Habanero Mixture Seeds


These mixed Habanero seeds range from medium heat to fairly hot, and feature a variety of satisfying, sweet flavours. This makes them the perfect accompaniment to many different cuisines, especially those of South and Central America. Grow your own now!

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Habanero Mixture Seeds: A Multicoloured Bonanza!

These Habanero chili seeds produce red, orange, and green fruits usually, but many other colours may also appear—ranging in both flavour and spiciness. At their coolest, expect them to sit around the 100K mark on the Scoville scale. At their hottest, they can reach around 350K, meaning they can be pretty spicy.

Related to the famous Scotch Bonnet chili, Habanero chilies have rich and varied flavours, making them perfect for use in both meals and sauces. In South America, they are used to make salsa. Despite the differences between individual chilies, they are similar enough that they can be used together without much consideration, meaning they are easy to cook with. What’s more, each of the varieties should be ready to harvest at around the same time.

How To Grow Habanero Chilies

  • Step 1: Germination

To germinate Habanero chili seeds, bury them about 1cm in soil and cover them lightly. You can plant chili seeds directly into their final pots, which makes the process pretty straightforward. A bigger pot means a bigger harvest, but the plant will take longer to reach maturity. So deciding on pot size comes down to how much space you have available and how little patience you have.

Cover the pot in cling film and poke some holes in it. This keeps the humidity high, which is essential to germinating chili seeds. The soil must also stay moist, but it’s important not to get it too wet, as this can kill the seedling. Habaneros like warm temperatures—25–28°C is perfect for germination.

Germination times can vary a lot, from a few days to some weeks, so be patient.

  • Step 2: Patience

Once the seedlings appear, remove the cling film and place them in a space where they have access to plenty of light. Continue to water them as you would a normal house plant. Chilies thrive in hot and humid environments.

Use a tomato feed to keep them fertilised, and perhaps add a little extra calcium in the form of a foliar spray to prevent blossom-end rot.

How and When To Harvest Habanero Chilies

These mixed Habanero chilies will begin to ripen from around day 100 on. However, with Habaneros, you determine when it’s time to pick them. Different colours indicate different stages of maturity; so, depending on whether you want them fresh and crunchy or soft and spicy, you can harvest at different times.

Moreover, depending on which colour Habanero chili you are growing, its ripe colouration will differ.

A Word of Warning

Whenever handling chilies and seeds, you’re best off wearing gloves to avoid pepper burn. And be careful not to touch your eyes; it can hurt!

Note: The packaging for this product may contain incorrect information. Please refer to this page for correct information about Zamnesia's mixed Habanero seeds.

Habanero Mixture Seeds data sheet
Botanical Name Capsicum chinense
Spiciness (SHU) Hot (100–350K SHU)
Maturation time ~100 days
Sowing January–April
Harvesting Period July–August
Average Height ~75cm
Colour Varied
Package contents Ca. 6 seeds

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Reviews (17)

    Très bien


    An sich gute samen
    An sich sind es gute samen mit guter keimrate nur ich habe irgendwie was bei der anzucht verkackt und naja jetzt hatte ich von 3 pflanzen 1e die was geworden ist und alter schwede die hat es in sich für nur 350k skoville oder soo was diese hat< und der ertrag ist super :)


    Habanero seeds
    the seeds have arrived very well packed, they are few seeds the truth, about 9, I have sown them and in one week 3 have germinated, we will see in the course of the following days who else adds to the count.


    Buena germinacion
    Han germinado 5 de 6 semillas en solo 1 semana, muy buen inicio!. Esperando que todas lleguen a adultas.


    bin zufrieden !


    Top Produkt
    Sehr zu empfehlen


    3 plants
    3 out of 6 seed grows. Its cool because I put all in one pot. Im happy to harvest my habaneros.


    graines de bonne qualité
    germination a 100%, attente de la récolte...


    they did not sprout
    I do not think I have made big mistakes in planting the seeds (considering that a graduate student in agriculture helps me) but unfortunately they have not germinated since I planted them (i.e. since they arrived to me)


    Definitiv überzeugend !
    Versand wurde schnell abgewickelt, Verpackung ist wasserabweisend und stilvoll mit Zamnesia-Logo, Samen waren optisch wie erwartet, Schärfe wie beschrieben (für Anfänger, die schonmal Chillis gegessen haben), Keimung erfolgte ohne Probleme. Gerne und definitiv wieder ! :)

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Habanero Mixture Seeds
Habanero Mixture Seeds