Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar (Argyreia nervosa) (10 seeds)


The classic “natural acid” used by shaman since ancient times! Due to popular demand, we've added this Madagascar variety of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds, which is reportedly stronger than other varieties.

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Zamnesia - Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar: The "Natural Acid"

Hawaiian baby woodrose (Argyreia nervosa) has long been used in shamanic rites and rituals. More recently, the plant is becoming popular among psychonauts who compare its effect to that of LSD, but less intense and with fewer visuals. This particular variety is native to Madagascar and supposedly more potent than the canon variety.

Hawaiian baby woodrose is a perennial climbing vine actually native to the Indian subcontinent. Today, it grows in numerous areas all around the world including Africa, the Caribbean, and of course, Hawaii.


The plant develops large, heart-shaped leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers that can be white, pink, blue, or purple. The furry seeds of the plants are quite large and contain the naturally occurring tryptamine LSA (lysergic acid amide), which is related to LSD. Interest in Hawaiian baby woodrose as an alternative psychedelic rose to prominence in the early 1970s with a popular book claiming that Hawaiians used the plant for a “cheap high”. Although, the validity of this is questionable.

The seeds are consumed orally—either directly, or after extraction of the active alkaloids. A trip will usually last 6–8 hours, with a relaxing effect from the seeds lasting an additional 12 hours. Consuming the seeds will often lead to a deep and very refreshing sleep after the trip.


It's best to take Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds on an empty stomach to avoid nausea. As such, avoid eating 4–6 hours before ingesting the seeds.

An average dose of Hawaiian baby woodrose is 3–4 seeds, chewed for as long as possible since the active compounds are absorbed by saliva. If you are new to Hawaiian baby woodrose, start with a lower dose and don’t take more than 2 or 3 seeds.


The seeds of Argyreia nervosa contain ergot alkaloids that vary considerably in concentration. The weight of the alkaloid LSA in seeds of the same size has been measured between 3–34μg. LSA, however, is about ten times less potent than LSD when it comes to effects. Because of this, it is believed that the psychoactivity of Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds may be assisted by other alkaloids.


One pack of Zamnesia Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar contains 10 seeds.


When taking Hawaiian baby woodrose, it can take several hours for the effects to kick in, so keep that in mind and plan your activities accordingly (driving, etc). Consuming the seeds may cause a strong feeling of nausea. Some users also experience hangover-like symptoms such as vertigo or blurred vision.

Do not exceed the recommended dose. Not intended for use by people under the age of 18. Do not take when pregnant or nursing. Do not use in combination with alcohol, medicines, or other stimulants. Do not take if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart or vascular disease, and/or problems of the thyroid and/or liver, kidney or prostate disorder, or panic attacks. Do not take if using MAO inhibitors or antidepressants. Do not combine with heavy physical exercise, and stop use immediately in case of nervousness, tremors, sleeplessness, reduced appetite, or heart palpitations.

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Reviews (30)

    Utile per capire te stesso
    All'inizio avevo preso 3 semi, dato dalle recensioni che avevo letto qui e per chi era alle prime armi.... Ovviamente ero a digiuno da almeno 7 ore ma non ha fatto quasi nessun effetto. La seconda volta ne prendo ugualmente 3 e il risultato è uguale alla prima. La terza volta prendo il restante (4 semi)..... beh devo dire che ho iniziato a sentire qualcosa.... Sicché piccola premessa: Se siete di corporatura grossa, allora prendete anche 5 per sentire bene l'effetto. L'unica cosa di negativo che ha è il senso di nuasea che vi accompagnerà specialmente nelle prime ore dopo l'assunzione e dolori ai polpacci... che è una via di mezzo fra crampo e dolore. Per il resto...... La sensazione che ho avuto era come se avessi la testa elettrizzata, mi lasciava un senso di benessere, ero lucido ma molto profondo in me. Aiuta a vedere le cose sotto un altra prospettiva. Un ottimo "aiuto" per vedere te stesso con occhi di un estraneo e vedere come/dove puoi migliorare. Personalmente mi ha aiutato già... la sera stessa, fumata l'ultima sigaretta e mi sono promesso di cambiare stile e modo di vita. (ovvio erano idee già presenti in me.... mancava soltanto la scintilla per accendere tutto). Come effetto ti rimane per diverse ore e il giorno dopo ti senti un pò "strano"..... Molto sicuro di te stesso e di ciò che ti circonda, però con questa sensazione di quasi fluttuare. Ragazzi non aspettatevi di avere una specie di "botta" come quando fumi l'erba... non c'entra niente. E' completamente diversa e sono sicuro che vi piacerà. E' un prodotto che lo ricomprerò ma usando un dosaggio più decisivo. Vi riscriverò un altra recensione per dirvi com'è andata. Saluti


