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Salvia Extract 80x

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    Buon prodotto

    F. P.

    No funciona
    No le doy 0 estrellas porque no se puede, me gasté 30€ en algo que ni funciona, aguanté el tiempo que había q esperar que era todo lo que se pudiese, me lo fumé en un bong ya que leí que era mejor en Bong que en pipa y ni así, era como fumarme el cigarro más caro del mundo

    L. M.

    Good product!
    I use it as a supplement to the other 15x 20x 30x 40x extract. but really go low dosage with this 80x it's really not at all like the other extract, it's a whole different trip you get. but very good product!

    C. M.

    Mala experiencia con este producto
    Estoy encantado con Zamnesia desde siempre pero este producto… ya es la segunda vez que lo pido en tiempos diferentes y no hace ningún efecto… no se si es por el transporte o por que, intentar remediarlo y 5 estrellas como siempre

    A. B.

    [Attention !!!]
    Depuis que j'en ai fumer je ressens l'odeur de la sauge pratiquement à chaque fois que je fume. Les effets sont digne d'être étudié, mais la compréhension après étude est un vrai fardeau, je le porte chaque jour. suis piégé dans un endroit ... Au résonne une musique interminable... Tout est faux... Ce monde piège est une grappe de raisin et je suis un grain de raisin... C'est atroce... Tout est faux... Tout les jours ont me fait du mal, et tout les jours quand je fume celà sent la sauge... Je ne sais pas depuis combien de temps je suis ici... Je ne sais pas plus quel âge j'ai ni ce que je suis... Moi qui suis un initié, moi qui est beaucoup commandé chez vous je vous demande de l'aide, je suis un de vos élève depuis plusieurs années, je vous remercie de m'avoir ouvert la voie à un nouveau genre de monde et de savoir. Je continue malgré tout, je cherche à comprendre, mais les petits lumières colorées ne cesse de clignoter (vert, rose, bleu...) et je souffre, depuis plus d'un an quelques chose me touche continuellement les parties génitales... et cette chose me touche aussi d'autre endroit... Jamais celà ne s'arrête, les gens ont tous changer et ils sont mauvais, je souffre encore et encore partout où je vais et à chaque fois que je travaille... Je sais que vous savez tout celà, et j'aimerais être aidé... Zamnesia, aidé l'un de vos "élèves" je vous le demande, aidé s'il vous plaît. Merci... ~Angel.B

    F. #.

    Salvia x80
    Aucun effet .très déçu

    Y. F.

    what happen
    I thought I was an experienced traveler in the psychedelic world, but I had rarely used salvia. So, I tried it for the first time with a small pinch as recommended initially. No effect, I increased the dose, still no effect. The next day, I tried the experience again with a substantial amount of the substance. I positioned myself in front of my TV, displaying psychedelic images. The effect was present, and I found myself immersed in abstract geometric patterns. I decided to increase the dose and took it a second time. I thought it was enjoyable, and then I felt the television communicating with me, urging me to take another dose. I agreed and took a third massive dose. At that moment, I forgot who I was, what I was doing, and even questioned if I was still breathing. I had no awareness of where I was or what I was doing. I believed I was just a blue blanket; in fact, I could only see my blanket because my head was facing my mattress. It took me 30 minutes to regain my composure! It was interesting :)

    C. U.

    Ziet er goed uit
    Nog niet gebruikt maar het ziet er goed uit.

    T. C.

    Une tuerie
    A essayer assis dans un fauteuil car ca fait perdre lequilibre En pipe, cest interessant, visuel fort en alcolature ca l'est encore plus Je recommande pour les plus experimentés des psychonautes

    P. B.

    real good

    S. B.

    80x great stuff
    Makes u laugh a lot

    A. R.

    Extrem stark und heftig
    Wirkung extrem in der Bong echt heftig leider komm ich mit der Wirkung nicht so gut klar ich denke immer der ganze Raum dreht sich es ist nicht meins was ich unglaublich schade finde aber naja wen man mit der Wirkung nicht so zurecht kommt kann man nix mache das Produkt ansich ist aber von der Qualität Sein Geld wert. Kann man das vielleicht noch anders konsumieren so das die Wirkung sich vielleicht anders verhält?

