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What is Leonotis Leonurus?

Leonotis leonurus

Leonotis leonurus, also more commonly known as ‘wild dagga’, is a bright and colourful member of the mint family that has long been utilised for its mildly psychoactive effects. It is native to the southern regions of Africa, where the indigenous tribes are thought to be the first to have used it. It has effects similar to those of cannabis, but significantly milder - hence its name of wild dagga, which means ‘wild cannabis’.

Although mildly psychoactive, Leonotis leonurus is actually legal in most countries, and is often grown as an ornamental plant for its unique looks. The flowers it produces are also extremely resinous and rich in nectar, making it effective at attracting wildlife into a garden.

Due to its nature and legal status, Leonotis Leonurus is often used as a light alternative to cannabis. It is not like for like, but offers users a less intense psychoactive experience.

Common Confusion

Leonotis Leonurus is sometimes confused with four other plants of the same family (Lamiaceae). It has led to false reports on wild dagga’s effectiveness, and even some retailers selling the wrong product under its name. Leonotis leonurus is what you want, and it is sometimes called lion’s tail and wild dagga.

These four other plants contain leonurine, the active compound of Leonotis leonurus, but in varying amounts. These four plants are Leonurus sibiricus (Siberian Motherwort), Leonotis nepetifolia (Lion's Ear/Klip Dagga), Leonurus artemisia (Yi-mu-cao/Chinese Motherwort), and Leonurus cardiaca (Common Motherwort).

So make sure the stuff you are getting is genuine!

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Leonotis Leonurus