ZZ Punch (Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized


*** Limited Edition ***

ZZ Punch will have you locked to the couch (when you're not raiding the kitchen for food) after just a few hits. Smoke this strain in the evenings to bliss out in solitude. 

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Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia - ZZ Punch: Intense Indica Effects

ZZ Punch is a powerfully stoning variety that provides a pleasant body high and a tasty terpene profile. The strain emerged from a collaboration with our friends from Royal Queen Seeds. We banded together to create a knockout indica cultivar. Our expert breeders selected their best strain for the job.

zz punch detail

At Zamnesia, we chose to invite Purple Punch to the party. This hard-hitting variety boasts 90% indica genetics and a dreamy high. With a THC level of 21%, her effects come on with haste and linger for hours. Tastes of apple pie and berries also made her an ideal candidate. We needed a cultivar of equal quality to serve as the other parent, and Royal Queen Seeds brought the goods with Sweet ZZ! There’s nothing to dislike about this delicious specimen. She features 80% indica genetics and a citrusy terpene profile inherited from delectable parent strains Grape Ape and Grapefruit. Breeders also selected Sweet ZZ for her superb productivity and high THC level.

ZZ Punch Detail

Experienced breeders from both seedbanks spent time crossing these genetics and stabilising them over several generations. Eventually, ZZ Punch was born. The progeny of this legendary collaboration expresses the very best traits from both parent strains—impressive productivity, an unbelievable terpene profile, and sky-high levels of THC.

ZZ Punch blooms small yet compact flowers that display a heavy dusting of trichomes. She grows in a typical indica pattern, developing a bushy structure with a dense canopy. Growers can leave her alone to produce one large central cola, or use training techniques to promote several primary bud sites. Plants cultivated indoors yield up to 500g/m² after a flowering time of 65 days. Plants grown outdoors achieve a medium yield and are ready to chop in early October.

ZZ Punch exerts a fast-acting high fuelled by a THC level of 22%. One lungful of bong smoke or vapor is all it takes to feel her sedating effects. The high wraps around the body and creates a heavy sensation. Gravity feels amplified, and movement feels slow. Take this opportunity to snuggle up, watch a good film, and indulge in some tasty snacks. Exquisite flavours of berries, grapes, and sweetness enhance ZZ Punch's comforting high.

ZZ Punch


  • 5 ZZ Punch feminized cannabis seeds
  • Premium box for ultimate protection
  • Certificate of authenticity, each with its own unique number
  • Cigarette tube
  • Aluminium zip-lock bag
  • Royal Queen Seeds rolling tray

There are only 1000 packs available, so you'd better hurry if you want to enjoy this unique strain !


ZZ Punch (Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized data sheet
Brand Royal Queen Seeds, Zamnesia Seeds
Parents Sweet ZZ x Purple Punch
Genetics Indica-dominant
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Flowering Time 9-10 weeks
THC 22%
Height (Indoor) Medium
Height (Outdoor) Medium
Yield (Indoor) Up to 500 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor) Medium
Sex Feminized
Available as Feminized seeds
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances

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Reviews (17)
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    30 ans de culture, des dizaines de variétés testées : quelques soucis (2 graines n'ont pas germé et 2 sont rapidement tombées malades) mais alors la survivante : quel régal ! Arôme mandarine dominant mais pas que, absolument sublime. Des têtes super denses et faciles à manucurer, une bonne production (je cultive en pots de 50 l et j'ai eu une récolte de 300 g sur ce pied). Et l'effet ... ce petit fourmillement dans tout le corps, cette relaxation globale sans assommer non plus, le cerveau tourne à toute allure, sensation euphorisante impressionnante. Si vous en refaites (de ces graines) je retente l'aventure !

    E. G.

    5/5 die getopt... Wieder getopt auf 15 wo 2 Muttis werden!!! Die Sorte werden wir erhalten!!! Super lecker Super Highlights Einfacher Anbau!!! Dankeschön für diese Genetik🥰🥰🥰

    M. B.

    Perfect !

    K. B.

    “Snowflake” plants
    I’ve had nothing but trouble with this strain! It reminds me of those “snowflake” teens you get nowadays... The fan has changed speed “I’m so offended I’m going to start curling my leaves” “it’s to hot in here I can’t decide what sex I want to be today” then hermaphrodites and ruins the whole crop! These newer strains can’t handle any environmental change without flipping out! The smoke I did get was alright but what a lot of work. Fair I’ve only been growing for 8 years but never had the problems I had from this strain.

    S. B.

    ZZ PUNCH 802
    Bombastisch... du sollst nur einfach ca. fünf Monate gedult haben..

    S. V.

    Fruchtig, alle Ehre!
    Sehr angenehmer Geruch, sanft zu rauchen und trotzdem viele Aromen und schöner „Kick“. Bin auf die nächsten gespannt!

    J. K.

    bom shiva
    einfach nur "wow"....

    M. B.

    ZZ punch
    Have get 2 seeds out! Hope get a good journey! they appear very healthy :) Thank you!

    D. L.

    zz punch
    culture facile super résultat tète danse et compacte fuiter gout très agréable suivis de l'effet rapide je recommande fortement

    K. C.

    Très bonne variété très fruitée sent l'orange magnifique !!! Je confirme à 100% ce produit

    W. W.
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ZZ Punch (Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
ZZ Punch (Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
ZZ Punch (Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
ZZ Punch (Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
ZZ Punch (Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
ZZ Punch (Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
ZZ Punch (Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
ZZ Punch (Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
ZZ Punch (Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
ZZ Punch (Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
ZZ Punch (Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
ZZ Punch (Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
ZZ Punch (Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
ZZ Punch (Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
ZZ Punch (Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
ZZ Punch (Royal Queen Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized
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