Mushroom Heat Mat (Infrared)


Just like you magic mushrooms don't like cold feet - at low temperatures they grow at lower rates and the percentage of aborts can increase significantly. Giving them a little extra care in form of a heat mat translates to faster colonization and fruit-body formation. Instead of cranking up the radiator use this handy small heat mat to provide cosy warmth to your brood.

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Infrared Mushroom Heat Mat - Optimum temperature for Magic Mushroom cultivation

Magic mushrooms don't like cold feet (who does?) and low temperatures (below 18°C will force the mycel into a state of "hibernation") can result in slow colonization and stunted growth during fruit-body formation - not only do they grow at lower rates at low temperatures, the percentage of aborts can increase dramatically as well. By giving them a little extra care in form of a heat mat you can speed up colonization and fruit-body formation. Instead of cranking up the radiator use this handy small heat mat to provide cosy warmth to your brood and grow magic mushrooms the whole year round without hurting your purse. This electric heat mat heats up your magic mushroom grow kit to 24°C - the ideal temperature for Psilocybe cubensis to fruit.

How to use the heat mat

Place your grow kit (a customary small, large or XXL box) on top of the heat mat. The grow box should be inside the grow bag.

Make sure to keep a space between the grow kit and heatmat in order to ensure for a free air-flow. You can use for example: A grillage, shot glasses, corks or other heat-proof objects.

Plug the power plug in the power socket and that’s it!

The heat mat can be kept switched on 24/7 as long as the air can circulate freely. Make sure the heat mat does not get wet!

Keep in mind that a heat mat won’t compensate for a room temperature that’s too low (below 18 degrees Celsius)! Doing so will dry out your kit.

If the temperature in the room in which you grow is above 22°C, you won't need to use the heat mat.

Size 274x130mm

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Reviews (423)

    Très pratique, un must have


    Nothing to critize
    Bought in summer... So no need for it... Didn't think this trough. Waiting for colder days 🤷‍


    Fonctionné très bien
    Top! Très simple d'utilisation


    Probleme de chaleur
    Le tapis marche bien seul probleme, il peut monter a 30°c ... mais Zam ma remboursé pour ce default de fabrication


    Bon produit / Good product
    Produit efficace. Prix très correct, la chaleur se répartit bien dans l’environnement de pousse même avec un carton entre. Peut aussi être utile pour d’autres cultures. Effective product. Very fair price, the heat is propagated well through the growing environment. Can also be useful for growing other things.


    Great product
    Fine quality, fair price, plug and play.


    Nice and cheap Tool for perfect Conditions
    Great Product, just plug it in and place it below the Kit. Creates the optimal Condition for cold Rooms.


    Le top !!
    Le tapis ma permit de récolter super vite sans trop consommer de fioul.... En 10 jours pour une maison à 18 º . Le kit était à 23 , 24 º. Il est fin comme une feuille de papier carton et chauffe juste ce qu'il faut! A tester de le mettre sous un propagateur pour faire germer des graines Malheureusement pour moi ca a été un peu trop vite car je n'étais pas cher moi pour la fête des mères et ils se sont tous ouvert.


    très satisfait
    fonctionne parfaitement


    Functional, but indiscrete
    It functions, no doubt. It keeps the specified temperature pretty well and does effectively what it says on the tin; enhancing growth. The problem I have with it, however, is that I'll have to either modify or throw it away if I ever want to use it for anything other than stigmatized substances. That's because there's a link to Zamnesia's website, and their company name printed straight on, both on heat mat. It's the same reason I'm not as comfortable with using the Zamnesia lighter casually outside of my room, even though I rarely use lighters anyway. I would prefer for them to be more discrete, even if I'll still see use of the heat mat, nonetheless.

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Questions (1)
Pedro 2016-01-10 11:09:07

Bonjour J'aimerais savoir combien de "W" le Tapis chauffant consomme. Merci


Our Mushroom Heat Mats use 230V, 50hz, 5W.

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  • Video: The Mushroom Heat Mat By Zamnesia
    The Mushroom Heat Mat By Zamnesia

    Designed to keep your magic mushroom grow kits at the optimal temperature, this electronic heat mat help ensure a successful grow. Here are the basics of its use, and how it stacks up against mushroom grows that do not use heat mats.

Mushroom Heat Mat (Infrared)
Mushroom Heat Mat (Infrared)
Mushroom Heat Mat (Infrared)
Mushroom Heat Mat (Infrared)