Trimming Scissors Clean
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How To Keep Your Trimming Scissors Clean

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Keeping your trimming scissors clean will streamline the harvesting process and result in beautifully manicured buds. Not only that, cleaning your scissors allows you the chance to get an early taste of your harvest by experimenting with scissor hash.

So, you planted your seeds quite a few weeks ago and have given them tender love and care ever since they germinated into the world. You gave them strong lights, nourishing soil and the perfect amount of air circulation.

Now it’s harvest time and your plants have produced emerald green, compact buds that are oozing with resin. It is time to reach for the scissors and start trimming and shaping up buds. Soon you will be chopping flowers, drying them, curing them and eventually tasting the sweet reward of hard work and dedication.

Before this is achieved though, you may notice that you don’t get very far in the trimming process before your scissors become much less sharp. Depending on just how much resin your plants are producing, it won’t take long before the blades of your scissors are practically coated in plant matter and trichomes. Although it probably smells magnificent, this build-up of resin will temporarily blunt the blades of your scissors and slow down the process. Here are the most efficient and effective ways of cleaning your trimming scissors.

Scraping To Make Scissor Hash

Scraping Scissor Blades

Don’t think for a second that the excess resin on your scissors is bad thing. In fact, it’s pretty great! This is because it offers a sneak peak into the taste of your harvest, letting you explore its effects before your stash is fully dried and cured.

To begin the cleaning process, first locate an extremely sharp knife or scalpel. Next, find a small dish or bowl. Use the sharp tool to begin scraping the accumulated resin from the scissor blades, allowing the good stuff to land onto your chosen surface.

What has been collected from the scissors is known as "scissor hash." This can either be rolled up fresh and loaded into a bowl or pipe as the first taste of your crop, or it can be dried and saved for a later date. To maximise your resin-haul, consider using a hot knife to remove as much build-up from the blades as possible.

Scraping the resin off your blades will remove most of the accumulation, but you will still notice that they are still sticky, discoloured and not as sharp as they could be. Check out the following tips to thoroughly clean your trimming scissors and prepare for next season’s harvest.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol

If you happen to have rubbing alcohol on hand, empty some into a glass or container. Place your scissors far enough into the vessel that the blades are fully covered. Let them soak for a couple of minutes. Take the scissors out and vigorously rub them down with a clean cloth.

Citrus Remover

If you don’t happen to have any rubbing alcohol available, you can always take a more DIY approach. One option is to combine equal parts baking soda and coconut oil in a container. Then, add a natural citrus oil and stir the mixture. Apply this mixture to the scissor blades over a covered work top. Use a cotton ball, clean cloth or piece of paper towel to remove the mixture along with any residue still lingering on the blades.

White Vinegar

Another method for cleaning your trimming scissors that may already be hiding in your kitchen is white vinegar. Soak a clean cloth in the vinegar and proceed to wipe down the blades, removing any remaining resin. When using vinegar, you may have to take a couple passes with the solution since it isn’t as immediately effective as alcohol.

Oil Your Scissors

Oiling Scissors

To add even more efficiency to the process of cleaning your weed scissors, oil the pivot of the blades. This will help them cut more smoothly and effectively. Be sure to thoroughly wipe off the blades, removing any excess oil, especially before continuing to harvest or trim buds.


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