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Zamnesia is an otherworldly expert in all things cannabis and psychedelic. Combining that specialist knowledge with hours of scrupulous research, Zamnesia creates outstanding content around the clock. Thanks to their divine personality, we're proud to say Zamnesia has become our ear-to-the-ground for everything to do with mind-altering substances.
With a professional, informative, yet casual and easygoing tone, Zamnesia began contributing since the company's inception in 2012. Zamnesia has a keen eye for all the latest developments in the world of cannabis and its relevant markets, ensuring that everyone, no matter their background, leaves our site well-informed and educated on the chosen topic. From mushroom growing techniques to cannabis science; you name it, chances are Zamnesia has written about it. With a vast, ever-expanding knowledge, Zamnesia's enthusiasm is unwavering, regardless of the task. It is this tenacity that has contributed to the Zamnesia company becoming the European market leader in cannabis seeds as well as smartshop and headshop products. The future is most certainly bright for all involved, and Zamnesia is here to document it for all to see.

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