Chocolate Chunk (T.H. Seeds) feminized

An Indica as pure as it can get and a true delight not just for oldschool Kush lovers: T.H. Seeds’ Chocolate Chunk brings you full Kush flavour with some spicy and sweet hash notes and an incredibly relaxing Indica high. With an ancestry that comes right from the altitudes of the Hindu Kush where some of the world’s best marijuana grows, this is stoner’s weed par excellence!

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T.H. Seeds – Chocolate Chunk: Pure Indica Oldschool Kush

Just to name some of Chocolate Chunk’s outstanding qualities, let us start with her Kushy flavour and her superb resin production that makes her a top choice for making quality hash, there cannot be much doubt about her ancestry: This is pure and unaltered Indica goodness that comes right from the altitudes of the Hindu Kush mountain region in Afghanistan, which, as some of you may possibly know is where they make the world’s finest quality hash!

Chocolate Chunk by T.H. Seeds is an oldschool Kush variety that sure doesn’t hide that she is a pure Indica when you grow her. She’ll develop thick and dark leaves as you’d expect from an Indica, so that’s not too surprising. Where it gets quite interesting is that she grows most of her Kushy goodness on a giant single cola that will soon be brimming with some fat buds. The way she grows makes her also very suitable if you want to grow her in SOG style. When you let her grow, she’ll l normally reach a conveniently compact height of about 100-125cm.

If you don’t have too much experience with growing cannabis, you should definitely check out Chocolate Chunk because she’s an easy-growing strain that likely won’t give you any troubles. She has a natural tolerance for colder climates and damp growing conditions. Definitely a good strain so that even beginners in weed growing can look forward to some outstanding yields in no time! And when we say “no time” we mean it because this is another plus of her: Her rather short flowering time of only 55-60 days.

When it comes to yields, Chocolate Chunk won’t possibly break records but then she’s no slouch either because she’ll give you 350-400g/m² in good conditions. But in her case it’s not really about sheer numbers that count anyway, as the saying goes “Quality before Quantity”. With her generous amounts of resin that has a very intensive hash aroma and that’s sticky like crazy she makes for a great strain if you want to make hash which on the other hand shouldn’t surprise given her Hindu Kush heritage.

When you smoke Chocolate Chunk, get ready for some mind-blowing Indica goodness that will send you flying like Willy Wonka after just some hits. Make sure you have a nice couch nearby because you’ll sure want one when you enjoy this awesome Indica high that will make you super-relaxed and then smiling across your face, or in other words: you’ll stoned out of your mind in the best way possible!

But Chocolate Chunk with her sheer Indica power isn’t just a perfect stoner’s smoke. This Kush is also a good strain if you happen to be a medicinal user who wants some herbal power for pain relief, if you have sleeping troubles or simply if you want to relax and chill to get rid of stress and whatever worries.

No question, if Indicas are your thing, Chocolate Chunk by T.H. Seeds is an excellent choice that you should definitely check out! You can’t go wrong when you grow this excellent Indica!

Brand T.H. Seeds
Genetics Indica
Parents Chocolate Chunk
Flowering Time 55-60 days
Height (Indoor) 100-125 cm
Available as Feminized seeds
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances
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Chocolate Chunk (T.H. Seeds) feminized
Chocolate Chunk (T.H. Seeds) feminized