The Third Dimension (TGA Subcool) regular


The Third Dimension is based on three elitary cannabis varieties - Apollo 13, one of Subcool's favorites and Space Queen and Jack's Cleaner, the parents of his Jack The Ripper. This is one of the fastest maturing varieties Subcool has in his catalog. All it takes her are 45-50 days to develop highly resinous buds with the sweet flavor of coconuts, pineapples, kiwi and fruit.

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TGA Subcool - The Third Dimension: A mix of three elitary varieties

The Third Dimension alias 3D has been composed by mingling the genetics of three elitary cannabis varieties. TGA Subcool took one of his favorite strains, the Apollo 13, and pollinated it with his Jack The Ripper, which is a combination of Space Queen and the holy grail of Lemon Haze, Jack's Cleaner. The Third Dimension is an amazing strain - although the genetic composition is dominated by Sativa influences, most plants will be ready for harvesting after only 45-55 days. By most I mean the majority of plants, which grow like a typical Indica - the less common Sativa phenotype stretches much more during flowering and can take two weeks more to finish flowering. The Indica phenotype is perfect for a ScrOG set-up due to the short height.

The Third Dimension has a fast growth and performs best when grown in organic soil. She is not particularly demanding and can develop strong stems and thrives perfectly even if left without any additional nutrients. If left to grow without pruning she will develop into a plant with the typical Christmas tree shape. Trimmed properly and limited to a height of 70-90cm she will form wide lateral branches, allowing for much higher yields. The buds are very hard at the end of the flowering period and become insanely large and long, with a pointy top and a broad waist. The resin production and quality is simply awesome, if a fly should land on one of the buds it will be stuck to it instantly. 3D is definitely a great plant for hash production.

While flowering, 3D exudes an intense aroma that smells like sour fruit, similar to grapefruit. The cured product has a less strong aroma, but the taste of tropical fruits is very present when smoking. It reminds of mango, kiwi, coconut, pineapple and even some lemon. If used carefully, she can be a great daytime smoke, but the enjoyable effect of warm waves traveling through the body, the mild euphoria and the pleasant flavor make it almost too easy to smoke way too much. The Third Dimension is perfectly suited for novice stoners due to the moderate THC level of 16%.

Brand The Dank Seeds
Genetics 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
Parents Apollo 13 x Jack the Ripper
Flowering Time 45-50 days
Yield (Indoor) Medium
Yield (Outdoor) Medium
Height (Indoor) Medium
Height (Outdoor) Medium
Available as Regular Seeds
Reviews (1)

    Super Weed for Outdoor
    Hello, i grow this strain now 3 Years and i'm always surprised about this Strain. It flowers very early after 45-55 Days you can harvest. If you grow outdoor what i recommend you get a Big Plant and can harvest early (end Sep. beginn Oct). So for outdoor this is highly recommend!!! Yield is absolut great every time...

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The Third Dimension (TGA Subcool) regular
The Third Dimension (TGA Subcool) regular
The Third Dimension (TGA Subcool) regular
The Third Dimension (TGA Subcool) regular
The Third Dimension (TGA Subcool) regular
The Third Dimension (TGA Subcool) regular
The Third Dimension (TGA Subcool) regular
The Third Dimension (TGA Subcool) regular