Jamaican Bell Cambuci Seeds

These chilies have a good heat, but aren't ridiculously hot. Perfect for spicing up a meal, while adding a bit of flavour, these unusually shaped chilies start mild at the bottom and get hotter as you move up. There's something for everyone!

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Jamaican Bell Cambuci Seeds: A Range of Heat From a Single Chili

The Jamaican Bell Cambuci may not be the most well-known chili around, but it’s got a lot to offer. Scoring between 5,000 and 15,000 on the Scoville scale, it offers a good degree of heat without being ridiculous. What’s more, different parts of the chili provide different levels of spiciness and unique flavours.

Also known as Christmas Bell chili, it has an unusual bell shape, growing wider at the bottom. This bottom tends to be milder and sweeter, providing more flavour. The middle and top are the hottest parts of the chili; this is where the seeds are stored. Due to its good flavour and manageable heat, it’s a great chili to use in cooking.

How To Grow Jamaican Bell Chilies

  • Step 1: Germination

You can germinate Jamaican Bell chilies in their final pots. To do this, bury them around 1cm deep in soil and cover them lightly. Water them to ensure they remain moist. To guarantee adequate humidity—essential to germination—place cling film over the top of the pots, with a few holes poked in it. Higher temperatures of around 28°C are optimal for Jamaican Bell chilies.

When choosing a pot, bear in mind that a bigger pot means a bigger harvest, but also a longer time before your plant switches to blossom.

How long chili seeds take to sprout varies. It can take as little as 3 days, or as much as a few weeks, so be patient.

  • Step 2: Patience

Once your plant appears above the ground, you can remove the cling film. Keep the soil moist; it’s best for chilies not to dry out.

A tomato feed will do to fertilise them. To avoid problems during fruiting (blossom-end rot), add a little calcium as a foliar spray. Then just wait.

How and When To Harvest Jamaican Bell Chilies

These chilies take a long time to reach maturity—around 165 days. Plants reach about 120cm in height and should offer about 40–50 chilies each.

Judging harvest by the estimated maturation time alone is inaccurate. It's much better to observe the fruits themselves. You’ll know they are ready when they’re deep red in colour, and they may even start to wrinkle a little. If they come away easily when plucked, they’re ready.

A Word of Warning

Whenever handling chilies and seeds, it’s best to wear gloves to avoid pepper burn. Even if you feel nothing on your skin, you might notice something when you go to the toilet!

Note: The packaging for this product may contain incorrect information. Please refer to this page for correct information about Zamnesia's Jamaican Bell Cambuci seeds.

Jamaican Bell Cambuci Seeds data sheet
Botanical Name Capsicum baccatum
Spiciness (SHU) Moderate (5,000–15,000K SHU)
Maturation time ~165 days
Sowing January–April
Harvesting Period August–October
Average Height ~120cm
Colour Red
Package contents Ca. 6 seeds

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Jamaican Bell Cambuci Seeds
Jamaican Bell Cambuci Seeds