Original Glue | GG4S1 (GGStrains) Feminized


Original Glue (GG4S1) is a masterful creation from the breeders at GGStrains. THC levels of up to 30% and a delicious terpene profile have made her soar in popularity. This is the official, original strain formerly known as Gorilla Glue.

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Original Glue (GG4S1): Outrageous Levels Of THC

Original Glue (GG4S1), formerly known as Gorilla Glue, is a world-famous strain, masterfully created by the breeders at GGStrains. Since it’s release, the cultivar has swept across the international cannabis community, leaving red eyes and severe munchies in its wake. It’s a superb example of the potency of modern strains. The cultivar has dominated the competition scene, with multiple impressive wins at the High Times Cup. The very word “Glue” is associated with a long-lasting and outlandish high in the world of cannabis. The strain is best reserved for when you feel like blasting your mind into the stratosphere.

GGStrains created this legend by harnessing parent strains Sour Dubb, Chem Sis, and Chocolate Diesel. Such a concoction of cultivars resulted in a genetic makes up of 63% indica and 37% sativa. The breeders chose these strains for a reason—to push the boundaries of potency and taste. They achieved this outcome, and then some!

The large, chunky colas of Official Original Glue (GG4S1) ooze a viscous resin that houses THC levels of up to 30%. Such high levels of the psychoactive cannabinoid catalyse an immediate altered state of consciousness. Several tokes or a single bong bowl is enough to initiate a robust, multifaceted high. The indica elements cast a heavy weight over the body. The muscles relax, and it’s not uncommon for a smile to spread across the face. The sativa genetics stimulate the mind enough to prevent the stoning effect from completely overwhelming the experience. Experienced cannabis users will enjoy infusing these flowers into edibles and extracts. At this point, the high borders on the psychedelic.

It’s not just cannabinoids that the flowers of Official Original Glue churn out. They also produce a pungent array of terpenes that offer delicious tastes and distinct aromas. The primary terpene in the mix is caryophyllene, a sesquiterpene that contributes flavours of spice and pepper. The second most abundant is limonene, a terpene associated with mood elevation and tastes of tangerine, lemon, and grapefruit. Myrcene takes third place, a monoterpene that produces flavours of earthiness and sedative effects.

Official Original Glue (GG4S1) is a pleasure to grow both indoors and outdoors. She boasts a speedy vegetative phase and a flowering time of between 58–63 days. Plants maintain a medium height throughout the entire growing cycle thanks to the dominant indica genetics, a trait that makes her easy to manage and conceal. Plants produce a large yield of potent flowers indoors and outdoors. She follows a branchy growth pattern and produces dense, large buds. Overall she’s an extremely rewarding cultivar to grow.

Original Glue | GG4S1 (GGStrains) Feminized data sheet
Brand Dark Horse Genetics
Parents Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel
Genetics 63% Indica/37% Sativa
Flowering Time 58-63 days
THC 27-32%
Height (Indoor) Medium
Height (Outdoor) Medium
Yield (Indoor) High
Yield (Outdoor) High
Awards Multiple High Times Cup Winner
Available as Feminized seeds
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances

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    6 pieds 5 herma bien joué l artiste. part contre 3 ghost train #1 , 3 pheno magnifique

    E. R.

    Original Glue
    Dieser Strain ist mein Favorit. Ich habe viele Gorilla glue 's getestet aber diesen finde ich noch immer am besten. Einziges Manko, sie neigt zum Zwittern. Oft beim 2. Toping weshalb ich sie nur noch einmal trainiere pro Lauf. Der Ertrag ist Durchschnitt, aber die Qualität überzeugt. Wer drauf achtet das sie ruhig und stressfrei wächst hat ne Menge Spaß damit. 5 von 5

    P. U.

    finally :)
    I'm happy to have this seeds in my collection :)))

    T. B.

    Zonder titel
    Tof product, zalig resultaat.

    S. B.

    Cinq graines sur six ont germé, à trois semaines de croissance elles se portent comme un charme...

    H. E.

    orginal glue
    wow thx zamnesia

    S. K.
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Original Glue | GG4S1 (GGStrains) Feminized
Original Glue | GG4S1 (GGStrains) Feminized
Original Glue | GG4S1 (GGStrains) Feminized
Original Glue | GG4S1 (GGStrains) Feminized
Original Glue | GG4S1 (GGStrains) Feminized
Original Glue | GG4S1 (GGStrains) Feminized
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