Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor) 10 grams


The Morning Glory flower has a long history of being used as a powerful hallucinogenic. It contains the natural tryptamine Lysergic Acid Amide which has a similar affect as LSD. The mind-altering Morning Glory trip can last up to 10 hours so prepare accordingly. Since consuming Morning Glory usually causes nausea and an upset stomach it’s best not to eat several hours before you take it.

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Morning Glory Seeds: For Some Psychonauts An Alternative To LSD

The seeds of the Morning Glory flower contain the naturally occurring tryptamine Lysergic Acid Amide (LSA) which is closely related to LSD. The LSA in Morning Glory induces strong psychedelic effects that can range from quiet and introspective to spectacularly trippy. Be aware that consuming Morning Glory seeds can’t just make for a powerful mind-altering trip. The seeds normally cause nausea and other undesired physical effects so it’s recommended that you eat them on an empty stomach.

Contains: Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor) 10 Grams

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Reviews (53)

    Cold Water Extraction is a must
    I really like the smooth high of LSA. Haven't done more than 5 g of morning glory in relaxed atmosphere in nature, which this is perfect for. However, I wouldn't recommend to eat them as they are. The nausea can be horrible. So CWE (cold water extraction) is a must when preparing them. Its pretty easy and doesn't require rocket-science skills. Zamnesia has a blog post on that: I would just leave out the garlic, which is not just disgusting but also of dubious effect. Rather add half a freshly squeezed lemon and fresh peppermint and keep the brew in the fridge over night. This is supposed to transform the LSA into LSH. The scientific validity of that is debated, but at least it will taste more like a summery lemonade than a garlic witch brew.. LOL


    Extraños sueños con marea alta
    He tomado 3 gr tras molerlas y dejarlas 2 horas en agua. A las 2 horas de la ingestión sólo efectos suaves de cosquillas y somnolencia mientras escuchaba música. Me fuí a dormir decepcionado La próxima compra tomaré el paquete entero. Sembraré unas decenas de semillas esta primavera.


    LSA is not in the flower, but in fungus which grows on it. It is contained in seeds, but when growin in growing rooms, there is a chance, that fungus wont start growing and if it does, I'll be in a waay smaller amount than in its natural conditions. Just saying, if you want to trip on natural LSA, it's better to go after it. But thanks Zamnezia, it was interesting experience. I was having very light trip with no visuals, my friend was puking and said that trip was very boring, because he was expectin I dunno.. multidimensional traveling or smtng like that :D I had a good time, I'd got some seeds left so I used it for microdosing. When microdosed, I had always very funny day, with no anxiety. Also I wanted to recommend to follow the longer preparation process (soaking those seeds overnight) a to not eat anything before, I believe those two mistakes led to my friends bad experience.


    Ho mangiato mezza busta (5g) a stomaco quasi vuoto verso mezzogiorno, masticando i semi molto lentamente e cercando di non deglutire il più a lungo possibile. Per un paio d'ore solo una leggera nausea e un senso di sonnolenza simili ai sintomi di una lieve sbronza, poi verso le 14 è cominciato il vero effetto, che non saprei descrivere a parole, trattandosi più di una percezione "nuova", "alterata", "visionaria" anche senza vere e proprie allucinazioni. In generale sensazioni positive e belle, anche euforiche, tolte un po' di spossatezza fisica e di nausea che hanno accompagnato l'intera l'esperienza. Con una buona tisana o camomilla queste sensazioni vengono alleviate. Nel mio caso il culmine dell'effetto ha avuto una durata di circa 4 ore (fino alle 18 circa) per poi calare lentamente e in modo piacevole fino a che sono andato a dormire. Complimenti a Zamnesia anche per l'effettiva rapidità e discrezione della spedizione!


    Très puissant
    J'ai pris environ 3/4 du paquet en machant les graines longuement, en écoutant de la musique chamanique et avec de l'encens. Ma copine s'est fait une infusion avec quelques graines seulement. Après un peu plus d'une heure, je commence a ressentir les effets (que je sous estimais honnêtement, étant un psychonaute quelque peu expérimenté). Ce fut pour moi un très gros trip de 8 heures, marqué par des sentiments de paix, d'amour et d'unité profonds, des gloussements de rire par moment, des visuels magnifiques dans le ciel, et bien sûr des pensées philosophiques très profondes. Ce fut une après midi magique, je suis revenu de mon trip plein de bonheur et d'espoir, de gratitude et d'amour. Ma copine a aussi senti légèrement quelques effets psychédéliques mais pas aussi fort et pas aussi longtemps. Comparé au hawaïen baby woodrose, les graines de morning glory étaient plus puissantes pour moi. Mais cela dépend fortement bien évidemment du set and setting. Pour le prix, c'est une thérapie a la maison pour presque rien, je ne peux que recommander. J'en recommanderais et prendrais tout d'un coup la prochaine fois, pour aller encore plus loin! Merci zamnesia pour ce beau produit et pour les consommateurs, ne pas sous estimer la puissance de ces graines! Have a good trip :)


    Alle 5 gepflanzten Samen sind aufgegangen. Die Wirkung ist super


    Non esagerate
    Esperienza divertente e duratura


    Oh boy..
    I ate all the 10 grams at once ( had them prigrinded and then soaked in water)… i could feel some effects BUT the body feeling OH MY GOD it was just nt worth it...I had so much stomach ache that I forced puked it out after 3 hours into the experience. and still had stomach ache (ofcourse)… other than that I had a lot of shivering going throughout my body. also 2 days after, lots of shivering and felt weak. during the experience, I felt confused and without will to do anything, but that just might be me. however be aware of the stomach ache, its huge


    Do work but...
    Do work but would like to know if the seeds are untreated (organic or not)...



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Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor) 10 grams
Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor) 10 grams
Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor) 10 grams
Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor) 10 grams
Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor) 10 grams
Morning Glory (Ipomoea tricolor) 10 grams