Spore Print Psilocybe Cubensis Colombian Rust


The unique spore colour and exceptionally powerful effects of the psilocybe cubensis Colombian Rust stand out in the world of mushrooms. The slightly longer grow time for a proportionally more heavy experience is good value for money. Large caramel coloured caps contain a worthy amount of psilocybin that will bring joy to the most experienced aficionado.

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Colombian Rust Psilocybe Cubensis Spore Print: a genuinely powerful experience for the psychonaut wanting to take things up a level.

The Colombian Rust Spore sub species is a mutation in the right direction for the psilocybin cubensis mushroom. The spores are a unique colour and the effects more substantial than a regular 'shroom. The spores are noticeably rust coloured, an artist might say burnt umber and leave a definite spore print on propagation mediums. This fingerprint of the gods contains millions of sub ellipsoid, basidia 4 spores that will grow into healthy and strong mushrooms.

Caps are tinged cream caramel and swell to 20 - 50mm in diameter. The fat stalks turn blue when handled and can grow to 100mm. To appreciate the power of this fine mycelium a bit of patience is required. It takes a little longer to mature than its cousins, but it out performs them in the ways that matter. Expect a generous harvest when blooming is finished. Spores are treated with immaculate sterility at all times and can be stored for years.

These are quarter prints, but are perfectly usable and packed in sterile conditions.

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    Im sorry for this
    Poor packaging made the whole quart spore print scatter through the ziploc :(

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Spore Print Psilocybe Cubensis Colombian Rust
Spore Print Psilocybe Cubensis Colombian Rust
Spore Print Psilocybe Cubensis Colombian Rust
Spore Print Psilocybe Cubensis Colombian Rust