    Aucun effet...
    Après avoir prit 4 graines avec des amis, nous avons patienté pendant 3h mais aucun de nous ne ressentit les effets. Je ne recommande pas de produit.


    amazing psychedelic mild trip
    If you like lsd with these seeds are for you. Despite of the nausea and the sickness in the stomach the first hour, a completly psychedelic experience. Some aspects are very similar to lsd but it gives you a new perspective to yourself. Worth try it!


    I ate five and it was a really uplifting experience. Beware of the sickness like feeling in the come up if you eat them


    Bad trip asegurado
    son semillas muy muy fuertes, no producen nada más que sueño y pesadez de las extremidades efecto gravedad, pequeño cosquilleo al principio y sensación de ir borracho. Pupilas dilatas al máximo con cierta anisocoria (pupilas de distinto tamaño), nauseas durante todo el viaje, viaje muy muy largo, 8 horas o más, da miedo dormirte porque tienes pulsaciones muy bajas y respiración muy superficial (bradicardia y bradipnea). Me tome solo 4, dosis baja-media y fue muy desagradable. no recomiendo para nada estas semillas, o al menos consumir menos de 3 o 3 como máximo. A mi compañero de viaje le paso exactamente lo mismo que a mi pero con otra forma de consumo en té. Yo las machaqué con las mueles y tragué,


    Life Changing Journey
    Unbelievable. It is said that you have to find your guide, your own shaman, your friendly plant. After having tried salvia and truffles with various results, I found this Argyreia Nervosa. And I found my plant, my friend, I know it. I decided here not to transcript my journey because it is sooo personal. But to say it briefly, I have been healed and understood things so deeply digged in me, my life experience. I thought I had nothing to digest or understand from my past, how wrong was I! Again to say it briefly, this wonderful plant has connected me to my Higher Self, and It showed me what I needed to know, then answered all the questions I had, even those not formulated but that were in me. For the first time in my life, I have been, for several hours, connected to my Higher Self, and enjoying the Here and Now, where resides all the happiness. I discovered that the Happiness is in the absence of thoughts, in the fantastic void of Being, like the Buddha teached us. You don't have to search for it anywhere and run all the time, it is in you and has always been. Since the experience (10 hours but to me it lasted like 24 hours), and after a good sleep, I am still feeling connected to my soul more than ever, and thinking of some difficult but how beautiful times of the journey (the first part, the nauseous but also "healing" visionary part that was necessary) tears still comes briefly, but tears of happiness and acceptation. Fact 1: I took 3 seeds after 4 hours of a healthy breakfast. Too early, next time I will take'm just with a totally empty stomach, for instance not taking a breakfast that day. Fact 2: don't be impatient, after 1h15 I felt nothing at all so decided to chew 2 additional seeds, for a total of 5 (and it was my first intake ever!). Mistake: that was too much because then I took off and entered in my "healing phase", beautiful but also experienced strong nausea, hyperventilation, and accelerated heart beats. But I was connected already to my Higher Self, or to the Plant according to your beliefs, and it just showed me what to do, breathing calmly, not being scared of the visuals difformations all round, and then I calmed down and went to eat 2 big pieces of sugar in the kitchen. It didn't stop the travel fortunately but helped. Then I was told to walk around and keep moving to help the digestion as I was unable to puke. then came the philosophical part, and especially the "Here and Now" part, that lasted hours. Summary: this powerful plant is your friend if you respect it and respect yourself, it is a demanding friend, but it gives so much in reward. I want to thank you Zamnesia: this was a life changing journey for me, much more powerful than a costly and long visits to a psychotherapist, and it costed me half of 8 euros here! Please keep on with the quality of your products, you just have a new life customer here!


    service et produits impeccable
    30 g de psilo. passe pour moi, mais 3 graines mon misent en orbite. je serai plus prudent la prochaine fois, heureusement que je n'étais pas en public ou en famille, à manier avec précaution.

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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar (Argyreia nervosa) (10 seeds)
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar (Argyreia nervosa) (10 seeds)
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar (Argyreia nervosa) (10 seeds)
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar (Argyreia nervosa) (10 seeds)
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar (Argyreia nervosa) (10 seeds)
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar (Argyreia nervosa) (10 seeds)
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