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Packaging Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion packaging

Dutch passion sends out all of their seeds in their own brand of unique packaging. Cannabis seeds are placed within a small paper envelope that details the information about the strain held within. The envelope is then filled with polystyrene balls, acting as a padding and keeping seeds safe during transit to you.  

As the seeds are kept within a paper envelope, it is not easy to reseal once opened. As such, it is a good idea to have a seed storage solution lined up if you don’t plan to use all of your cannabis seeds at once!

Cannabis seeds by Dutch Passion are available in quantities of 3 in both feminized and autoflowering varieties.



Dutch passion seeds

Information about Dutch...

Dutch Passion logoDutch Passion is one of the original legendary Dutch seed banks, with their history dating all the way back to the 70’s. By combining an ethos of high-quality breeding, continued innovation, and putting the customer first, they have gone from strength to strength, producing some of the most loved and cherished cannabis strains of all time.

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