Qleaner (TGA Subcool) regular

Qleaner by TGA Subcool has the potential to produce such an abundance of crystal clear trichomes that you could think the buds spend some time in a blizzard. And as if this would not be enough for your dazzled eyes, the buds can show a partly change of colors, taking on lilac/purple hues. To add even more color to the already attractive look, the leafs can turn to midnight-purple.

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TGA Subcool - Qleaner: A plethora of colors and extreme resin production

Qleaner by TGA Subcool is an incredibly beautiful plant with the potential to produce such an abundance of thick, crystal clear trichomes that you could think the buds had been exposed to a blizzard for some time. It is dazzling the eyes to see buds shrouded in such a fat gown woven from trichomes, but Qleaner does not stop there, no, it goes beyond that.

Provided she grows in the right conditions, the large and heavy buds can exhibit a partly change of colors, taking on purple and lilac hues - and the copious amount of long, dark-orange to rust-colored pistils adds even more color to the painting. And Qleaner is still not done! The color of the leafs turns to very dark burgundy, purple and even midnight-purple, almost black. The picture is so charming, it could be sold at Sotheby's!

Qleaner has been bred by mating Jacks Cleaner and Querkle, which are both exceptional varieties and legends in their own right. The genetic composition of Qleaner is comprised of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica and the plants have a very fast growth in soil; an even faster growth in a hydro set-up. The Sativa dominance is accountable for the fairly long flowering period of 60-70 days, but even novices in growing weed will enjoy bringing up Qleaner because they will always see amazing results. She is suited for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation and adapts well to both the SOG and ScrOG method.

Despite the extreme resin production, the THC level seems rather low, namely 10%, but don't get fooled by numbers - Qleaner is a very good yielder and you will have plenty of weed. Besides, the triggered effect is an euphoric roller-coaster and the ride goes on for several hours. This stuff can easily become your favorite daytime smoke - no matter how much you smoke, you'll never be in need for a seating accommodation, but rather feel like the energizer bunny. And last but not least, the aroma of lemon, grape and banana will caress your olfactory sense.

Brand The Dank Seeds
Genetics 60% sativa / 40% Indica
Parents Jacks Cleaner F1 x Purple Urkle x Space Queen
Flowering Time 60-70 days
Yield (Indoor) Medium
Yield (Outdoor) Medium
Height (Indoor) Tall
Height (Outdoor) Tall
Available as Regular Seeds
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Qleaner (TGA Subcool) regular
Qleaner (TGA Subcool) regular