Green Mormon Tea | Ephedra viridis Seeds

Green Mormon tea (Ephedra viridis), also known as green ephedra or Indian tea, is a shrub that grows in dry areas of the Western United States. You can brew the stems and other parts of the plant to make a beverage known as a “spring tonic”.

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Zamnesia - Green Mormon Tea | Ephedra viridis: Natural Medicine From The Desert

Ephedra viridis can be found growing in dry regions of the Western US, including the Grand Canyon. This plant has a reputation as an alternative treatment for syphilis, where a tea is consumed or a paste from the pulverised stems is applied to the sores. But green Mormon tea has additional uses as well. The stems of the plant have purifying, diuretic, and tonic properties. From the dried and powdered stems, you can make a soothing paste.

The stems of most members of the Ephedra genus contain the alkaloid ephedrine.

To make a tea from the Ephedra viridis plant, you can use the stems either fresh or dried, but you can also eat the stems raw. If you want to eat them, the young stems are usually better suited for this purpose, while the older stems are great for making tea. You can harvest the stems at any time of the year. If you dry them, you can keep them for a long time.


This evergreen shrub can often be found growing as an ornamental or landscaping plant. It develops clusters of yellow flowers that bloom all throughout spring. The flowers will eventually turn into small cones, each of which contains two seeds. There are male and female plants of Ephedra viridis. Both are required in order to produce seeds.

For planting your green Mormon tea seeds, it is recommended to use well-drained soil mixed with sand. Bury your seeds up to 5mm deep into the soil and make sure to keep them warm. Ephedra viridis seeds won’t always germinate at the same time, so they can be a bit irregular. But they should normally sprout in about two weeks. As a desert plant, know that Ephedra viridis won’t grow particularly fast, so it’s important to be patient. When the sprouts come up, they will resemble grass. Since the plant is native to the desert, make sure that your plant can get plenty of sunlight. You don’t necessarily need to keep the soil dry, but make sure there is no standing water.


Green Mormon tea (Ephedra viridis) 20 seeds

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Green Mormon Tea | Ephedra viridis Seeds
Green Mormon Tea | Ephedra viridis Seeds