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Kannabia Packaging

Packaging Kannabia

Kannabia, one of Spain’s oldest seed banks, take great care with their packaging. All seeds are sent in a two-part container. Firstly, the seeds are housed in a sealed plastic enclosure on a disc clearly stating the strain name. This disc is then inserted into a cardboard sleeve, not too dissimilar to a cd case, and sealed again. The result is slim yet functional packaging ideal for sending people cannabis seeds in!

Once the plastic enclosure in open, it cannot be resealed. As such, it is a good idea to line up some storage for your seeds if you do not intend to use them all at once.

Kannabia cannabis seeds are available in quantities of 3, with feminized and autoflowering varieties on offer.


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Based in Spain, Kannabia is one of the country’s most recognised and accomplished seed banks, producing a huge range of high-quality cannabis seeds to choose from.  Find out everything you need to know about them here. 

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