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Smart Start is simply the easiest way of successfully germinating your cannabis seeds, with minimum fuss and maximum success. It consists of a compact tray of 20 tiny pots filled with compost, plus a packet of Stimulator Mix for activating the essential microbial life. Smart Start for optimum germination – just add water and seeds!

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Smart Start: The smart way for germinating cannabis seeds

Assuming you’ve already picked out your cannabis seeds, there are just a few things you need to arrange before getting down to business:

  • A litre of lukewarm water (25°C / 77°F)
  • Some Perlite
  • A propagator (The Propagator Pro is perfect for this!)
  • A screwdriver (or something for poking holes with)
  • Sticky tape or tie-wrap

  1. Your first step is to dissolve the packet of Stimulator Mix (activating bacteria), that’s delivered with the Smart Start, in the water. The Stimulator Mix is to activate the microbes in the Smart Pots, an essential element of a successful germination.

  2. Now spread a thin layer of Perlite in the base of the propagator and lay the pots on it. Moisten but don’t soak the Perlite and the pots with the Stimulator Mix solution. The Perlite layer should only be a thin water layer that stays well below the Perlite’s surface. With the right moisture level the pots will be moist too, having absorbing water from the Perlite. Too much water and the pots risk become waterlogged, which is a real no-no for seedlings. The moist Perlite will also keep the humidity inside the propagator nice and high.

  3. The compost in each pot has a hole already made in it, but this needs to be made 5-10 mm deep. Simply mark this depth on the screwdriver / hole-poker with a piece of tape or tie-wrap and poke into the pot until the marker is level with the compost surface.

  4. Now you’re ready for the big moment: dropping your cannabis seeds into the hole in each pot, one seed per hole. Tamp them down gently to the correct depth with the screwdriver and cover the seed & hole lightly with a little soil to ensure they're sat in total darkness. They'll love you for it! Don’t fret about the orientation of the cannabis seed as the seedling will naturally grow upwards to the surface in search of light, and the root will grow downwards looking for water. Amazing, no?

  5. Now you wait… for between 1 and 8 days, while the seed germinates. All you need to do is check the pots regularly and ensure the Perlite does not become too dry or too wet. Be patient; they will come - so don’t blow it by opening the pots to check what’s going on!

  6. What’s going on is that the root is elongating and the seedling is working hard to pop its head out of the compost. It may emerge with its seed case sitting on top of the two seed leaves. Just leave this to fall off on its own, as attempting to peel it off yourself creates the risk of damaging the fragile shoot, which is vital for starting the feeding of the young seedling.

  7. Once the babies have grown by 2-3 cms they’re ready for re-potting. Carefully take the Smart Start tray out of the propagator and slide the seedlings gently from their plastic Smart Start pots taking care not to damage the fragile young roots and the shoot. Leave the compost around the young plant, and pop the whole lot into your grow medium (soil, hydro, expanded clay pebbles or whatever it is you’re using).

  8. And that’s the end of the Smart Start and the beginning of the (hopefully, still smart) care and feeding stage of the grow operation.

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Reviews (139)

    Working fine
    I really don't know what problems some people here have. The germination with this set is as easy as a knock out. Sure there are better solutions, but not many and not for that price!


    Einfacher gehts nich
    Einfacher gehts nich Sehr zu empfehlen


    Mein erstes Mal und gleich 7 von 7 gekeimt und nach 4 Tagen schon 3 cm unter Spider Farmer LED. Super Smart Start ;-) Danke!


    funktioniert sehr gut!!!!


    Nicht Kaufen!
    Keinen Stern!! Das ist mal der größte Mist der mir in die Finger gekommen ist🤦‍ Hab mir Samen für 100€ damit versaut. Das Medium ist viel zu hart da drin sterben eher die Samen als zu keimen. Also so gern wie ich bei zamnesia bestelle aber da hab ich nicht einmal eine Antwort bekommen als ich mich darüber beschwert habe. Ich denke sie wissen ganz genau was das für ein Schund ist!


    Nice tool
    With the prescription and the germination booster the seeds poop after 36 h well healthy and are ready to root.


    Verschillende planten.
    Van de 13 zaadjes kwamen er 10 uit. Omdat ik er 10 wou neerzetten had ik in principe genoeg. De planten groeide als kool. Ik heb ze 3 weken laten voorgroeien eer dat ik de planten in de bloei zette. Wat mij meteen opviel, is dat er erg veel blad aan de planten groeide. Deze heb ik voor een deel weggeknipt zodat de onderste topjes wat meer licht kregen. in principe ging alles perfect totdat ik in de 6e week zag dat niet alle planten hetzelfde waren. Twee van de 10 waren andere planten. in week zeven ontdekte ik toprot in mijn zo goed verzorgde planten. Dat was echt balen en tevens onbegrijpelijk. Wat had ik fout gedaan !!! Ik werk met een airco die koelt als de lampen aan zijn en verwarmt als de lampen uit zijn. Omdat een airco er ook voor zorgt dat er weinig vocht wordt uitgeblazen en ik een waaier op mijn planten heb staan is dit een vreemd verschijnsel. de twee planten van een ander soort hadden geen last van deze schimmel. Ik ga er van uit dat deze twee planten meer bestendig waren voor deze schimmel. Ik denk dat ik nog 600 gram van mijn 8 planten heb. die twee anderen doen er beduidend langer over eer dat ze geknipt kunnen worden. Omdat ik de planten er goed uitzagen in de 6e week heb ik wederom dezelfde zaden besteld. die staan momenteel in de groei. Ik hou jullie op de hoogt of ik wederom verschillende planten heb en of ik weer schimmel krijg in deze Sourse Diesel planten.


    Don't wait too long...
    after six months the pots started to mould - could not use anymore...

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Video (1)
  • Video: How To Use The Smart Start
    How To Use The Smart Start

    In this video we're gonna show you how to use the Smart Start with the Propagator Pro. This makes it a lot easier to make sure all of your seeds will open. Just a few simple steps and some patience.

Smart Start
Smart Start
Smart Start
Smart Start
Smart Start
Smart Start
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