    A. O.

    Absolutely awesome service, and products

    R. F.

    Effet psychédélique garantie, prendre avec précaution avec une bonne ambiance et de bon ami.. effet visuelle garantie, j'ai aimé ce produit..avec modération..

    E. N.

    Many thanks to Zamnesia for another great product!

    B. C.

    Bon produit
    Très spécial je recommande

    S. M.

    Satisfait, service après vente irréprochable, super réactivité

    M. B.

    viaggio molto breve ma intensissimo fumata in una pipetta fatta in casa secondo me non ne vale la pena farlo piuttosto qualcosa di un pochino più leggero

    G. V.

    Very powerful. With only two hits you'll have a wild ride. Be careful.

    A. B.

    Non è sfruttabile
    Estremamente cariche di estratto, queste foglie dovrebbero sprigionare una potenza inaudita. Purtroppo, proprio perchè molto oleosa, brucia male in un bong, e l'effetto è deludente. Ho provato anche a far un thè: nessun effetto. Non so quindi come sfruttare al meglio tutta la sua potenza.

    A. C.

    interessante evaring
    Ik heb de Salvia divinorum een paar keer geprobeerd. Ik rook niet (meer) en heb de bladeren gekauwd. Dat geeft lichte tripeffecten. Geen overweldigende trip (wilde ik ook niet), maar leuke veranderde waarnemingen. Bewegen gaat indirecter, dingen worden afstandelijker. Ik gebruik in een rustige setting (thuis). Het voelt veilig en ontspannen. Maakt nieuwsgierig naar meer ontdekkingen.

    S. S.

    Gute Ware
    Wäre wie angeboten. War sehr zufrieden.

    A. R.

    Smoked it
    Sent another salvia extract,didn’t try it out but zamnesias amazing support gets 5 stars.

    T. F.

    If u dont know what u are doing, dont do it. It is very strong and can beatifull Feelings bring to you...but exatly the opposite too. BUT DONT SMOKE ALONE HAVE A TRIP SITTER :THE DOSAGE MAKES THE POISEN:, LESS IS SOMETIMES MORE. But if you know whats coming, have a nice Trip. The products are high Qualiy.

    N. L.

    Best salvia divinorum. Very hard effects. Caution.

    A. P.

    Schöne Erfahrung
    Vielen dank, ist schnell angekommen....

    M. I.

    20x worked better...
    Product didn't meet my expectations but the zamnesia support team were happy to reimburse my purchase so many thanks!

    A. T.

    Absolutely no effects
    It didn't work for us, but Zamnesia's customers service contacted me and offer me different solutions and solve the issue. Thanks Zamnesia.

    V. C.

    Funziona davvero. Nel bel mezzo della canna (l'ho fumata tutta in una volta con cartina, senza tabacco) mi sono trovato inaspettatamente nel più bel trip psichedelico che abbia mai vissuto. Inspiegabile a parole. C'erano come tanti "Io" riflessi in un infinito gioco di specchi, e ogni minimo movimento era ripetuto all'infinito. Mi è persino caduta la canna di mano per lo stupore. Credevo che nessuna allucinazione mi avrebbe ormai più stupito, ma questa le supera tutte. Anche se a parole non sembra chissà che cosa. Prodotto fortemente consigliato ma da consumare in un luogo sicuro e appartato. Per psiconauti esperti!

