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Magic truffles are an acquired taste, to say the least. Chomping down on them releases the flavor molecules, and if you are sensitive to the taste, you might find chewing your truffles to be quite a task. This Magic Truffle Grinder made by Zamnesia will solve that issue with a quick twist.

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Magic Truffle Accessories - The Magic Truffle Grinder: Enables easier and a more pleasant truffle consumption.

Don't like the flavor of magic truffles? Chewing them can be a challenge as experienced psychonauts will know. Worst case scenario, your stomach revolts, everything comes back out the way it went in and you have lost your truffles before they have had chance to take effect.

The Magic Truffle Grinder by Zamnesia can be of help, as it transforms your truffles into a simple to ingest paste. This enables easier consumption and absorption into the blood stream.

Just place the magic truffles in the grinder, press the lid down and twist upper and lower halves until you have a creamy substance, much like nut butter. Chase it down with a glass of water if necessary. Smooth sailing!

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Reviews (107)

    Works well
    A little tougher on the nuttier truffles. But fantastic little thing that sure beats chopping it all up.


    Va muy bien, gran tamaño. Cuando "grindeas" las trufas quedan dos pequeñas porciones, perfecto para compartir o racionar el tema. Parece muy resistente.


    super voor 't omeletje!
    zeer handig! als je een eitje maakt, kan je de gemixte mushies er zo over strooien zo werd het zelfs lekker!!


    Ik krijg zelf de mushrooms amper binnen door de smaak, met de grinder kan je het in 1 keer opeten en de effecten zijn super.


    Pratique pour broyer les truffes juste un mini conseil, ne soyez pas débile comme moi, faites les sécher avant de les broyer ( les truffes zamnesia sont arrivent fraîche dans le pochon)


    Highly recommend it for truffles and shrooms. Makes it so much easier!


    Pratique et utile
    Moulin de bonne qualité même si il est en plastique, franchement pratique pour préparer vos truffes pour une consommation optimisée et une meilleur assimilation par votre organisme. Cela évite les nausées car l’estomac est moins sollicité par la dissolution gastrique. Bon Trip les mecs!


    I just bought this grinder and tried it with truffles. It is excellent and I really recomend it as it allow you to create a paste with your truffles and mix it very well with lemon and water. Very easy, very convenient and inexpensive. A must.


    Este grinder para mi es indispensable ya que tiene un gran manejo. Muy fácil de usar, practico y precioso. Lo utilizo cada vez que como trufas ya que se pican con facilidad y se ingieren mucho mejor. Con él realizo té y comidas con trufas (como chocolatinas). Te facilita mucho trabajo. Muy útil. 100% recomendable.


    Efficace mais assez cassant
    Efficace mais assez cassant

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  • Video: Introducing The Zamnesia Truffle Grinder
    Introducing The Zamnesia Truffle Grinder

    Love magic truffles but hate the taste? We have the product for you! The Zamnesia Magic Truffle Grinder allows you to churn your truffles into a paste without damaging the content. It makes truffles easier to swallow, and makes it perfect for adding to a small snack! Here is how you use it!

Magic Truffle Grinder
Magic Truffle Grinder
Magic Truffle Grinder
Magic Truffle Grinder
Magic Truffle Grinder
Magic Truffle Grinder