only to like 40% so i was able to put on the next episode and right when i was done pressing my remote and put my hands on my body again the effect came back even stronger, my body was doing its own things while my mind thought about what my body does and stuff, this whole wave of the effect coming back stronger and stronger and wearing off went for a couple of hours and eventually i took another dose of some wheed which strongend the effect even more until a couple of hours went by and i just fell asleep. So overall a really good experience would recommend if you know what you are doing. Always set up a good mood and make sure to have nothing important to do the next day.


    Goed product, werkt lang door een meestal neem ik er 3 in. Een aanrader zeker te proberen


    Alors au début j'ai eux une tristesse pendant 1 heure, ensuite je me suis senti detendu, voir trop detendu je pouvais rien faire à par rester sur mon lit à glander en écoutant de la musique ou à mater un film. C'était vraiment simpa comme sensation mais faut pas avoir quelque chose de prévu sinon ça peut niquer votre trip je pense.




    beyond expectations.
    beyond expectations. That probably how mc Donalds became red and yellow.


    Angenehm aber schwächer als gedacht
    Habe mit 3 anderen Freunden jeder 1 genommen bei 2 Freunden war fast nichts bei mir war es ok. Stelle mir mit 2 Stück besser vor, aber nochmal hole ich es mir demnächst nicht.

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Questions (1)
Louis Olinger 2019-06-21 11:48:49

Bonjours, Ils faut mettre les pilules dans le frigo ?


Hi, Yes, these products should be stored in a cool place. Preferably, your refrigerator.

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