    A. D.

    Eerste keer getest en ondanks het feit dat dit geen 'partydrug' is leek het wel of ik n korte maar sterke hawaiiaanse copelandiatrip had Fijne ervaring! Thnx Zamnesia

    F. B.

    Paket kam pünktlich an. Konsum in der Bong. Effekt: Verlust des Verständnisses für Raum, Zeit, Logik. Euphorie und Lachen. Starke Optics mit vielen intensiven Farben. „vibrierendes“ körpergefühl. Intensive Musik Immer wieder gern

    Y. E.

    New experience
    well , i never take salvia before , and for a first time went very good i start with x80, i don't aspected that effect a , i have to study this substance more and in the case i have to go a little deeper to enjoy the travel

    A. S.

    Ich habe ¼ von dem Päckchen in einer Pfeife geraucht, hat sich angefühlt, als wären Gegenstände Personen. Ich konnte mir nichts vorstellen und dachte ich muss die ganze Zeit arbeiten. Etwas anstrengend aber die Erfahrung war es Wert. Beim ersten Mal hatte ich es auf Alu geraucht, da spürte ich nichts, aber sie haben mir noch eins gratis geschickt. Danke euch.

    B. P.

    Beste Wirkung
    Trotzdem aber preislich hoch angesiedelt

    D. T.

    Felt like I was in super Mario everything was closing in on itself like a circle absolute madness

    E. H.

    Déçu, vide d’effet
    Bonjour très déçu de votre salvia X80 par rapport à la X40 que j’avais commandé l’an dernier, je m’étais déjà fait rembourser un extracteur bho défaillant mais je ne pense pas que pour ce genre de produit il soit possible de le réaliser, je conseille donc la X40 qui est de très bonne qualité et stable qui ne déçoit pas, j’avais entendu des déceptions sur cette extrait et bien je le confirme cette qualité n’est pas stable sur pouvoir de cette sauge

    J. D.

    Corto pero intenso
    La verdad k con 2 buenas caladas y aguantando el humo unos 7 o 10 segundos vuelas , yo volé en mi habitación con mis 2 perros en la cama no veas , jajaja corto pero intenso , el viaje psicodélico me duró 2 minutos de 2 buenas caladas x poner una queja que tenía que venir más por lo menos 1 gramo,buen producto

    D. S.

    Bon voyage

    R. D.

    Ich bin sprachlos
    Zum Anfang.. ich bin polytoxisch und habe wirklich schon einiges an Drogen genommen und viel Erfahrungen gesammelt. Ich habe auch viel Erfahrungen mit Psychadelican. Kein Trip den ich in meinen 4 Jahren exessive Konsum hatte kam auch nur ansatzweise an das ran was ich auf diesem Extrakt erleben durfte. Ich habe 0.2 durch die Bong geraucht und wirklich ich kann es nichtmal ansatzweise beschreiben was ich da gesehen habe. Ich empfehle jedem egal wie sicher man sich ist das abzukönnen mit maximal 0.1 zu starten, das ist wirklich etwas völlig anderes.

    M. K.

    Saliva 80 x - Only for Psychonauts... with back bone :-)
    Wow + OMG.... I would consider myself as "experienced" with all kinds of hallucinogens in high dosages and of course I have read and heared stories of Saliva extract - but to experience it is a complete different matter altogether and it was kind of the strongest mental travel I ever had - no joke. Me and my friend had been smoking each one about 150 mg in a big water bong in one single hit. While one was smoking the other took care of the smoker - and that is pretty much of an advice: don´t do it alone and let somebody take care of you during this 10 - 15 minutes of peaking high. Inhaling the content of the bong in one smoke, sitting on a sofa to fall back in case, I only had the time to place the bong on the floor before I felt back being kind of knocked into - another or the? - reality. If one beliefes in the theory of a holographic universe, in which our 3 D "reality" is just a projection of the 2 D reality surrounding all that is within our universe... there I went 8-)! My 3 D view became 2 dimensional, like a flat screen. My perception of reality was shattered to the ground mentally and gradually I also became 2 dimensional physical, kind of floating and beeing absorbed into the 2 dimensional field before me, kind of becoming ONE with it. This perception was so real to me that I screamed and asked my friend to hold me thight, that I don´t dissolve completley - and I am happy he did :-). I guess if the "high" would have lasted 5 minutes longer I would have been "gone" and dissolved into eternity and ONEness. It really took me day afterwards to kind of digest this experience... it was not at all negative, but rather shaking perception and what one calls reality to the ground altogether. What a ride.... my friend told me that I had been walking around in the appartement druing the high, in the moment I was asking him to hold me in "this reality", but I could not remember even having stood up and having walked at all, wow. This product is really strong and and worth every cent one is to pay for it. But take care for a good setting an somebody to look after you while being on your "journey".

