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Incense Sai Baba Nag Champa Dhoop Cones

 4.5/5 (32)

    Encens au top
    Super senteur

    B. V.

    Prefer sticks but great product still.
    I got one pack so far, the packaging could be more sustainable but is fully recyclable for places with access to full recycling services. For those that don't have access biodegradable packaging is the solution here. The cones I got weighed between 1.22-1.7g and the packet was 17.6 grams in total. The "tray" is a little ceramic? (not to sure on material) circle that can also hold an stick (but not overly well) for the cones it works if you have nothing else and captures most the ash. Similar in weight to sticks but will burn quicker, in my conditions, while similar weight sticks will burn in an hour these will burn in 20-30 mins. This creates a stronger scent as the same weight of incense is burning more quickly. The shape means less area burns at the top but will do so more quickly and as it goes down more area burns at once but it seems to slow down so the scent is an even strength the whole burn. These are good if you need a quick strong smell. Their scent was like nag champa but from my pack more lemon-woody smelling version. Assuming most stick packs are 15g and if mine was a reasonable weight these are about 33% more expensive while only being 13% more incense by weight and I am finding the same brands sticks to be very overweight so in reality you end up paying more for the same weight, otherwise this would be 9/10.

    L. W.

    The best

    D. G.

    Can be pretty potent depending on what you take
    This stuff can definitely enhance psilocybe and lsd trips. darker trips can be brightened :) also marijuana is very pleasant to smoke near it A stoned feeling can fast turn into a more sativa like feeling with it! almost like frankisncense. Its a very pleasant smell. i prefer the blue ones over the back ones here. Cause imo they burn a abit slower, and the black ones got little bit of a soapy smell imo, still not bad when those here are out of stock. on every order i buy some so i have some on board!! those ones get full 5 stars from em :)

    D. P.

    Huelen de maravilla. Me encantan

    I. S.

    sent bon

    P. S.


    J. S.

    I like these
    Will buy again probably.

    A. T.


    V. G.


    G. D.

    Tjrs au top
    Cet encens pour moi me rappel la rue de l'aiguillerie a Montpellier...

    D. J.

    De beste!
    Lekker zoals alles van nag champa

    S. V.

    The stand for the cons is broken in 2 yet only 1 piece in the box? Lousey quality Assurance.

    D. H.

    Le mythique Nag Champa!!
    Très pratique en cône, une odeur inimitable, pour un tarif raisonnable! Je recommande!

    F. C.

    Zeer rustgevende geur.

    L. V.

    These smell great
    But they burn quickly, so buy extra

    D. A.

    non li consiglierei
    odore alquanto nauseabondo tipo come quando schiacci una puzzola, di incensi ne ho sentiti africani, sud americani, ecc... ma questo è penoso. A scatola chiusa era buonissimo l'odore, appena aperta la bustina di plastica all'interno ed acceso il primo me ne sono pentito, però vabbè stiamo parlando di roba industriale quindi non mi stupisco più di tanto. amen

    M. P.

    Very good
    I like nag champa, top quality.

    F. C.

    Smells great and cleanses perfectly

    Y. K.

    Bessere Variante (Cones)
    Nach dem Räuchern riecht es nach frisch gewaschener Wäsche Eine gute Option als incense (kein gewöhnlicher)

    L. R.

    goede geur
    ruikt lekker

    R. A.

    Very good and intense
    One of the best incense i've ever bought. It's intense, 1 cone is enough, and last for hours :) i'm very happy with this purchase

    A. D.

    Good Incense!
    The smell is really nice and those incenses are fresh, not something that have been waiting for 10 years inside a box! The scent stays for days after burning only once! Thanks Z.

    E. S.

    Potent stuff
    It smells good, and will hide anything else for it is a potent incense. I think it's best not to use in too enclosed rooms, but with a window or door open you should be fine. Of course, if you've had enough incence for the time, you could just snuff it. It also tends to stop on its own, but I quite like it as I find a whole cone is too much at once.

    C. B.

    Smell of the heaven
    Thats my favorite Flavour of Nagchampa...they smell a bit different like the blue nagchampas... The cones make a lot of more dust than the sticks... be sure that u like the intensiv smell if u use them in closed room ;) Das ist mein lieblings Geruch von NagChampa...die riechen ein klein wenig anderst ,wie die blauen nagchampa räucherstäbchen ... Die Kegel machen ordentlich mehr qualm als räuchertäbchen,also sei dir sicher das du den intensiven himmlischen geruch magst ,wenn du sie in geschlossenen räumen benutzt

    N. S.

    very nice flavour
    good smell of the herbs, which is even noticeable 1-2 days after using them

    A. G.
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