Shiva Skunk Automatic (Sensi Seeds) feminized


Sensi’s super-potent Shiva Skunk Automatic from their Shiva line is a dream for indica lovers and those who like autoflowers for their convenience. She shines with spectacular potency, massive resin production and reliable growing vigour thanks to her excellent parents, a Skunk #1 and a Northern Lights #5.

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Seeds - Shiva Skunk Automatic: Easy Yet Super-Potent Auto Indica

Back in 1987 when Shiva Skunk had been released under the maybe not too imaginative name “NL#5 x SK#1” she caught the attention of those with a some cannabis knowledge seeing that her name indicated a cross between a Northern Lights #5 and the legendary Skunk #1. And these two strains had been two of the most-powerful ones back then, a fact that was well-known to cannabis enthusiasts.

The new skunk hybrid with these stellar parents quickly became a success that some regarded as the next big advance in cannabis breeding. It was then at the time when Sensi released the feminized version of the strain, under her new name “Shiva Skunk”, a name that sure rolls off the tongue nicer than her working name before.

Shiva Skunk Automatic is Sensi’s latest evolution of this fabulous strain where they kept the qualities of the already-spectacular feminized version but now in an easy-growing autoflower. She combines the best of her Skunk #1 and NL #5 parents into a 80% indica that benefits from the Skunk’s reliability and vigorous growth and then the superb resin production of the NL #5. Thanks to her Ruderalis genetics, the strain will automatically flower after about 6-8 weeks in veg and then spend another 8-10 weeks in flowering.

For many growers, automatic strains can have various advantages with not needing to worry about light schedules probably the biggest. The strain not relying on a natural photo period doesn’t just make growing easier as compared to feminized strains but has other benefits as well. With the growing times now predictable, it’s now possible to grow outdoors without relying on natural daylight cycles which would otherwise determine when a plant would spend in the vegetative or flowering phase. This gives growers a lot more freedom in how and when to grow so they can max out their harvests. And with autos normally not getting too tall either, in this case she will reach 90-140cm, it also means an ideal size for most indoor grows even if space is limited.

Shiva Skunk Automatic, thanks to her Northern Lights side is a very good resin producer, obvious once she develops her large buds that will have a thick and very aromatic layer of sticky resin. This abundance of glistening trichomes is also the reason for her intensive scent and flavour that mixes the intense and musky Skunk aroma with refreshing citrus tones.

Now let’s get to the really exciting bits about her: Smoking Shiva Skunk Automatic. This explosive package of trichomes makes for a very rich smoke that some describe as “creamy” and others simply “heavy”, but no matter what, this is a smoke that sure doesn’t hide her potent parentage. As you may have guessed already, she is an extraordinary powerful Lady that can make for an incredible high that affects your mind and your entire body. Even some seasoned smokers are often surprised about her strength when they try her for the first time, so you may possibly want to keep it easy if you haven’t met this strong Lady yet. Some call her a perfect “all-rounder smoke” and they call her that because her effect can vary, with some becoming all giggly and stoned out of their mind, other folks getting very relaxed or feeling rushes of creative energy that makes them want to do all sort of things – or all of these things combined in one amazing smoke experience!

Shiva Skunk Automatic by Sensi Seeds is a top autoflowering strain where the fun already starts right after you plant your seed thanks to the growing vigour and reliability of the Skunk #1. She is so easy to grow that she's also a good choice for those with no or little experience. Her other half adds to her sheer potency and great aroma, making her a truly outstanding autoflower in so many aspects!

Shiva Skunk Automatic (Sensi Seeds) feminized data sheet
Brand Sensi Seeds
Genetics Ruderalis/Indica/Sativa
Flowering Time 9-10 weeks
Available as Feminized seeds
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Sex Feminized
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances

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    Pas mauvaise mais bon
    Germination 1 / 3 Donc un seul pied ça fait un peu cher! 70 grammes de bonne weed!


    All is fine
    Until now all is fine. We have good growing and we are full of expectation for the next weeks!


    super seed
    these seeds are very quick ready for planting, now lets wait and see what the plant will bring

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Shiva Skunk Automatic (Sensi Seeds) feminized
Shiva Skunk Automatic (Sensi Seeds) feminized