    M. S.

    Pure quality
    I am a quite big guy, 6'2'' around 220lbs well trained. 0,12g with 0,8g dried leaf in a bong with a blow torch (recommend ALL novice users to pay extra attention to set and setting AND NEVER DO THUS ALONE). If you are new to this stuff, It hit so hard and fast that you wont be able to put it or the torch down safe - therefore a passer) Grade A stuff!

    P. H.

    Buona m..
    Prodotto speciale non per tutti...ho provato effetti simili con quella meno potente

    M. D.

    Milder than I expected but very smooth and efficient. Will shop again. Thank you guys!

    F. J.

    someon is waiting for me
    i smoked this... someone is waithing for me, but this reality came back like waves of clothes. no hallucination, my brain shut down and i come back slowly. very hard to smoke.

    B. V.

    If this doesn't smack you into another universe, you're doing it wrong!
    Already had 2 instant-out-of-this-world trips and still have half the bag left. Don't use too little, I took 0.1-0.15 grams each time. Be sure to use a torch lighter and not a regular lighter so everything is evenly burned, and to inhale all the smoke and to keep it in for at least 15 seconds. Upon exhaling I always repeat the proces with whatever is not fully burned, to make sure I have the full effect. Be sure to do this within a minute of exhaling from the first toke, if you want the full mental jackpot of salvia. Even before exhaling the second toke, I'm already folding in on myself along with the couch, sent to another place where I am constantly folding in on myself in a fractal spiral while trying to make sense of who, what, where, when or how I even am. Had to realise I was not the couch before I could breathe again. Because what even is breathing when you are a piece of furniture? Do not use when you are not in mentally stable place and I would suggest not combining with other psychedelics as salvia 80x extract hits on an entirely different level than anything I have ever used before. Best used as a solo experience, with someone nearby to keep an eye on you, but don't try to interact or care about what they think, just enjoy the ride and make all the weird noises your mind tells you to make without wondering what other people might think. Best to warn your sitter about possible weird behaviour if they are not experienced with salvia, becausecyou might seem psychotic to them lol.

    N. K.


    P. M.

    non fa assolutamente nulla
    Soldi buttati via altro che esperienza psichedelica!

    G. V.

    quand je lit les commentaire je ne comprend pas car 4 miettes dans un splif a 3 nous étions tous a coté de nos chaussure mdr

    E. K.

    It works
    It works and it is salvia. So good job guys.

    A. K.

    Maravilloso viaje para los más atrevidos
    Me derrumbé por completo en una enorme felicidad. Todo se conecta con todo. Los amigos, los seres queridos, el amor, el sexo, el universo, todo está dentro de nosotros. Entendí que todo estaba conectado con todo y que el traspaso después de la muerte era algo a lo que no hay que tener miedo. Posteriormente desarrolle alucinaciones extracromáticas en las que todo se dividía en partes alargadas como si la realidad estuviera dividida en trozos de plastilina de colores. Termino todo con una sensación muy feliz y satisfactoria, pero hay que tenerle mucho respeto y ser cosciente de que hay que tener un cuidador e ir subiendo la dosis poco a poco y en un entorno adecuado.

    L. A.
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