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Whatever you’re smoking, by definition you’re going to produce ash. And since you’re a civilised, house-proud type, you’re going to want something to tap it in. A standard piece of kit in any smoker’s possession since the discovery of tobacco, recent tightening of public smoking laws means the need for small, pocket-size ashtrays and smokeless ashtrays has grown. Whip yours out to impress, outdoors or in. Plus, of course we have the more standard tabletop varieties and smokeless ashtrays.

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Metal Ashtray X (Zamnesia)

Celebrate 10 years of Zamnesia with the Metal Ashtray X. This round tray features our unmistakable Zammi design and is perfect for holding ash from legally enjoyed herbs. Display it proudly as a testament to your preference for quality accessories, or if you're a dedicated Zamnesia enthusiast, treasure it as a collector's item! The choice is yours.

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Pocket Ashtray (Zamnesia)

For any conscientious smoker, being on the go can be a real nightmare; what do you do with your blunt if you're looking to dispose of it or save it for later? Well, make this problem a thing of the past with this Pocket Ashtray from Zamnesia. This high-quality accessory will see you right. Take it everywhere you go, and you'll never have any issues with the disposal of your smoking...

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Cone Snuffer (RAW)

Whatever the reason to put your smoking session on hold, the RAW Cone Snuffer will safely extinguish your rolled item. The round tap points help you remove ash from the end, and the conical centre hole will gently put out your joint and help you save the rest for later. A magnet positioned on the bottom helps to secure this device to metal ashtrays or rolling trays for safe use.

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Butt Bucket Ashtray

Drastically reduce the smell of cold cigarette butts with this Butt Bucket Ashtray. It stands approximately 4 inches tall and fits in any standard (car) cup holder. Simply drop your cigarette into the center hole, and it is extinguished in seconds - leaving no unsightly butts in view. Your non-smoking partner will appreciate it (and you for purchasing one).

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RAW Glass Ashtray

Available in Rainbow and Dark configurations, this thick glass ashtray from RAW has an octagonal shape and is ideal for catching ash and holding blunts. Measuring approx 4.5 x 4.5 x 1 inches, it's perfect for any surface and will give your smoking sessions a real touch of class. It also comes in a premium presentation gift box, making it an ideal gift for enthusiasts.

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Ashtray Spring Mushroom With Snuffer

Give a nod to the free spirits of bygone eras with this polyresin ashtray. Adorned with colorful flowers, green grass, and a charming mushroom-shaped snuffer, this piece adds a whimsical touch to any smoking space and satisfies any hippie at heart.

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Exquisite Faceted Glass Ashtray (Fujima)

Measuring 5 inches in diameter, the Exquisite Faceted Glass Ashtray is perfect for any smoking setup. With built-in rests and plenty of space in the middle, this ashtray is right at home on any surface. This is a sturdy and stylish solution for all, no matter what you're smoking. Add this to your setup today!

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Fuck I'm High Metal Ashtray

When the words fail you, allow the Fuck I'm High Metal Ashtray to do the talking. This round, lightweight metal ashtray is perfect for all smokers and measures 5.25 inches wide with built-in rests for your roll-ups, so if you need to take a break, you can do so with ease! This bright green and fun ashtray is eye-catching in the best way possible and will look perfect in any home smoking...

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Stoned Mushroom Ashtray

This artistic Stoned Mushroom Ashtray is a fantastic addition to a wacky household. It's not subtle, but it's certainly entertaining. Made from polyresin and with two carefully molded cutouts, it won't be long before you're reclining like the mushroom depicted here!

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Spaced Out Panda Polyresin Ashtray

Looking for an ashtray that really stands out from the crowd? Allow us to introduce you to the Spaced Out Panda Polyresin Ashtray. Measuring 5.6 x 4 inches, this product features bright colors and a red-eyed panda sitting above the rim of the ashtray. Complete with built-in resets, the Spaced Out Panda Polyresin Ashtray is perfect for any setup. Get ready for lift-off!

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Mushroom Swirl Metal Ashtray

Who said that ashtrays have to be boring? Elevate your smoking experience with our Mushroom Swirl Ashtray. Crafted from durable metal, it boasts a mesmerizing design featuring swirling colors and warped mushrooms, adding psychedelic flair to your space and smoking sessions. The perfect statement piece for any smoker.

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Caché Debowling Ashtray (Hemper)

Meet what might just be the last ashtray you ever buy. Made out of indestructible silicone and complete with a specially designed debowling tool at its center, the Caché ashtray by Hemper is built to last a lifetime and preserve your glassware. Get yours today.

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