Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar (Argyreia nervosa) (10 seeds)


The classic “natural acid” used by shaman since ancient times! Due to popular demand, we've added this Madagascar variety of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds, which is reportedly stronger than other varieties.

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Zamnesia - Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar: The "Natural Acid"

Hawaiian baby woodrose is a perennial climbing vine actually native to the Indian subcontinent. Today, it grows in numerous areas all around the world including Africa, the Caribbean, and of course, Hawaii.


The plant develops large, heart-shaped leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers that can be white, pink, blue, or purple. The furry seeds of the plants are quite large and contain the naturally occurring tryptamine LSA (lysergic acid amide), which is related to LSD. Interest in Hawaiian baby woodrose as an alternative psychedelic rose to prominence in the early 1970s with a popular book claiming that Hawaiians used the plant for a “cheap high”. Although, the validity of this is questionable.


The seeds of Argyreia nervosa contain ergot alkaloids that vary considerably in concentration. The weight of the alkaloid LSA in seeds of the same size has been measured between 3–34μg. LSA, however, is about ten times less potent than LSD when it comes to effects. Because of this, it is believed that the psychoactivity of Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds may be assisted by other alkaloids.


One pack of Zamnesia Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar contains 10 seeds.

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Reviews (53)

    Does what it says "on the tin"
    Use responsibly, not a party drug. Fractal goodness


    Interesting experience
    Nausea was strong and later then I discovered whole new world but definetelly worth it.


    oh damn
    When i read about these i wasn't sure what to expect. They say its like Lsd but natural and more gentle so it got me curious. I'd consider myself a pretty experienced psychonaut so I started by taking what is considered the high dose of 14 seeds via cold water extraction (don't do that for your first time) and oh damn, it was more beautiful that i could have wished for. I'm not gonna get into detail but i gotta say, mentally it was similar to 300/400ug of lsd, i got beautiful closed eye visuals while the open eye ones were very subtle, and overall i got everything you get from a typical psychedelic experience. The only negative things are the nausea, which prevents you from standing up during most of the experience (a small cbd joint after ingestion helped me a lot, or if you want to potentiate the effects you can try a strain with thc) and potency is impossible to calculate as every seed is different so sometimes you may get stronger or weaker effects than intended. Overall pretty unpredictable but can be as profound as the more popular psychedelics, strongly recommend!


    Was pretty blown away by these, very cheap too. Wish i had known about them years ago.


    Muy bueno
    He probado a tomarme 3, bien pulverizadas y unas dos horas en agua fría. Luego se bebe el agua mágica. Tarda en subir y la subida no es muy agradable, he tenido sensaciobnes en la subida no del todo agradables, pero pasadas unas 3 horas, la cosa cambia, vale la pena, pero no son tan potentes como creía. Te ponen muy activo y te hacen ir de un lado para otro...


    100% germination rate
    I planted 3 seeds and now I have 3 plants. I only tried to eat 1 seed and had some effects from it : a meditative state followed by well-being. ( a bit tired too but not sure if it was from the seed ) Will definitely try again!


    Fonctionne mais particulier pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas
    Pour débutant ne pas prendre plus de 3!!!! Pour commencer ne pas boire et après digestion 4,5 h après digestions. C’est assez long à monter voir 3 h parfois . Tester broyer et en the c’est plus digeste et monte plus vite. L’effet et long. A le savoir .... il faut un bon set and setting. C’est très particulier comme voyage pour une première on risque d’être déstabilisé. J’ai poussé jusqu’à 5 graines plus ça risque d’être trop pesant. En nature c’est le top


    J'ai pris les 10 graines en 3 fois dans la même après-midi/soirée. C'était chouette ! Je suis très satisfait par ce produit !


    It's not very disgusting to chew them, and the effects are relatable.


    Super trip / mal de ventre
    Salut, personelement, j'ai pris 5 graines a 15h en ayant pas manger depuis la veille, une monter (tres) desagreable et c'est peu dire, mal de veentre, nausée, sensation de mal être.. j'ai ensuite eu tres vite la sensation de ne pas être moi, d'être une autre personne et de me regarder, c'etait tres etrange et marrant.. Avec le mal de ventre omnipresent on peut dire que je me suis vider le bide (personelement de voix naturelle mais ma copine a tout vomi pendant un bon moment) apres je suis passe par tout les etats, je tenais pas en place, je sentait tout les os de mon corps, envie de bouger ou autre, un bon gros trip mental, mes pensées s'envoler, on a fini par regarder un film ,, j'etait completement a l'interieur, je sentait le vent, le feu les gens, j'avais l'impression d'être dedans, d'etre un des persopnnages !! ma copine a finis par s'endormir, personellement, j'ai continuer a tripper pendant plusieurs heure impossible de me concentrer sur une idée ca parter dans tout les sens, Vers 6h du matin les effets on finit par s'attenuer, du coup le trip qui a durer une bonne douzaine d'heure, personelemenet je m'attendait pas a un truc aussi puissant (amateur de lsd, c'etait cense etre moins fort), A part la montée et les nausée horrible, je regrette vraiement pas mon achat.. au moins la prochaine fois je serais a quoi m'en tenir

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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar (Argyreia nervosa) (10 seeds)
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar (Argyreia nervosa) (10 seeds)
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar (Argyreia nervosa) (10 seeds)
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar (Argyreia nervosa) (10 seeds)
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar (Argyreia nervosa) (10 seeds)
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Madagascar (Argyreia nervosa) (10 seeds)