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Magic Truffles Valhalla

 4.5/5 (585)

    ticket to another dimension - For real - You will go into hyper dimensional space
    Valhalla Truffles 15gr + Headphones + 936Hz music + 3 Puffs of Weed + Darkness This combo took me for 4 hours to a meta non-physical multi-verse dimension. I experienced things my mind alone could never create. I could feel the light of my body lifting up into space like an out of body experience. Those columns below are exactly part of what i saw. Multicolorful ever-changing display on the surface with a vortex effect, all columns connected on the ceiling and floor of this room i was in. It is apparently called the "waiting room". I saw Lions faces, Pharaons sphinx, Snakes heads, Frogs walls, Birds profiles, incredible geometrical patterns ever interchanging,... I was also in deeper black rooms still with vortex columns but with TRON Lights galaxies and donuts shapes lines in 2D pattern flying around me and made of this electric blue color...I could see like my eyes were open. I tuned in a different dimension with my eyes closed (I even checked a few times with my hands that they were still covered). The sound of this frequency directly plugged with headphones in the brain at good volume breaks the code in my opinion. It was my strongest trip ever. I could literally move my head and look around this room... but i have the feeling i can go even further... be continued... cuz im still processing this non stop 4 hrs journey into a different dimension. In 3 days i'll try the Hollandia in the same conditions. Cannot wait to return to this non physical place...


    best trip ever


    A nice journey through the rabbit hole!
    Took two of these. It offered me a nice and insightful journey. A bit like other type of psychedelics. In my case, a pretty much resistant brain to all these experiences, 2 of these were ok. The experience was colourful, with some visuals and it increased my empathy. It was a quite short experience (3hours) but enough to help me in my personal development according to my intentions.


    Efectos visuales interesantes, pero nada del otro mundo.
    No hay grandes sensaciones nuevas en el cuerpo ni pensamientos de profundidades infinitas, pero es interesante como visualmente las cosas cambian y se mueven como si la materia se desplazara en algunos momentos.


    Buenas trufas
    Ha sido mi primera experiencia con trufas, y he comido medio paquete. Gran lucidez mental, mucha vivacidad en los colores, un montón de risas y otras emociones e incluso he visto un fractal en una pared. También una percepción del tiempo alterada. Dados estos resultados, volveré a probarlas, pero esta vez una bolsa entera. Ya os contaré qué tal.


    passez votre chemin.
    9 jours et toujours rien recu . bravo zamnezia !


    Nice effects
    15g is the best dose for 1 person


    It was trully an amazing experience, at first I wasn't so sure that it worked, but eventually I started feeling the effects that were awesome, those colors, increased consciousness about the moment, energy etc..fully recommend them


    Did half, twice, was nice, not overwhelming.


    Didn´t feel anything
    It was the first time i took truffles (I did try shrooms often though) and I think I did everything right. Chewing it long, no eating bevore... I took about 2 gramms for the start. But nothing happened. Then I doubled that. But still nothing happened. Even when I took 6 gramms at once. I could barley feel anything. Those were 20 wasted euros.

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