Propagator Pro 2


The Propagator Pro 2 is the best and easiest way for the successful germination of your cannabis seeds. Zamnesia is proud to introduce this latest innovation in growing from seed. The Propagator Pro 2 comes with an in-built thermometer (Fahrenheit and Celsius), 6 LED lights fitted in the lid and small vents for temperature control, plus a small bag of perlite.

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Propagator Pro 2: Germination of cannabis seeds has never been so easy

This propagator is perfect for small scale growing operations when the conditions for germination of cannabis seeds need to be well managed. The Propagator Pro 2 is just as useful for first-time growers. There’s no need to stress about damaging your valuable seeds – simply let the Propagator Pro 2 create and maintain the best germination environment for them. Germination will normally take between 1 and 6 days. Once the seed leaves have completely emerged, start removing the seedlings from the propagator.

You can also use the Propagator Pro 2 as a shielded nursery for weak seedlings or for starting clones in.

The Propagator Pro 2 is delivered with a bag of perlite (to keep humidity high), inbuilt LED lighting (batteries not included) and thermometer. The Propagator Pro 2 ships totally flat but unfolds into a strong and sophisticated box that will ensure safe germination.

This propagator keeps the germinating cannabis seeds, growing seedlings and emerging taproots healthy and safe. The Propagator Pro 2 is delivered in a flat, nondescript container with instructions for assembly and use.

The Propagator Pro 2 is perfectly proportioned (13 x 10 x 13 cm) to accommodate a tray of Smart Start grow pots.

The nifty little Propagator Pro 2 includes:

  • Bag of perlite
  • Built-in LED lighting
  • Thermometer strip

*Please take note that a germination kit - such as the Smart Start - is not included in the scope of delivery.

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Reviews (130)

    Sehr zufrieden
    Für Anfänger klasse, vielen Dank, schnelle Lieferung. Immer wieder gerne.


    Bonjour, le propagator a changé ma vie. Assez fragile mais vachement pratique et facile d'utilisation surtout avec la vidéo explicative.


    Nicht nötig
    1/5 Samen begann zu schimmeln. 🤔 Zwei Blatt Zewa 100% Erfolg.


    Rubbish - light deprivation, no airflow, no heat.
    Impossible to line lid back up every time you put it on because of the cheap sheet plastic, also the wattage of the light reads less than a candle in lux on my phone (20lux when a candle gives 50) and my standard led grow light runs at 18" 74000lux. As q result of the lack of light seedlings come out scrawny and shoot for the roof making the lack of light even worse, the batteries would be better used to power a TINY fan and heat pad to strengthen the routes and encourage germination. Then keeping the lid transparent so the box can be placed under better lighting and keeping the price low still. Good concept, poor execution. Love you guys at zam, but sorry this one's a duff!


    un prodotto di alta qualità,e semplice da usare,il personale molto professionale,ti segue in tutto,e in modo professionale


    Tres bien il fait tres bien son bulot


    Met wat geduld goed in mekaar te zetten. Klaar gemaakt voor 2 zaadjes die binnen 35 uur hun witte puntjes lieten zien. Ik ben er super blij mee. Bedankt voor de tip Zamnesia.


    Works great!
    De Propagator Pro 2 works like a charm! Be careful not to over-water it though. In the description it says 2 cups of water with the tiny cup that comes with it. This is too much. Best is to soak your "Smart Start" cups (wich are great too) in a layer of water and when they dry out, let them soak up water again the same way.


    Sehr gut! für uns als Anfänger wahrscheinlich nochmal besser als für jeden anderen. Wir sind sehr zufrieden damit!


    Works great
    It works great

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Questions (1)
neves 2013-06-02 01:12:47

What is the wattage of the built-in LED lights?


The wattage is around a couple of miliwatt to 1 watt. The Propagator Pro is specifically meant for the germination of seeds. Wattage is simply not important here as the main purpose of the LED lighting is to ensure that the seedlings grow upwards, towards the light.

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Video (1)
  • Video: How To Use The Smart Start
    How To Use The Smart Start

    In this video we're gonna show you how to use the Smart Start with the Propagator Pro. This makes it a lot easier to make sure all of your seeds will open. Just a few simple steps and some patience.

Propagator Pro 2
Propagator Pro 2