Star Killer (Rare Dankness) regular

The experienced breeders at Rare Dankness present to us a real stellar cannabis treat that brings some true otherworldly qualities to the table. They named their creation Star Killer, as a playful hint to one of her parents which is a Skywalker OG. They crossed her with a RD#2 male and out comes a great Indica hybrid that shines with a superb kushy taste and some serious potency.

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Rare Dankness – Star Killer: Superb Kushy Taste & Sky-High Potency

Rare Dankness took their brilliant Skywalker OG Kush and crossed her with a RD#2. They named the excellent result which shines with qualities of sheer galactic proportions quite fittingly Star Killer. This is an Indica-dominant hybrid (70% Indica) that impresses anyone, including those who grow her and then everyone who has the fortune to smoke her superb buds after harvest.

When she grows, the females of this regular strain will develop some compact buds in various shades of purple that will glisten and sparkle because of the strain’s very good resin production. She won’t grow as lanky and slender as her OG parent but will keep things a little but more stalky and bushy when she grows to a medium height. This can be a plus for those growers where space can be an issue.

There’s not much to growing her and you can grow her indoors or outdoors although she can be a little sensitive to very high temperatures and high pH so make sure to keep an eye on those things. Her flowering time is 9-10 weeks.

When you smoke Star Killer, get ready for an awesome experience and this applies both for her spectacular taste and her effect. From her OG sister she got an awesomely sweet and kushy taste that she perfectly combines with some lemonhead candy flavour, making for a truly mouth-watering smoke that will be irresistible.

With a sky-high THC content of 20%, Star Killer definitely isn’t a light-weight when it comes to her effect. She’ll deliver a powerful high that is heavy-hitting and long lasting. Just sit back and relax and have her fly you to outer space and beyond in no time!

Due to her potency, she’s also bringing some good therapeutic potential to the table which makes her a good plant also for medicinal users. Star Killer can help with the treatment of a variety of health conditions and ailments, ranging from chronic pains to sleeping troubles to mood disorders like depression or PTSD.

Thanks to her excellent flavour and some serious potency, Star Killer is an Indica hybrid that won’t disappoint. Whether you’re simply looking for a superb tasting yet awesomely potent smoke or happen to be a medicinal user who wants to medicate with powerful medicine that at the same time tastes incredible, this is an Indica dominant hybrid that should be high on your list of strains to grow.

Brand Rare Dankness
Genetics 70% Indica/30% Sativa
Parents Skywalker OG Kush X RD2
Flowering Time 60-70 days
Awards Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup Winner of the Oregon Grower's Cup
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Star Killer (Rare Dankness) regular
Star Killer (Rare Dankness) regular