Magic Truffles Valhalla


This unique variety of magic truffles is treasured for producing intense visual experiences and hallucinations, deep and profound thinking, and a strong feeling of unity with one’s friends and surroundings. Whether you're new to the world of psychedelics or a well-trained veteran, we suggest you try the new Valhalla strain for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

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Weight: 15 grams€ 21.99
  • Weight: 15 grams € 21.99
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Valhalla, The Strongest Truffles In Our Store !

At Zamnesia, we’re passionate about providing psychonauts like you with the best quality materials for your trip.

This unique magic truffle variety is not available through any other online store and has been expertly grown in order to provide you with a strong, yet manageable high.

The effects of these truffles can take between 30 minutes to 1 hour to kick in, and are quickly characterized by intense visual experiences and hallucinations, deep and profound thinking, and a strong feeling of unity with one’s friends and surroundings.


Gently opening or kicking down the doors of perception is made easy with our uncomplicated dosage calculator.

Use Our Magic Mushrooms Dosage Calculator


When stored in the fridge in their original, unopened package, magic truffles can last up to 2 months. Once opened, they need to be consumed within 2 days.

All our truffles are shipped without their original tins for discretion. Should you want them to be shipped in their original tin, please notify us before/at the time you place your order.

Remember, magic truffles are not party drugs. They are powerful substances which certain ancient cultures treasured for their ability to open the human mind and expand our consciousness.

Magic truffles are not suitable for minors under the age of 18, people with mental disorders (such as anxiety or depression), or pregnant women.

Do not mix these truffles with any other substances or recreational drugs, such as alcohol. Never drive while tripping, and always keep a trip sitter with you when experimenting with truffles.

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Reviews (492)

    Very Nice, did the entire bag, did not have any visuals and the journey was rather short for me, however got some really nice insights


    Did nothing to us!
    It wasnt our first try so we went for the very strong was a waste of time and money bc they did nothing at all, the package wasnt on vaccuum so maybe that was the main problem...loads of positives reviews but not our case.

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review


    The best truffles
    I've tried all the different truffles, and this is my favorite. The delivery is usually faster than they promise, and the process is super smooth. They arrived fresh and the trip is always awesome. Thanks Zamnesia !


    It was a lottery win
    Very very nice ones! Thanks!


    Bien cool
    Très bon trip


    I ordered 5 of these and I need to say that they are extremely strong and my favorite truffles. But u really need to eat them when they are fresh, then they are the best. I left 2 of the packages I ordered for 3 weeks in the fridge and the trip didnt feel as strong as the one I had before. However, I really like them and the trip is absolutely breathtaking and mindfucking awesome.


    7,5 gram
    Deze soort vind ik heel lekker opkomen, niet zo snel/hard als hollandia’s. Met een maat van me naar het bos geweest, wat een vrijheid hadden we zeg. We hadden dikke lol en hele diepzinnige gesprekken. Volgende keer maar een volle portie proberen, voor nog meer visuals in het grote woud. Dit is gewoon een fijne truffel die beheersbaar is, al weet ik niet hoe het zal zijn op drukkere plekken natuurlijk.


    j'ai pris tout le paquet
    Ben aucun effet sur moi, je commence à me demander pourquoi les champis n'ont pas d'effet sur moi, pourtant je ne les utilise pas pour faire l'imbécile


    No effect at all
    Hi, I had quite high hopes for Valhalla, nevertheless, when I tried, nothing happened. I took all 15 grams hoping for some otherworldly experience, but for some reason they didn't work. Maybe I was just not lucky with the package as all other magic truffles I have had from Zamnesia, e.g., Atlantis or Utopia, have been good.

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Magic Truffles Valhalla
Magic Truffles Valhalla
Magic Truffles Valhalla
Magic Truffles Valhalla
Magic Truffles Valhalla
Magic Truffles Valhalla
Magic Truffles Valhalla
Magic Truffles Valhalla
Magic Truffles Valhalla
Magic Truffles Valhalla
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