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You need reliable results when weighing your dried crop, so a scale comes handy. Here at Zamnesia we have a wide range of scales. All scales have different ranges and subdivisions. To find the one that fits your needs best, please browse our extensive list of scales. The specifications of each scale can be found in its description.

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Justice Scales FE (500 x 0.1g)

Justice Scales FE-500 is a phone-sized 500g-capacity scale accurate to 0.1g. A lid pops up and the weigh pad and LCD screen are relatively large for such a small scale. It uses 2x 1.5V AAA batteries (included) and comes with a 3 year warranty.


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Scale Fuzion FZ (75 x 0.01g)

This compact, lightweight professional digital scale operates in 6 weighing modes. Under its clamshell flip top lid, it uses an LCD display to measure up to 75g and is accurate to 0.01g. The FZ-75 has a 10-year/lifetime warranty and uses 2 x AAA batteries (included).


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Scale Fuzion FZ (100 x 0.01g)

The FZ 100 scale by Fuzion weighs up to 100g with an accuracy of 0.01g in 6 different weighing modes. It uses 2x AAA batteries (included) and can be auto-calibrated. Comes with a lifetime/10 year warranty.


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Scale Fuzion Lite Weight (100 x 0.01g)

The Fuzion Lite Weight scale weighs up to 100g with 0.01g accuracy. Features auto switch-off and 6 weighing modes, auto calibration and protection from over- and under-loading. Runs on a single CR2032 (included). Looks like a large Zippo lighter with the same flip-up lid, which reveals the LCD backlit screen.


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Mouse Scale with Stash ProScale (100 x 0.01g)

It’s an optical mouse (with USB), a scale, and a stash box – all in one! This unique and versatile 3-in-1 gizmo can weigh up to 100g with 0.01g accuracy on its weigh pad, which is read via the LCD readout. Or remove the scale and you have a stash box. The ProScale comes with a 5-year warranty and uses 2 x AAA batteries (included).


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Scale MyWeigh i2500 (2500 x 0.5g)

Scale MyWeigh i2500 not only just for weighing, but it is also able to count and lets you weigh item after item, wherein you can see the total weight displayed by pressing the NW/GW button. Comes with a fancy back-lit display, weighing bowl and a 30 years manufacturer warranty. Four AAA batteries included.

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Scale On Balance CT-250 (50 x 0.001g)

Diamonds are a girl's best friends. Aye, and a good scale is a stoners delight. The On Balance Carat Scale CT-250 is equipped with a leveling bubble and adjustable feet for ultra accurate results. Utilizes a big back-lit LCD display and operates on 2 AA batteries (included). Comes in a carrying case and with tweezers, plus 20g & 50g calibration weighs. 50g x 0.001g.


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Scale Dipse 2000 (2000g x 0.1g)

The Scale Dipse 2000 is the perfect tool for those who want to weigh up to 2kg at an accuracy of 0.1g. This professional digital scale calibrates itself and can be operated in 5 different weighing modes (gram, gran, carat, ounces and unit counting). Power supply: 2x AAA batteries (included) or DC adapter (5V).


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Scale Dipse AN 300 (300 x 0.01g)

The Scale Dipse AN 300 is a professional digital scale with an accuracy of two digits after the decimal point and a maximum weighing capacity of 300 grams. Its extra large buttons and the big display allow for a particularly easy operation and great readability of the result measured. Can be operated in 6 different weighing modes. Available in black and silver.


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Scale Joshs Z 200 (200 x 0.01g)

The scale Joshs Z 200 impresses with a slick design held in black and a large weighing platform made from stainless steel. It boasts a neatly arranged control panel and a clearly readable display with a bright blue backlight that shows the results measured with an accuracy of two digits after the decimal point.


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Impact Resistant Scale Tuff-Weigh (100 x 0.01g)

The rugged and impact-resistant Tuff-Weigh digital scale sure can take the one or the other rough handling. The scale features rubberized grips and corners for added protection. It has a capacity of 100g with a resolution of 0.01g with 6 different weighing modes (g, oz, ozt , dwt, ct, gn). The lid can be removed and used as an expansion tray. Size: 8.9x14.6cm (scale), 6.3x7.6cm (platform)


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Scale Proscale "Snake-eyes" (111 x 0.01g)

The Proscale 111 has one hundreth gram resolution and four weighing modes. Tiny with a tough cover, throw it in a bag with confidence. Accidently bump it into a wall in your pocket, no worries. Auto shut-off extends battery life.


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The Proscale 222 "The Deuce" (222 x 0.1g)

The Proscale 222 will always be accurate and never let you down. The tough case protects it from the rigours of everyday life. It also doubles as a weighing tray, ready for your bulkier demands.


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Scale Dipse 420 (100 x 0.01g)

The Dipse 420 Series Digital Scale is the perfect scale for marijuana enthusiasts. This precise, professional digital scale has a weighing capacity of 100 grams with an accuracy of two digits after the decimal point. It features a removable cover that serves as a tray and an easy-to-read, blue backlit LCD display. Quality “Made in Germany” by Dipse!

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Justice Scales FH-600 (600 x 0.1g)

Justice Scales FH-600 is a precise digital scale with a capacity of 600g and an accuracy of 0.1g. The scale features various different weighing modes (g, oz, gn, ct), a display with a blue backlight, an automatic tare function, easy calibration, auto-shut off and overload protection. The scale has a protective casing that features the Justice Scales logo on top. Batteries are included.


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Scale On Balance Myco

Myco digital scales by On Balance are perfect for measuring your herbs and fungi. They are precise, easy-to-use, and have a sturdy cover that keeps them protected during transport or storage. Available in two variants: Myco MX-100 with a capacity of 100g and a precision of 0.01g, and Myco MX-600 with a 600g capacity and 0.1g precision.


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Scale On Balance SBS-200

The SBS-200 digital mini precision scale by On Balance doesn’t just weigh even bigger batches of your herb thanks to a large capacity of 200g. The scale also includes a collapsible silicone bowl that can hold a large volume of herbs, and that serves as a protective case. The scale has a high weighing precision of 0.01g

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Scale On Balance SL-100 Slate

The SL-100 Slate is On Balance’s sleekest and thinnest precision scale. No larger than a small book of Post-its, the scale fits everywhere and looks great thanks to its modern design. The SL-100 has a weighing capacity of 100g and a resolution of 0.01g.

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Justice Scales JS-100MS (100 x 0.01g)

The JS-100MS scale features a large weigh pad and LCD screen protected by a clamshell-style lid. It can weigh up to 100g and is accurate to 0.01g. The unit runs off 2 x AAA batteries (included) and comes with a 3 year warranty.


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Scale Fuzion MD Series (100 x 0.01g)

Fuzion’s MD-Series weighs up to 100g with 0.01g accuracy. This scale features auto switch-off and 6 weighing modes, auto calibration and protection from over- and under-loading. Runs on 1x 3V CR2032 (included). Looks like a mini disc collection.


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