A Novel Approach To Crime Reduction: Psychedelic Therapy

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A Novel Approach To Crime Reduction: Psychedelic Therapy

Contrary to what the media preaches, psychedelics might actually reduce crime rates and help delinquents re-align their life.

Many of us have experienced the power of hallucinogens first hand. Be it to fight depression or boost creativity, psychedelics such as Magic Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, LSD and Iboga hold the key to induce profound personal change. Recently, academia is re-awakening to the potential of the entheogens, and particularly psychotherapists are finding new and promising applications for them. While not actually a new discovery, psychedelic therapy as a crime reduction approach is receiving new interest.

Psychedelics keep ex-offenders out of prison

It was found that statistically, criminals with a history of entheogenic use were less likely to re-offend than those without. The research, published in the Journal of Pharmacology by researchers at the University of Alabama and the John Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, was conducted over a five year period, assessing more than 25,000 people with a history of drug use and abuse – all of whom were participating in the Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities program (TASC).

Only 1% of those on the program were diagnosed as having a „hallucinogen use disorder“ - a term that means they used psychedelics. This 1% suffering from hallucinogen disorder surprisingly did better than the other 99% and were “less likely to violate TASC rules or other requirements, less likely to fail to appear in court, and less likely to be incarcerated.”

The results in perspective

Taking an educated guess at the reasoning behind this, the researchers suggested that the use of hallucinogens could encourage abstinence from other drugs, such as alcohol, as well as create pro-social behavior in a population otherwise suffering from high rates of reoffending.

As for us, that’s a pretty spot-on hypothesis Hallucinogens have been used for thousands of years to enhance spirituality and understanding amongst peoples, and having your mind opened often puts things in perspective, garnering a new appreciation for the communities around us.