Cheese (Zativo Seeds) feminized


Cheese is a famous strain from the UK that has achieved cult status among many cannabis lovers. This legendary classic is bred from an original Skunk with an oldschool Northern Lights and shines with a distinct smell and flavour and a very powerful effect. Zativo Seeds’ Cheese derives from the original Cheese genetics so you can enjoy the purest of Cheese like back in the days!

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Zativo Seeds – Cheese: Tasty Oldschool UK Classic

Cheese is one of the most-famous strains to ever come from the UK. The strain, Cannabis history informs us, was likely created in London by a group of breeders who took an original 1980s Skunk and crossed her with an oldschool Northern Lights. The new creation had such a pungent flavour and spectacular high that word about it spread like wildfire. Fittingly called Cheese for its pungent Cheddar cheese taste, the strain gained legendary status in no time. Countless Cannabis Cup awards followed.

How about growing a true Cannabis legend? No sweat, just grow yourself the famous Cheese! The strain grows into a vigorous plant that indoors can reach a height of 1.5m. Although you want to give her plenty of nutrients to satisfy her immense growing vigour, the plant itself is quite uncomplicated thanks to her proven Skunk genetics. She will normally take 8 weeks for flowering although some growers prefer to wait an extra couple of weeks. This way, the strain will lose some of her intense flavour in favour of a more potent smoke with a better hit. Expect good yields of 450-550g/m² when you grow her indoors.

While you can grow Cheese both indoors and outdoors, outdoor growers will see the best results when they grow her in a warm climate such as in Southern Europe. Cheese really loves the sun and this is where she may grow into a plant of gigantic proportions. She could easily reach a height of 2.5m if you let her, just give her some attention here and there and feed her well. Clearly, she’s not exactly a stealthy plant because she can get taller than many other outdoor strains. She also doesn’t hold back when it comes to yields: Harvesting 500-600g of the finest Cheese bud per plant in good outdoor conditions is possible!

Now let’s get to the really interesting bits: Smoking the famous British Lady! Zativo went through lengths to bring us their Cheese variant that is as close to the Original as it can even get. Just like the original UK strain she has the same wonderful pungent aroma and smell true to her name. There are some Skunky tones and of course the tasty Cheddar cheese notes along with some wooden undertones. But despite her super-intense aroma, what’s great is that her smoke is still pleasantly smooth and extremely enjoyable!

Just like her trademark Cheese smell and taste that makes Cannabis lovers go crazy for this strain, her effect is world-class as well! This 50% sativa/indica with 17% of THC will give you a very powerful mind and body high that mixes a great cerebral uplifting effect with a deeply relaxing stone. This is a smoke that could knock you down if you forget about her potency, but you’ll be smiling all across your face with your mind being at a happy place! Cheese also makes an awesome social smoke that you definitely want to share with some friends: Get ready for some good time!

Because of her potency, Cheese also has good medicinal qualities. She can be a good smoke for medicinal users who want to treat chronic pains, stress, anxiety and many other ailments.

Zativo’s Cheese is a great strain to grow for everyone. If you are connoisseur who likes to get a taste of true oldschool flavour or happen to be a grower who wants an uncomplicated strain to grow, you can’t go wrong with this classic. Just know that she is quite potent so you better take it slow when you enjoy this famous Lady!

Brand Zativo Seeds
Genetics 50% sativa/50% indica
Parents Skunk x Northern Lights
Flowering Time 8 weeks
THC 17%
CBD Medium
Yield (Indoor) 450-550 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor) 500-600 gr/plant
Height (Indoor) 1.5 m
Height (Outdoor) 2.5 m
Available as Feminized seeds
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    Super schimmelbeständig
    Trotz hoher Luftfeuchtigkeit während der Blüte um genau zu sein ca 70 % ist nicht eine der drei Pflanzen an irgendeiner Stelle angeschimmelt. Ich würde es uneingeschränkt jedem Menschen weiterempfehlen

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Cheese (Zativo Seeds) feminized
Cheese (Zativo Seeds) feminized