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How To Choose A Gram Or Milligram Scale

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With so many scales available, it can be tricky to find one to suit your needs. Fortunately, we're going to make this task a whole lot easier. Read on to find out exactly what it takes to find the right scale for you.

Don’t think that a scale is just something for dealers. If you enjoy cannabis, a scale can make it easier to track how much bud you’re using. If you are a hobby grower, it is your tool of choice so you can see which growing technique works best. A scale is also indispensable for microdosing, or if you want to make edibles or concentrates.



Whether you’re one of those folks who likes good weed, or are waiting until you can harvest your shrooms, a scale can make your life a lot easier for many reasons. But before you get a scale, know that not all devices are equally suitable for all purposes. They can differ in some important aspects that you should be aware of. So, how do you know what scale would be best for you? Here are some things you should look out for when shopping around for a scale.

1. Accuracy

Probably the most important thing when choosing a scale is its accuracy. An ordinary kitchen scale that can only measure to a precision to 1 gram won’t be of much use when you want to precisely weigh your buds to 1/10th of a gram (0.1g), or would like it even more precise down to a 1/100th of a gram (0.01g). A good rule of thumb is to get a scale that can at least measure with an accuracy of 0.1g, and preferably 0.01g.

Most of the time, the more precise the scale can measure, the smaller total weighing capacity it has. This brings us to our second important factor that you need to consider when getting a scale.

2. Weighing capacity

Most digital precision pocket scales that weigh to a precision of 0.1g or 0.01g often have a maximum weighing capacity of 100g, with some scales able to measure up to 200–500g. If you only need a scale so you can weigh up what you want to smoke, a small digital precision scale that can only hold 100g may well do. On the other hand, if you want to weigh larger stashes, say if you want to get an idea of your total yield, a scale with a higher weighing capacity will be better.

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3. Quality

A good scale is a high-precision instrument that has been made with quality components. They need to be well-made, fine-tuned, and calibrated so you can trust their measurements. Chances are, a cheap scale that you can get for a few bucks may not give you the most accurate results. And if you can’t really trust the results your scale gives you, it will defeat the purpose. Seeing that a scale is really an essential tool for smokers and hobby growers alike, it can be smart to invest a bit more money on a good scale from a trusted manufacturer.

The quality of your scale can also be a factor if you plan to take it with you on your travels. A scale made from quality materials, maybe one that comes with a nice protective travel case, is a much better investment than a poorly-made €5–10 scale that will break on the first best occasion.

4. Calibration

Most low-quality scales come uncalibrated, but will normally have an option so you can calibrate them yourself. For this, you need to use calibration weights that you will usually have to purchase separately. Calibrating your scale can be risky business if you get it wrong, though. A simple mistake with calibrating will mean that the scale will always give you inaccurate results. Better scales come factory-calibrated so you can trust that the results are correct out of the box. This is obviously easier than calibrating the scale yourself.


There are various types of scales available, where each has its own pros and cons. What type of scale you need will once again depend on what you plan to do with it. Here are the most common types of scales:



Pocket scales are the most common type as they are ideal for most hobby growers. These battery-powered scales are usually small enough to fit into your pocket, yet they offer a good compromise of weighing accuracy, weighing capacity, and ease of use. They can usually weigh between 50–500g with accuracies of 0.1g to 0.01g. Pocket scales often have a protective lid that you can take off to use as the weighing tray. If you are growing just a few plants, a pocket scale can be all that’s needed.


  • Small and compact for easy storage and transport
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate
  • Affordable


  • Battery powered
  • Limited total weighing capacity
  • Small weighing surface



Platform scales are bigger than your typical pocket scale, so you can weigh larger amounts of bud. They have a larger weighing surface, can hold a big tray, and will also have a higher total weighing capacity. On the other hand, platform scales are often less accurate than small pocket scales, and may just weigh to a precision of 1g or 0.1g. Platform scales with better precision than that can be quite expensive.


  • Higher weighing capacity
  • Larger weighing surface
  • Powered by electricity


  • May be overkill for hobby growers
  • Not very discreet
  • Less accurate
  • Larger, so they are not very portable
  • More expensive



Stealth scales are essentially pocket scales disguised in stealth casing to make them look like a lighter, a book, or a CD case. They are ideal if you need maximum discretion, for example if you want to take the scale with you on your travels.


  • High degree of discretion
  • Same accuracy and capacity as most pocket scales
  • Small and portable


  • Battery-powered
  • May sacrifice quality and accuracy for slim/stealth design



Powder scales are the most precise type of scales since they can measure in milligrams—1/1000th of a gram. This makes them useful if you want to measure concentrates, need to weigh some kief, or require this type of accuracy for other purposes. Then again, a powder scale won’t be of much use for buds since their weighing capacity is normally very limited.


  • Very Accurate
  • Have a bowl for measuring, making them ideal for measuring concentrates


  • Not practical for weighing bud
  • Expensive
  • Battery-powered

Find Your Perfect Scale Partner — The “Weight” Is Over

There you have it. Whether you're looking to dial in the perfect amount of herb, shrooms, or concentrates, or want to give microdosing a shot, it's plain to see that there are plenty of scales to suit all needs. Just remember the points we've raised while you're browsing for a suitable scale, and you simply can't go wrong. However, you can always make it easier for yourself by checking out the scales on offer at the Zamnesia Headshop.


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