Auto Cinderella Jack (Dutch Passion) feminized


Auto Cinderella Jack by Dutch Passion is proof for that growing a potent strain doesn’t really require rocket science. Created to deliver a maximum amount of THC, she is one of the most potent autoflowers that you can grow today. Auto Cinderella Jack is a must-have for all those who want to grow a potent strain that offers the convenience of an autoflower!

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Dutch Passion - Auto Cinderella Jack: Super Potent Autoflower with Maximum THC

Dutch Passion created their Auto Cinderella Jack with one goal in mind: To create one of the most potent autoflowering cannabis strains that you can grow. For this endeavour, they partnered with the expert breeders from Buddha Seeds from Spain since those guys also have extensive experience especially in creating new and exciting autoflowers.

The teams selected the genetics for the new strain only based on THC levels and nothing else. For Auto Cinderella Jack they originally used a Jack Herer and a Cinderella 99 and added the autoflowering abilities of a Magnum, which by itself has the benefit of ensuring some pretty good yields thanks to her genes.

The result of their breeding efforts, Auto Cinderella Jack is a fantastically potent autoflower that has been measured THC levels of 20% on average, making it one of the most potent autos available today.

Seeing that Auto Cinderella Jack is an autoflowering strain she will not only deliver quite some smoking experience but will do so without causing you any hassles when you grow her. You won’t need to worry about light cycles with this strain, just plant your seeds and watch her grow. Auto Cinderella Jack’s entire life-cycle is a short 10-11 weeks which means that even first-time growers can look forward to good yields in a rather short time.

As one of the most potent autos available today it’s not exactly a surprise that Auto Cinderella Jack will deliver a very powerful and long-lasting high. Thanks to her Sativa/Indica parents, her effect is rather balanced, just the right mix of being very relaxing and calming without knocking you right out.

Auto Cinderella Jack by Dutch Passion is a great autoflower that is worth growing for her sky-high THC content alone. Add the easiness to grow her and you get a first-class autoflower that will delight any cannabis enthusiast!

Brand Dutch Passion
Genetics Indica/Sativa
Parents Cinderella 99 x Jack Herer
Flowering Time 10-11 weeks
THC 20%
Yield (Indoor) High
Yield (Outdoor) High
Available as Feminized seeds
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances

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Reviews (3)

    Really good
    Germinated 3 of 3. It's bushy not tall (interior).., really thick and heavy buds. Nice smoke not too heavy, gives you some extra energy at night. It clears the mind be ready when the munchies kick in because you're gonna be starving. I like it a lot when I have stuff to do afterwards. Those were the pros but there is a con which always happens to me, the next day you're gonna enjoy swollen and crying eyes after you wake up and for some hours... if you don't mind this, go for it (easy to grow)


    keimrate 2/3
    very Good Strain


    Hat mich leider nicht überzeugen können....
    Vom Wuchs ok, aber vom GEschmack her eine Katastrophe :(

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Auto Cinderella Jack (Dutch Passion) feminized
Auto Cinderella Jack (Dutch Passion) feminized